Chapter 2
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This is a Fan-fic within a Fan-Fic of HunterxHunter.Read with causing.Minor get out please.

Allan decided to start walking around the forest in the hope of finding any resident living here.

Half an hour later, Allan arrived at a lake. As he got closer, he was surprised when he saw his reflection on the water surface.

He had slightly long and spiky brown hair and a handsome young face, which meant that he didn't just transmigrate. Did I possess another person's body? Allan wondered aloud.

Allan tried to recall anything that belonged to this body's owner, but nothing surfaced to his mind other than his memories.

Right now, Allan most care about the physical change. He wanted to know his new little brother.

Founding a cave, that seems to be dug out. Allen sat on a round stone and quickly took of his pant.

"Dear god." Allen was shock, looking at his new golden finger with a wide smile.

Now it not the times, He though but then again he needed to test the limit and ability of his new little-brother

Not caring about his surrounding and hygiene. Allen started to remember the last video he has the pleasure to witness.

With his new and improve senses, brought by the strenght x10. Allen could remember clearly.

"Your times has come my new brother in arm's."

For the next hours or so was the toughest and most satisfying times of his life.

Coming out of the cave, with his forearms bulging.Turning arround and admiring his own handy word

The onces empty cave is now moist with a substance that can create life.

Time to explore.Thinking of the HxH world background he came up with some theories

Although the Hunter x Hunter World was big, humans only occupied a small land compared to the dark continent.

Thinking of this, Allan panicked: "Don't tell me!!! Damn it!! Please, someone, tell me that I'm not in the Dark Continent!! I'm not a furry person!! Unless she thick and humanoid looking"?

"Which remind me of that anime I once watch, monster something." Allen though

Allan quickly calmed down: "Breath in! Breath out!"

Allan thought about it quickly, before concluding that he wasn't in that terrifying place because apart from some small animals, there was no danger at all.

As far as he knew, there is no way he would be able to survive in the Dark Continent, where creatures as large as a skyscraper existed.

This was more like a place in the human part world.

Allan looked around a few times before his gaze landed on a tall tree. Focusing on it, Allan was suddenly stunned.

It wasn't the tree in particular that shocked him, but the person who sat on it.

A boy who was a few years younger than him, given his appearance, sat cross-legged on a branch while holding a fishing rod and a lotus leaf on his head.

He sat motionless like a statue keeping his fishing posture and looking too focused.

With a hairline that need hair implant