Chapter 45
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Chapter 45:  I’m a dead man

~Jesse’s POV~  

My men and I have been searching all night.  We searched the town, by the time we heard a horse went missing it seemed we were too far behind to stop her.  I rode and rode on my horse for hours. When I finally got to the town that I most suspected of being Luna’s departure point, it was already morning.  I went through the city and started asking about a girl, though I didn’t have a poster or anything for them to identify with.  All I had were my thoughts and the picture of her in my mind. Though it wasn’t much help.  I looked through the harbor, though most ships were leaving by then, the ship Leon owned and used was gone.  “Damn it, I must've just missed her.”  I hoped she was going to be fine and nothing bad might happen to her.  I worried about the troubles she might go through if she was noticed by other demons.  Then I realized my punishment if she were to get hurt.  Leon warned me not to let her leave the estate.  Just the thought of what might happen if she were hurt or even killed.  “Huh, I’m a dead man.”  I looked out to blue seas’ shining horizon. And turned back to the town just getting ready for the day.  Walking through the town I could see people setting up stands blowing out lanterns and candles.  I finally got to my horse, I left it at the edge of the city.  I noticed another horse, freely walking and eating grass.  I walked up to the girl and grabbed her reins I walked her towards my horse.  I connected her to mine and the three of us rode off back to the mansion.


 I finally got back, it was sunny and the mansion seemed to be in a hurry.  I ran toward Thomas once it set the horses in the stables.  He seemed to be yelling towards anyone near to follow his commands.  “Haha(Heavy breathing), Thomas it’s too late.”  “What?”  “We were too late, she’s gone, we just missed her.”  “No, no, no, send a ship after her, we need to stop her before she gets there.!”  “Thomas that would be a waste of effort, we can’t stop her at this point..!”  “What do you mean, we can’t stop. If Lord Leon found out she escaped and was in the Capital he’ll...”  “I know.”  “Let’s just hope she doesn’t get hurt, hopefully, she finds Leon before other Demons find her, maybe Luna will have calmed him down by the time he comes back.”  “I hope your right... If I were you I would finish that date of yours, it might be your last.”  “You love sticking your nose in other people's business don’t you?”  He shrugged his shoulders and went back to work. He almost left before I stopped him with my words.  “But seriously I hope I’m right.”  I went outside and called back my men I sent out.  


I walked through one of the many corridors before I made it to Mable’s room, she was in the main building.  I stood in front of it and knocked on the door.  I took off most of my armor, though I had clothes under them.  I heard some movement from beyond the door.  “Hey, Mable it’s me, Jesse. Can you open the door.”  I heard a few steps before the door opened, Mable's eyes seemed puffy and hwr face was  a little red.  We made eye contact before I walked inside.  I dropped the last piece of my armor outside without looking away from her.  I didn’t ask anything, I kinda already knew what was happening before just  by looking at her.  I put my hand to her cheek and looked deeper into her eyes and went in for a kiss.  I just acted and started passionately kissing her.  She put her hand to my chest almost as if she was going to push me back.  But eventually, she put her arms around my neck and we both continued.  When Thomas told me to finish my date before it was my last.  I knew what he meant, I knew Leon would probably blame me for letting Luna escape, he has a right to, she was entrusted to me.  But since the thought of never seeing this beauty again was so profoundly engraved in my mind at that moment.  I couldn’t help but embrace her.  I’ve been wanting to do so for so long, now might be my last chance.

  -to be continued