Chapter 4 the dragon knight
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Today was a new day. I had a plan and that was to use the bones of the dead dragons to make my elite guard. I planned to find a way to implant a soul into each of them because my job allows me to create any kind of item as long as I can pay. So dragon skeleton number one was brought in by the minotaurs, thank you loyal subjects. Now that I think about it I am severly lacking in information of this area, but this comes first. So i can seperate the body and use parts to make the armor. So the head is thick and massive I used it to make the body of the knight. Separating the armor into chest, arm, and leg pieces could allow me to equip two skills to the four parts. Now the chest plate skills are: lv. 10 flame magic, superhuman strength, reverse scale barrier, heat ray, or humanization. These are some impressive skills and it appears that my ability will give abilities base on the materials used. Now the dragon skull armor (chest) could only hold two abilities before breaking. I choose flame magic and reverse scale barrier for the chest. The left arm gave five different abilities but I choose telekenetics and lv. 10 disassembly magic. Right arm was given weaponization and dimensional storage. The legs were simple abilities gale and long jump. Now I needed to try out my plan that I had cooked up. A magic crystal, all beings had them in their bodies and i was genously given some from my demons  when I asked for them. ( they ripped them out of their bodies) I merged 10 minotaur crystals together and granted one ability to the finished product, soul lv. 1. Yes, any kind of item could be made but my materials and magic power only made it a lv. 1. Well trial and error is important so let's keep on improving in the future.