Chapter 26: the big boss
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Chapter 26 


*Thud* A sound of something heavy being dropped followed by car tires screeching on the empty road. It was 3 in the morning, and there was no one in the huge building of the AB organization. And just now, Alex’s men had thrown Ryan in front of the building as instructed by Amy. 

It was sort of a test for him again, that Amy had planned especially for him, shebwas playing with him again, controlling everything he did. And once again he had no idea of that. 

She had done so many things just to make him fall for her and he did, unknowingly. Although she did break him completely by the end. At the same time, she also told him the harsh truth that would make him question whose side to take. There was a tracker on him already, so they could hear everything. No matter what he did, he was trapped either way. 

It all was a trap, she had made for each one of them, and the only escape for them was...death.

The rays of the sun fell on the road and Ryan flinched as he was bothered by that. He rubbed his eyes as he got up. The realization hit him as he looked around himself. He couldn’t understand all this. 

Was it Amy’s way of telling that she didn’t want him anymore? Did she just abandon him so easily after Alex arrived. Various dark thoughts filled his mind but he ignored all and went inside the building, where he was supposed to be from the beginning. 

He ignored his feelings about Amy and everything about her and decided to continue his life as it was meant to be from the start, a hired spy of the “big boss”, and also his most loyal person. As far as he knew, he could never choose love over his mission. 

The building was surprisingly crowded that day, people running around anxiously, trying to make everything look perfect. It seemed as if someone important was coming. And then it all clicked, Thomas was in the hospital, Oliver was too scared to go against Amy after their last encounter. The big boss was coming back!

He froze for a second and then ran towards the office where Oliver was. Nervousness took over him as he realized that he had failed his mission. And there was no way to continue it now. What will the Big boss do to him? 

“What the hell is happening?” Ryan asked anxiously as soon as he swung the office door open. 

Oliver was standing in front of the window, admiring the scenery but Ryan could tell that he was nervous as well. 

“He’s coming back.” He said, trying to stay calm. “Aren’t you supposed to stay with Summer, you were hired to spy on her!”

“She knows who I am,” Ryan said and Oliver froze. 

“Didn’t you say you were the best spy?” Oliver asked, trying to suppress his anger. His fists were clenched tightly, and he was trembling,

“I did...but she’s way too ahead of me. I didn’t even realize but she knows everything about me, even where my family lives and why I got into the underworld.” He sighed and now was getting stressed as well. As he now knew how much Amy had ruined him. He didn’t even realize but she was the one who was playing him this whole time.

“There’s no use crying over spilled milk.” A deep yet loud voice came from outside and they both froze. It was the big boss!

They turned around and looked at him with nervous eyes. A giant figure stood in front of them, shoulders wide and taller than both of them. He had a dark skin tone and a huge scar covered his forehead. 

“Welcome back, sir” They both greeted him as they bowed respectfully. He didn’t bother answering and just sat on the company head’s seat. Neither of them dared stop him. 

“So you blew up your cover this time?” He asked as he put his legs on the table. 

“ sir, I was careful the whole time, but I didn’t even know she’ll recognize me from the beginning.” He said and looked at him. 

“You were present at the scene just for some time and didn’t do anything to her. No wonder she didn’t harm you.” He laughed and Ryan was embarrassed.

“You can never change, you still can’t hurt her and as far as I can see, you feel for her.” Ryan flinched on hearing those words.

“ sir..” He stuttered as he was afraid of him. 

“Really? Then tell me everything about her, including that son of hers.” He said as he glared at him coldly. 

“Yes sir.” Ryan agreed immediately as he had no other option. This was what he was supposed to do from the start. He didn’t have the right to love her. 

Big Boss, the real person who controlled the AB organization and almost the whole underworld. But he somehow couldn’t overpower Amy, he had tried his best to defeat her but still, she ran away and even managed to bear Oliver’s child. All this just pissed him off, and now he just wanted to see her dead. Most people feared him because of that obsession of his. 

As far as Amy knew he was the one who had killed her parents and he was the hardest to approach. She had used Ryan to approach him. And at this time, she was listening to their convo. 

“Inform grandpa about all this. We need to tackle it before something goes wrong.” Amy ordered her assistants on the microphone as she heard their whole convo. She knew that they would try to approach her family first. 

"Mam, are you sure about this?" One of the assistants asked hesitantly. 

"It can risk a lot of lives." The other assistant said,

"I didn't ask you, I gave you an order." She said coldly and they all went silent.

“It’s time to start the next step, destroy them completely, so much so that Oliver, comes begging to me to save himself.” She stared completely at the wall in front of her.

Everyone who was listening to her froze in fear. They knew she was angry and could now do anything to win this war. She didn’t care how many people died, or if she ended up hurting the people she loved. She just wanted revenge for everything they had done and this was the only way to do that.

Amy was in a dark room, it was a secret room where she spent most of her time, everything there was related to her past. The photo frames piled up, with black marks all over them, the marker covered the faces of the people in the story. She stood in front of a wall, there were pictures of all the people involved in the incident 6 years ago. It consisted of the pictures of Oliver, Thomas, Ryan, the big boss, and surprisingly, even her parents. There was a cross on both her parent’s photos and now she put one on Thomas’s photo as well. Her eyes looked dead, her lips pressed tightly as she finally chose her first target, the first person who was gonna die.

She stepped back and walked to her left side, there was a photo of a lady, well framed and neatly kept. The lady didn’t seem happy, just like Amy but she had this look of kindness and purity on her face, which Amy had lost ever since she was born in that family. The lady had green eyes and blonde hair, whereas Amy, at that moment, had brown hair and hazel eyes, similar to the child in all the family photos. There was no sign of that lady in any of the family photos.

“Mama…” Amy said in a low voice as she placed her hand over the photo. A soft smile formed on her lips and her voice was soft for one time. “It’s finally started, I’ll make them pay for what they’ve done to us. They took me away from you, forced me to live a fake life, just to hide their secrets. They destroyed us and we couldn't even do anything. They have to pay for what they made me lose, the only family I had, they killed it…” A tear ran down her eye as she felt that pain of losing someone she loved the most again. The worst thing was she had felt it thrice, because of the same people every time. 

She clenched her fist tightly and wiped away the tear. She had cried a lot already. Now she had to make them pay for every tear she had shed. 


Oliver was still in shock, from everything that had happened. Summer, returning, more powerful than ever before, his father falling sick, him becoming the head of the company and now big boss returning. 

He was getting flashbacks of the past, the fear took over him again and he remembered everything he had done badly. 

Kidnapping his fiance, and letting his men rape her for days, beating and torturing her even when he was not even ordered to do that. He vented all his anger out on her, to the point she couldn’t even face herself without having an urge to kill herself  He had crossed the line, treated her like she was one of his sex slaves. He had the biggest contribution in waking the tigress inside her. He had forgotten that an injured tigress was the most dangerous. And he was the one who had given her uncountable wounds, breaking her completely. Taking away the people she loved the most and killing them along with her past self...