Chapter 4
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This is a Fan-fic within a Fan-Fic of HunterxHunter.Read with causing.Minor get out please.

"Equipe" Suddenly the straw hat appear on my head

"How do I look?" Allen whisperer to himself

[Ding! Straw Hat Ability: Aura of Conquer: A Passive ability that will make you more likeable and increase likeability toward you]

Seeing the ability. A wide smile stretched on allen dirt-fill face

"With this straw hat, I will able to conquer beauty after beauty, my gamble played off." Allen though

He saw Gon who weakly stood from the dirty and walk toward the injured bear, and pull out a small piece of wood stuck in his waste disposal and in doing so, saved his life.

Allen couldn't help but chuckle at the sight

Gon patted the Bear and started calming it down. The aura around Gon was calming. He radiated innocence and kindness that would make any wild animal feel safe around him.

After sending the Bear away, Gon directly looked at the dazed Allan in amazement and said: "why did you do that to us? And Sorry, that Bear is the guardian here. It aways act docile, he would not even attack a fly, you must have did something to her indrectly but I already told her not to attack you again, so you are safe."

Allan thought of something.Will I have a bear son now, this world is full of wonder.

As someone who crossed from another world, he should have more courage and face all challenge even fatherhood.

Gon stood there and look at allen waiting for him to apologies.

Allen couldn't deal with being stared at and why would he apologies, he was clearly in the wrong but his high level of testosterone had made him a arrogant.

"How's yours balls my dude." Allen ask mockingly while smirking

Gon being a innocent and dumb was not angry in the slightest

"I don't feel it" Gon said smiling

What the devil is going here, allen though. Could it be the power of my straw hat

"By the way, I didn't see you here before, are you a tourist?"

Gon asked Allan curiously.

After asking, Gon seemed to realize something and touched the back of his head with an innocent smile: "Ah, sorry, because it's been a long time since I saw someone my age, I was a little excited."

Allan nodded, expressing his understanding whIle trying to avoid speaking about his past sins.

Whale island didn't have many teenagers, as most of them would go to big cities looking for either work or adventure, so most people that remained here are old.

Gon is almost the only teen on this island, sad and loney which explains his current happiness and future sexuality with assassin boy.

"Just call me Allan, as you can see, this is my first time here, and yeah, I can be considered a tourist."

'as I just crossed to this world' Allan thought to himself while faintly smiling at Gon.

"Oh, where are you from?"


Allan was speechless. He didn't prepare for such a question yet and didn't expect Gon to ask him some personal question.

"Mm… Well, from a sperm that evolve into a embryo and to my final form this beast of sexisnest your eyes are witnesing."

"What a sperm, is embryo a fish'". Gon ask mind-blown by those new words

This kid is one work of nature, well his the mc of hxh after-all.

"Forget about that, I'm from a distant land,"

Allan could only be as vague as possible. He didn't want to say 'Hey, I just come from another world where this world is just a show on TV that I liked.' Allan started thinking about a background story.

"so a faraway place…" Gon nodded thoughtfully before started firing question: "Then why are you here? Did you come here by boat alone? Why are you alone? Why did you choose Whale Island for your tour?"

Allan annoyed. He helplessly replied: "I will tell you these things in the future. Well, you kept asking me, but I don't even know your name." 'Although I already know it.'

The most significant trouble while talking to a Character from the Original show is to pretend not to know them. Otherwise, it would be too suspicious if Allan just went ahead and said: "Hey, you're Gon."

"Ahh, I still didn't introduce myself yet!" Gon rubbed the back of his head and grinned: "My Name is Gon Freecss, just call me Gon."

Allan nodded and stretched out a hand as a sign of friendship: "It's nice to meet you, Gon."

Gon grasped Allan's hand and said with an innocent smile: "Me too, I'm glad to meet you, Allan.!

Allan didn't expect Gon to be so open-up as soon as they met. He was too naïve.

What If I was a homosexual pedophile, he would get pounded. There that card dude, well that not my problems.

However, his innocence made the cold-blooded Killua, who was born in a family full of assassins of incest birth, became his friend and possibly gay.