Chapter 46 – Immortal Willow Tree’s Branch
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“Seriously, how did you know?” Wen Baishi asked as he looked at him.

“You’re the one in my mercy so I don’t have any obligation to tell you that,” Yun Ling coldly said. “If you don’t wanna say then forget it. I’ll let you go this one time but the next time you do anything like that again, I’ll kill you.”

Yun Ling decided to spare Wen Baishi since he didn’t want to be entangled anymore with him. His priority was to leave this place and get as far away as he could from the Thousand Mountain Valley.

Yun Ling could tell that Wen Baishi wasn’t going all out in their skirmish earlier. If he truly fought Wen Baishi to the death, it would surely take a while since his opponent wasn’t just some pushover. A fight between the two of them would certainly cause so much commotion that they might even attract the attention of the Immortal Willow Tree. That was the last thing Yun Ling wanted to happen.

As for how he was sure that Wen Baishi wasn’t going all out, it was because the first time he met him, he was just at the late stage of the Core Formation Realm. This time, however, after he checked his cultivation realm again, Yun Ling found out that he was actually at the middle stage of the Four Transformation Realm!

That was impossible! Not even a supreme genius like him could advance that fast. He must have been hiding his true cultivation realm with the help of some treasure, otherwise, he couldn’t have achieved that cultivation realm in just a few days. There was also no telling that this was his true cultivation realm either. For all he knew, his true cultivation realm might actually be even higher than that.

Yun Ling really had no idea. His eyes couldn’t see through his true cultivation realm at all. He blamed Wen Baishi’s treasure for that.

Yun Ling walked towards the wolf as he retrieved his flying sword which was lying on the ground just near him. Then, he took the wolf’s sleeping son into his arms as he said, “Let’s go.”

The wolf nodded.

“Wait!” Wen Baishi called out but Yun Ling ignored him as he stood atop his flying sword and flew away with the wolf following behind him.

“So long, Wen Baishi. That is if you manage to survive,” Yun Ling said before leaving.

Wen Baishi didn’t think too much of what Yun Ling said. He was probably talking about the disciples chasing after him.

“I forgot to ask how he could use the Thunder God Flash Supreme Art… well, he probably wouldn't answer me even if I did,” Wen Baishi muttered to himself. “Could he be a disciple from the Thunder God Sect? Nah, he shouldn’t be. He would’ve captured me if he was.”

Yun Ling faintly heard what Wen Baishi said.

From what Yun Ling knew, the Thunder God Flash Supreme Art was a body movement supreme art of a superior rank. It could enhance its user’s speed, briefly surpassing the speed of sound, only leaving behind the sound of thunder in its wake. By the time the user of the supreme art’s enemy heard the rumble of thunder, it would’ve been too late for them.

It was just like a lightning. You would see the flash of lightning first before hearing the sound. It was only thanks to Yun Ling’s superior senses that he was able to avoid most of Wen Baishi’s attack, and even that wasn’t enough since he was grazed at his cheek by Wen Baishi’s sword.

It was also because of the Thunder God Flash Supreme Art that gave Yun Ling some clue about his identity.

The Thunder God Sect was one of the most powerful sects in the World of Terra. Although he never saw the Thunder God Flash Supreme Art being used first hand before him, he still heard a little about it. That’s why at the beginning when he saw Wen Baishi use that supreme art, he thought Wen Baishi was a disciple from the Thunder God Sect.

However, when Wen Baishi said there was a misunderstanding, Yun Ling had to stop and think over things a little.

A sect disciple wouldn’t have been allowed to venture alone in the Thousand Mountain Valley because of the dangers in it. As far as Yun Ling knew, the most exceptional disciples would be placed into groups of three at the very least. That means he wasn’t a sect disciple because he was alone. If he was a sect disciple and had companions with him, he would have called them out already so they could help him fight him or at the very least, make some signal to make them come to his location.

To summarize: Wen Baishi wasn’t a sect disciple but he could use one of the Thunder God Sect’s most sacred scriptures; Wen Baishi attacked him first as if he was wary of other people but then later told him it was a misunderstanding, signifying that it wasn’t him who was his target.

Naturally, this wasn’t enough to tell that the person who attacked him was Wen Baishi. The real reason why Yun Ling thought it was him was that he felt that his aura was a little familiar to Wen Baishi, the person he spoke to back then in Shenlan City.

Still, Yun Ling wasn’t sure if it was him so he baited him, trying to see his reaction by calling him his name.

“Wen Baishi, why did you attack me?”

“Y-You knew it was me?”

Wen Baishi perfectly took the bait.

“Oho? Well, well, look who we have here.”

Yun Ling and the wolf wasn’t able to leave far away yet when they encountered a mischievous looking guy with narrowed eyes, accompanied by five disciples from the Riverspan Sect. Yun Ling was a bit familiar with them. Those five were one of the people he defeated back in the entrance.

Yun Ling and the wolf stopped in their tracks upon seeing them.

“The person who defeated you fools, is it him?” the mischievous looking guy in the lead asked the disciples.

“It’s him.”

“Heeeeh, so it’s him, huh? He really is as beautiful as you said, too bad he’s a man. There’s even a wolf with him, and is that a Lion King Cub? This is strange. Did he bring these two lesser beasts with him when he entered the valley?” Gu Fanming asked upon seeing the wolf beside Yun Ling and the Lion King Cub in his arms.

“He entered alone, Elder Gu.”

“Is that so? I think they might know about the disappearance behind the lesser beasts here.”

“Elder Gu, can you really beat him?” one of the disciples asked, unsurely. He didn’t want to get beaten up again by Yun Ling if Gu Fanming couldn’t suppress him.

“What a foolish question. Are you doubting my capabilities?” Gu Fanming’s playful look disappeared as he looked at that disciple emotionlessly.

The disciple instantly freaked out “N-No, I will never! I believe Elder Gu could defeat that guy easily!”

“Flattery will get you nowhere!” Gu Fanming slapped that disciple and sent him flying. “Are you treating me for a fool?”

“Ugh, I’m sorry, Elder Gu, I didn’t mean to,” said disciple grabbed his face as he looked at Gu Fanming fearfully.

“Elder Gu, there’s another guy here,” another one of the disciples pointed at Wen Baishi who was standing obscurely under a tree, trying to make himself less noticeable.

“Tsk, another damned sect bastards,” Wen Baishi clicked his tongue in distaste.

Gu Fanming was delighted at Wen Baishi’s presence.

“Perfect! More prey for me! Everyone, get into formation!”

The disciples instantly got into a fighting stance upon hearing Gu Fanming’s order.

“What do we do?” the wolf glanced at Yun Ling, and asked.

Yun Ling’s expression went dark as he tightly clenched his fist.

“Every single one of you…”

He didn’t give any response to the wolf, instead, he looked at Gu Fanming and the rest with rage evident in his face. He wanted to leave yet these inconveniences kept coming out one after another. He was pushed to his limits dealing with so many disturbances.

“I’ve had enough!”


A thick and tall wooden pillar far surpassing the height of the tallest tree in the area suddenly rose from the sky in the distance. There were leaves around the stick with a size comparable to a small human child. The leaves were glowing with a blue and green light, looking extremely beautiful and breathtaking to anyone who saw it.

Yun Ling and the wolf’s eyes widened, especially the wolf’s. That thing was extremely familiar to him. To others, it might look beautiful. To him, just seeing it sent some shivers down his spine.

He and Yun Ling suddenly broke out in cold sweat.

That thing was none other than one of the branches of the Immortal Willow Tree!