No Enmity
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Looking up and far into the distance, the sect master's eyes seemed to arrive at the direction of the medicine room once again. The sect master shook his head ever so slightly as he seemed to have thought of something. Finally, he turned and walked away. From the shadows, his determined face could be seen as he took great strides to his own room.


The next few days passed as quickly as they came, in the sect pavilion near the quiet pond, there were four figures. Daiyu was dressed in all-white attire, and her eyes focused on the teacup before her. The hands holding the cup trembled a bit, spilling some of the liquid on to the skin below. The hands flinched but remained determined. Daiyu watched on with little to no interest. If it had been just the hands, she would have accepted him, but she looked up at his face.

She didn't like this face.

How strange, only a few days had passed, yet it seemed like they were fated to meet again.

She turned to her master, who had sat next to her seat. His eyes were firmly set on the person before her. Daiyu looked back to the person in front of her, her eyes dull and cold.


Why was he here once again?

"May martial sister please accept this cup of tea," His voice called out again, but this time, it no longer held its steadiness. His voice was trembling as he waited for her reply. His heart readied in anticipation. However, Daiyu didn't give any. She only stared at him without the slightest intention of moving her fingers.


Guiren could feel the blankness of her stare. For the first time, he felt flustered. She held no emotion in those eyes at all. He couldn't tell what she was thinking. Mustering up his courage, he tried to repeat himself, "May mart-"

Daiyu stood up, stopping his next words in place. She no longer wanted to hear any more of it. Turning to the sect master, she bowed, "This disciple is elated to see master's kindness, but this disciple cannot accept."

The old man frowned.

Daiyu knew what her master wanted of her. However, she could give him anything but this.

Daiyu waved her arm over to Huizhang, "Having one junior brother is enough for Daiyu. Daiyu doesn't desire to have another."

The sect master couldn't help a frown from appearing on his face, "This boy is the one I chose to learn with you. You made a choice, so allow this master to look after you. I'm worried about you being lonely. I know how the sect members regard you as."

Daiyu knew as well. Her title was hers at birth. There was no need to fight, as there wouldn't be a change, no matter what anyone did. She was the senior martial sister. This arrangement had always gotten searching glances in her direction. So young and carefree with a prestige title, was she worthy?

It caused isolation.

A rift for her and the other sect members.

"Daiyu knows. However, I wish not-"

Deep in reflection, the old master couldn't help sank in his thoughts, "Little Yu, do you perhaps have enmity with this boy?"

Daiyu paused.

To say that she did wasn't unreasonable.

But in truth, at this time, there was nothing to say. Even if Daiyu did explain it all, what outcome would it be? Rather, would her master understand?

If he did, to what degree would he understand?

To have experience death and seen the future... if she were to say that, wouldn't he be afraid?

Frightened of what she already knew.

Intimidated by the idea that she was no longer the same being.

That any or every bit of her action could not be pure and possibly held a motive.

Everything would fade. Even if her Shifu trusted her, his heart would harbor doubts at this new information. Small little wisps of uncertainty that might grow and infested his mind.


Daiyu paused.

"I have no enmity."


This answer wasn't wrong.

In this life, she hadn't known him. What had happened before would be merely treated as a wistful dream— after all, even if Guiren was reborn like her, she was no longer the same person.

She felt nothing for the person kneeling beside her other than a wary mind that he might bring unseen troubles due to his possible rebirth.

As for emotions, she was no longer tied down, held back by strings of thin emotions. Even if she did know of the past events and carried the memories, it could no longer affect her the way it had before.

Thus, there was no need to worry as much.

She could treat all of it as payment to live again as a fresh slate. All of her past pain and bitterness could be regarded as teachings that allowed her to clear her mind.

In truth, Daiyu had thought it many times before. For what reason was she allowed to be reborn again. Was it her tragic life? Was it her desperate pleas? Or perhaps was it by chance?

Perhaps she was sent back for a purpose created by fate.

Whatever the case was, she would take it.

Her master had an eye for talent, and if he wished to take Guiren in, he could. As a sect master, making whoever he wanted as his disciples weren't hard. Bringing this piece of news to her was an act of respect for her as she was his longest disciple. He was getting her acknowledgment on his choice.

Her master must have his own reasons for wanting to pick Guiren.

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