Chapter 26 – Transmigrated Heroine
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Today, I’m visiting a particular duke’s castle. Inich town is a fairly populous town located nearest to Duke Yttrea’s castle, flourishing tremendously under the old duke’s influence. Which reminds me, the transmigrated villainess I’ve encountered a few months ago is the daughter of the said Duke.

My senses are telling there’s going to be hot drama brewing today, but what can a poor seamstress do to go against the Duke’s orders specifically asking for me?

Hence, I’m currently stuck in a peculiar situation.

“I’ve recently been notified of Lady Janet’s dress during her engagement party which has been the hot topic of the noble society.” The villainess puts down her teacup in with perfectly elegant manner. The small white chinaware makes a ‘clink’ when it meets the saucer. “Don’t worry it wasn’t Janet who disclosed this information. I have my own network.”

Of course, this isn’t surprising. Transmigrators always value information more than anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has the whole black market sponsored and run in the background. The little black hamster stares at my face, and even without human facial features, I can make out an astonished expression out of that silly look. It was just a guess but I got it right, huh?

The villIainess glances at the hamster peeking out from my pocket, but decides to ignore it. If it was her before transmigration, I’d been long kicked out of the castle for bringing a rodent indoors.

“Forgive me for springing this on you out of nowhere, does any of these words make any sense to you? Don’t worry if what I’m suspecting is true, I won’t bring any harm to you.” She reassures, then recites a string of words. “Manga, Otoge, Villainess, Light novel, Visual novel…”


“Biishuwel? What?” I tilt my head to ponder and purposefully flutter my eyelashes to boost that innocent look by +10. “Sorry I don’t think I can make sense of any of the words you’ve just said. Are those the names of foreign dress designs?”

The villainess’s crimson eyes locks onto my face like magnets, her narrowed eyes scan my expression like a lie detector. I smile cluelessly and grab the tea cup to sip on the jasmine tea offered. Oh as expected of the duke’s household - even the tea tastes heavenly!

“Yes… Foreign designs.” The girl finally gives up and sighs, dejection evident on her face.

At this moment, the door to the drawing room forcefully opens with a loud noise and the villainess’s expression immediately shifted from ‘disheartened’ to ‘fed up’. Her eyebrows furrowed, she heaves a long sigh at the sight of her stepbrother who has no courtesy to knock before entering, or at least enter with manners.

Not to mention, the sight of a particular teary heroine. Her glossy ocean blue eyes glimmer under filtered sunlight entering from the windows, her light blue hair haphazard. But such disheveled look does not fade the saintly aura of heroine, instead making her appear a poor abused beauty who needs to be protected at all cost.

“I heard you pushed Juliet down the stairs yesterday. When will you stop your evil acts, Rosette?!”

The baron daughter, Juliet, who’s also my client… appears today at the Duke’s castle pulled along by a man in her harem. The transmigrated villainess, Rosette, only massaged her temples at the sight of this.

“I wasn’t at school yesterday. I was duking it out with His Highness First Prince to get him to sign papers breaking my engagement. Ask him for my alibi.”

Pfft. Yeah who’d go out of her way to raise a death flag by pushing the heroine down the stairs after transmigrating? 

The heroine’s saintly expression turns sour for a split second at the villainess's statement and returns to being a helpless angel as if she never grimaced.

Ah? Looks like the heroine’s transmigrated too? Wait, did no one see her change in expression? It was super obvious though?

“Issac… It’s not right to accuse Lady Rosette.” She pulls on the hem of the stepbrother’s sleeves in a pitiful manner. “I didn’t see the person who pushed me, only saw a flicker of red strands of hair before I got unconscious.”

Omg lol. Get this girl the title of Film Empress. Look at how hard she’s ‘defending’ Rosette. Who else would have this gaudy red hair other than the villainess?

“Juliet, you’re such a virtuous woman. However, there are people who don’t deserve your kindness. There’s no one who’d harm a kind girl like you other than this evil step sister of mine.” Issac frowns. “Who knows what vile preposterous ideas she whispered to First Prince. He’s totally brainwashed now.”

No he finally raised his IQ points from negatives to positive and left the harem with his two feet after seeing the villainess transform. Though it's a bit annoying how his attitude did a 180 after that. I’m the witness, okay?

“She must’ve ordered her posse to push you off the stairs.” The braindead stepbrother finally comes to his own conclusions.

Don't mention the villainess, even I'd have the urge to whack this brother to get him to come back to his senses.

“Issac, can you not see I have a guest on hand? We will resolve this issue after bringing all the witnesses present. Leave now and don’t bring shame onto this Ducal household with your lack of manners.” Rosette glares at her stepbrother Issac, her expression grim.

“Y-yes Issac, let’s leave. It’s r-really not a big deal.” The heroine stutters her words with beady blue eyes, thawing Issac’s frozen and menacing face. Returning a glowering look towards the villainess, he leaves, his hand hovering on the heroine’s waist.

Finally, peaceful silence returns to the chaotic drawing room.

“Ah my head…” The villainess presses her temples and massages the back of her neck. “I’m sorry you had to witness that unsightly occurrence. I find your dressmaking exceptional. I’ll make sure to call you when I have an occasion requiring a dress.”

She dropped my case. I was expecting her to drill me more on that mermaid dress, but I guess not. I’ll have to thank the transmigrated heroine for this one.

Leaving the drawing room and exiting the duke’s castle, I have to walk through the large garden to  get to the main gate where I can hire a coach. During my walk, I witness something hilarious.

“Ah that damn villainess!” The ‘saintly’ heroine stomps her foot, crushing the poor grass underneath her soles. The stepbrother’s not in sight. “Why is she running different from the script these days? My prince! My reverse harem ending!”

This girl probably got dropped on her head as a child. What other reason is there for her to be this stupid?

Who knows how many MLs she ensnared? One of them got away and she's throwing a tantrum? Just choose one of the many MLs and be satisfied already! Why the hell would you want a harem ending?

Next! Do you just casually drop your act in the enemy territory? Do that in your own room! Or at least do it in a secluded area. Why do this in an open garden where anyone could be watching from? Surely her brain must have stunted during growth period.

Also why would you talk about your secret this loudly???

There are only two reactions to people talking openly about transmigration:

  1. If the other person is from this world, they’ll think you’re insane.
  2. If the other person is also a transmigrator, congratulations, you’ve lost one of the cards you could play. Worse off if they’re your enemies.

The braindead stepbrother Issac returns with a first aid kit, worriedly looks at her ankle. The heroine returns to her fragile angelic look, weeping at the sight of her 'hurt' ankle.

Hey you were just stomping on the grass with that same foot a second ago!

Oh whatever. As long as it doesn’t involve me, I can’t be bothered.