chapter 56: something more
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The two laid down on the bed.

Leon was on top of Luna, though she was under the covers.

The two still out of breath from the nonstop lovemaking.

“Come on Luna, one more round.”

“No, my body’s sore.”

He pushed himself on Luna hugging her with the covers still between them.

“Aww I’m sorry, I might have been a bit too rough. I’ll be more gentle this time. So come out.”

“No more, let me rest.”

“Alright, but at least come out from under there, let me at least look at you.”

Leon went into a lying down position next to her, he watched her as she uncovered herself.

She watched him, seeing if he might try to make a move on her.

“Haha, don’t worry I won’t do anything.”

She put the covers down, she was turned her body and was on her stomach.


A couple minute went by, sitting there in silence. Leon continued to gaze at Luna, her face towards his.

“Hey, I was wondering. How did you even got here. I told Jesse and Thomas to not let you come here, but..”

“Oh, giggle I escaped through my window when no one was looking, took a horse to Ampool, thank goodness your ship was there or I probably wouldn’t have made it here.”

“Wow, no wonder your tired. I guess I’ll have to have talked with all those guys, they don’t seem to know how to do their job.”

“No, don’t do that, I’m the one that escaped, I did it at night, and kinda tricked everyone. I’m the one at fault, though the plan would have been full proof if you didn’t remove your crest on my neck.”


“The only reason I was in trouble with those men, was because you removed your crest. Didn’t you have me get one so that I could be safer?”

“I did..”

“Then why’d you remove it in the first place, don’t you want me to be yours?”

“That’s all I want, though the whole reason people wear the crest is to show who they belong too. If you belonged to me no one would touch you.”

“I removed it because, in the moments when we were one, the night before I left, I didn’t want you to be defined as my property. I wanted you to be something more than just a slave I share a bed with.”

“What do you mean, by something more?”

“Haha, I mean I wanted you to be my wife, not my slave. I rather wear a ring to prove that you’re mine, instead of some crest.“

The two smiled at each other. Leon reached and grabbed Luna’s hand, kissing it softly. His eyes continued to look at her as he did so.


Leon was lying on his side, his arm supporting his head as he looked at Luna.

They both were lying under the covers, Luna was on her stomach.

Leon still wide awake, though Luna seemed quite tired after the multiple climaxes she went through as well as the work out of a time she had with Leon.

She laid her head on her arm, her eyes closed though her head was facing away from Leon.

The covers only seemed to cover her b.u.t.t her back was viewable though.

Leon seemed to be enjoying the view a lot or he was just happy after the enjoyable time he had with Luna not ten minutes before.

He had a smirk on his face, still somewhat flushed.

He reached out his hand towards Luna.

His finger slowly drew down her spine, he stared at it for a moment.

He moved over to her, his body slightly over hers.

He went down and lightly kissed her back. Luna reacted by kinda riggling in the same position, her eyes lightly opened.


To be continued