Chapter 17: The backstabber
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"You haven't changed at all huh?" Amy tilted her head a little as her eyes fixed at a particular figure walking inside the resort. "My fiance." She said and everyone in that security room froze. No one was supposed to say that. So how could she?

"A...Amy...?" Jane asked hesitantly, not sure what to ask her. They all were staring at her confused and scared of what would happen now that she brought up the past.

Amy didn't answer, her gaze was fixed at the same place, lips clenched tightly and eyes colder than usual. They could tell that she was holding herself back from killing them, the people who destroyed her life. Cause it wasn't the right time yet. She had to make them pay for what they had done to her and to her family.

Sam was staring at her, his face held a painful look but his emotions were messed up at that point. He couldn't understand himself. He was feeling betrayed after hearing her words, not able to understand his own feelings.

"I'm going out to freshen up a bit." He said and looked awkward. Suddenly he started feeling like he didn't belong there. She nodded, signaling that he could go. He walked out of the room and went in some direction.

"What the hell are you doing?" Theo asked Amy as soon as Sam left the room and others were having the same question.

"We're supposed to keep an eye on him!" Jane said in a bit high tone.

"Ah...quiet..." Levi said in frustration and started typing something on the computer. Aaron stood behind him and glared at them. They all backed off at once. They had a plan.

Amy smiled and sat on the chair, one leg on the other and left arm on the armrest, the other on her lap. She laid back and tilted her head a little. She quietly observed everything and it sent chills down their spine. She was ready and confident about everything she was doing. It was going down soon, they won't be able to stand on their feet soon.

" we go," Levi said and pressed enter on the keyboard. The monitors went black and then started working again. But this time the images were different. It was where Sam was. There was a microphone on his clothes which was secretly put there by Amy herself so they could hear all the sounds around him.

"God!" Jane said as she face-palmed herself followed by a groan as she regretted everything she said.

As far as they could see, Sam was nowhere near the restroom.

"Where is this guy headed?" Levi asked as he observed the footage closely. Amy smiled cause she sort of knew the answer but didn't say anything. They could see she knew the whole game and her still not saying anything irritated them.

They all were observing the footages closely. The cameras showed that Sam was in a hallway that leads to the exit. They all thought that he was going out, maybe even trying to run away. But they couldn't take any action because of Amy's orders. Wasn't she afraid of him getting away?

They noticed that as he was reaching closer to the exit, he disappeared. If it were a normal person he could have thought that he got out through the exit door but they know that someone pulled him inside the room nearby.

"Levi!" Aaron said, signaling him to do something cause that area didn't have any cameras. Levi nodded and got to work, he put in a few instructions into the computer and pressed enter again. They could now see the view of that camera cause there were cameras everywhere but those few needed to activate them individually.

They gasped on seeing what was inside. Sam was standing with his back towards the camera and in front of him stood none other than the Scotts.

"How's everything going?" Oliver asked him as if he was familiar with him.  If they were kidnapping him the tone would have been harsh but they seemed familiar with each other.

"As we had planned. Sam said with a smile. "They trust me, especially, she trusts me." Thomas and Oliver smiled at their victory.

"It's a shame though that our base was destroyed..." Oliver added.

"Did you find her weakness...?" Thomas asked and had no intention to cry over the spilled milk like his son.

"Her son," Sam answered and they both were shocked to the core.

"S...she has a son?" Oliver asked and stepped back cause his legs went weak. That monster was scared for once.

Amy smiled as she saw their reaction. But she also felt tortured, it was nothing compared to what they did to her. She knew what she was getting into by laying down all her cards in front of them and the possible outcomes scared her a bit.

"R...really...?" Oliver asked him again. Sam nodded.

"Yeah, he's five years old and looks like her. Like mother like son." Sam informed him as he scoffed.

"F...Five years." Oliver fell on his knees at once. He got flashbacks of what had happened in the past. realizing how many bad things he had done to her.

"Oh, she just mentioned that you were her fiance?" Sam told him.

"He was, six years ago," Thomas answered cause Oliver was too shocked to react to anything.

"So...?" Sam looked at him in confusion but was then shocked as he realized it.

"'s his son." Thomas cleared his doubt. 

"What are the updates?" He asked him in a stern tone.

"She'll show up at the auction to surprise you." He informed them. Thomas nodded along.

"Go back before they get suspicious," Thomas ordered and Sam nodded. He turned and was about to leave.

"One mistake and you're dead." The warning sent chills down his spine and he rushed outside.

" were right?" Jane said as she turned towards Amy who was smiling.

"His real name is Ryan Williams." She cleared the confusion. "Son of the Williams, who are famous for working as spies."

"That's clear at this point," Aaron added and she laughed.

"So what are we gonna do now?" Theo asked her, cause their whole estimate of the situation was changed.

"Nothing, just play along with it." She ordered them.

"But you know right? It can be dangerous. What if something like that happens again" Levi warned her and was concerned himself. It was followed by a long silence as they didn't have anything to say now, Levi just expressed what they all were afraid of. They all were worried about her.

"That fear means nothing compared to the desire to meet that person." She said and they went quiet. Her goal was to reach the shadow behind all this setup.

"Ok then, we'll do as you say," Theo said with a smile.

Amy turned around and was about to leave the room.

"Also, we're going with plan B" She walked out of the room after saying that.

"AMY!!" They all groaned in frustration cause she just ordered them to change everything last minute. AGAIN!

Jane smiled and followed Amy. She ran and caught up with her.

"You sure about this?" She asked Amy.

"You know me better than that." She complained and Jane chuckled.

"Ok, so how did find out about him?" She changed the question.

"There were obvious signs, that you guys couldn't see." She said sarcastically, making Jane shrug a little.

"Everything just seemed too suspicious, a normal thief able to enter our territory, the perfect match with the background he told us, the scars on his body, but the giveaway was the story he told me." She explained to her.

"How? It completely related to who he was, like the timid person who became so cause of the violence he experienced." Jane asked in confusion.

"We act the opposite of our real selves. You've seen it yourself." Amy answered. Jane became a little awkward after that; she didn't know what to say next. Amy was talking about herself; she had always acted the opposite of who she really was.

"Ask them to take Chris and Grandpa away, tomorrow. The war is starting and I don't want them getting hurt." She ordered and Jane nodded.


Sam returned to the security room and everyone was acting normal as ordered. He didn't suspect a thing.

"Where is Summie?" He asked them.

"Oh, she left for the auction with Jane," Theo answered him. He smiled as he turned the other way; Aaron glared at him and Theo tried to control his smile after that.

"Already?" Sam said in disappointment and the others just smiled along, although they hated it.

He sat in a corner again, observing everything they did. They were acting normal while still hiding some important things.

The auction started and after introducing everything the host was going to introduce the organizers of the auction. That never happened in the past so everyone was shocked when it came up.

Sam smiled as the scene finally came up. He figured that Amy's plan was going to fail, cause the Scotts already know about her and were prepared for it. They knew her biggest weakness so they'll defeat her pretty easily.

Suddenly, he felt someone walk past him as he looked in the left direction there was no one so he turned towards the right. He was shocked to see Amy standing beside him.

Several thoughts came to his mind, "Wasn't she supposed to be at the auction, why is she here, did she discover my plan, no that can't be; she trusts me blindly!"

His color turned pale and his hands started trembling a little bit. She smiled at him. "Aren't you excited about this?"