Chapter 50
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Chapter 50: Final Blow 

 -Coliseum, arena- 

 The crowd fell silent, all the eyes of the countless spectators fled towards the Demon King.  Leon’s eyes were much the same starring contently at him, with an unwavering sense pride.  He challenged the King, without even uttering a word.  The King’s face, as well as his attitude, seemed to grow dissatisfied with Leon’s action.  The other lords seemed dissatisfied by his action as well.  Their faces grew sour and malice grew amongst them.  “Your Highness, you can’t allow this.”  “Demon lord Haldron is correct, your highness, no one should challenge for the throne.”  “The Val Family is the only one competent enough to rule, why do you think no one challenged your father or grandfather...”  He lifted his hand slightly, the lords watching him fell silent.  “It was going to come one day or another, having a challenge and conquering it will only prove your words.”  He stood up from his large, kingly throne, up on top of the balcony.  Looked off the railing at Leon, with a smirk.  He took up his sword, grasping the scabbard.  He opened it, checking the sharpness and glanced at his reflection.  His face was fully visible in the mirror-like virgin blade.  “If I were to lose, it would mean I’m incompetent, if I were to refuse then I would have no honor.”  He walked out the door to the covered balcony, went down the stairs leading to the arena.  The crowd cheered as he stepped foot on the ground.  Leon knew that this fight wasn’t one he could win unarmed.  Though the demon king hasn’t been challenged, he still was known for his strength.  Leon walked over towards the weapon area.  He had a wide selection of weapons, knives, swords, hammers.  A multitude of weaponry ready for slaughtering opponents.  He chose the sword, one like what the demon king had in his hands.  A thin, yet sharp blade, one that could slice easily and could be handled much the same.  He also looked at his reflection. He stared intently at the reflection of his eyes.  He then moved his body toward the opponent waiting at the center of the arena.  A light veil of red covered his body, his sword embellished with it as well.  The Demon King grinned, as a dark violet veil of mana covered his being.  The crowd cheered and screamed in anticipation.  This was a first for most spectators, seeing a match between their King and his challenger.  It was a standoff, neither one moved.  “Come on already, you asked for this fight, might as well make the first move.!”  Leon didn’t say a word his expression stayed the same.   


Before Leon knew it, his weapon was up against the King’s, the twos swords clanged against one another, sparks flew.  They both pushed against one another trying to get leverage, their mana overflowed from them.  The Demon King, drove his blade up and bounced back slightly.  Leon did the same, the two’s interactions were heated, their mana sputtered everywhere.  Their swords made contact countless times, their movements were hard to keep up with.  All that was visible for some moments were the sparks of light that came from the blades clashing against one another in mid-air.  Some of the crowd roared over the excitement, others fell silent to the aww of the experience.  The twos feet made it to the ground once more, they stood apart from one another.  Though traces of the fight showed up shortly after, blood started coming from lacerations on either competitor.  Leon dove forward at the Demon King, almost as his flying forward.  His sword slammed against the Demon King’s.  The starred intently at each other for each clashed of a blade.  The Demon king drove his sword forward, his mana pushing forth great power.  Once it made contact with Leon’s blade, Leon was pushed to the ground.  His sword fell from his grip, his hands trembled.  The demon King pointed his sword towards his throat.  The crowd fell silent as they watched.  “Ha, it looks like this match has ended. I had high hopes for you, but it looks like it’s the end for you.”  Leon went for his sword his hand barely grasping it. He crouched down staring at the King.  The King was about to make a final blow, but a voice radiated from the crowd.  “Please Help me, Master Leon!.!”  The second he heard that singular voice calls out to him, his eyes went black, radiating with blood-red mana. 

 ----- To be continued