chapter 55
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-Luna’s POV-

“I guess I’ll have to take over.?”

His hands went down my back, grasped my sides pushing me down, plunging himself deep inside.

“Ah, mm.”

His back went straight, his body gyrated with mine, pushing our bodies even more closely together.

I wrapped my arms around him, as he forced his way further in me.

His hands moved all over me, my body became more and more sensitive from his excessive touch.

Each time he pressed his body against chest or squeezed them, a new sensation ran through me.

My neck had marks plotted all over. Leon’s teeth dig into me, leaving a bite mark. Though it didn’t break the skin, it hurt, but the pain mixed with the pleasure.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head, my hands dig into his back.

His lips pushed against mine, our bodies intertwining.

He throbbed, I could feel him t.h.r.u.s.t inside the deepest depths of my body.

He bent his body forward and in a single thrustful motion, was on top of me.

My voice let out little sounds of pleasure, Leon seemed to get more turned on when heard the cute noises.

Him, throughout being inside me, hit so many spots, I could feel his tip push against my c.e.r.v.i.x, grinding its way in.

His girth pushed against my outer walls shooting pleasure through my body.

He looked at me with kind eyes, both our faces were flushed and red.

(Heavy breathing)

“Luna, I’m about to...”

“Me. Me too.”

My private area felt all tingly, I could feel him make one final t.h.r.u.s.t.

Both our bodies shivered, as did our breaths.

I held him tightly in the final moments, keeping him close to me. I could hear his heart pounding away.

I could feel him pumping something warm, his seed, inside me, filling me up.

His rod throbbing heavily, both our breaths we're heavy as well.

He moved his back straight after basking in each other’s embrace for a moment.

He still continued to moving. Though his thrusting was less forceful and his rod less hard, the pleasure was still coming.

He stared down at me, his face seemed flushed, I stared back at him, my arms back.

His hand softly pressed against my tummy, he stared at it for a little bit, I placed mine there as well.

He must have been thinking about what might be growing in there before long.

He came close once again, he did a little laugh of joy and smiled, I did the same.

His forearms supported his weight, as his body was over me.

His lips met mine and we continued to gaze into each other’s eyes.

He pulled his head back slightly.

“I love you, Luna.”

I put my hands barely touching his cheeks, pulling his lips to mine.

They met for only a second before I pulled them away. My eyes slowly opened as the kiss the ended.

“I love you too, Leon.”


We pulled each other close again, feeling each other immensely.

We continued, our bodies enveloping one another’s, till Leon’s rod became hard once more.


-to be continued