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What is item meiser? It is a job like blacksmith or enchanter that allows you to make items from your mana. As long as you have mana you can make anything. If you have the materials available it would cost you less mana. So let's say you as a level one item meiser have 10 points in your mana pool if you use a already made item and enchant it with a skill then the 10 points in your mana pool  would go to the skill. But if you made an item out of your mana then the 10 points would go to forming the item. 

Now you are a level one so by gaining experience you can level up and make yourself stronger and gain more skills. The skills for item meiser are unique due to you being able to grant skills to items and equipping them to use the skills. A perk of the job is that by leveling up you are given a free ticket to make one item without the cost of mana. But, item meiser is a slow leveling job and is based on the production of the items. So, as a bonus, I will send you to an abandon dungeon with resources to level up. If you make it to level ten you can get your first job based skill. So good bye and enjoy your new life.