Chapter 102: Battle against the desert
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Chapter 102: Battle against the desert


Dozens of sand tornados were currently surrounding me, spinning at frightening speeds that could probably turn to shreds everything that entered inside them, and aiming to engulf me in them while I fought against the Giant Sand Elemental.

While moving around, using my mana explosion technique to jump in mid-air and maneuver and move away from them, I dodged the heavy sand bullets that the Sand Elemental was sending in my way, and prepared myself to use my nature magic to the limit.




The giant sand bullets crushed everything on its path and soon dispersed after that. Proving how worth was this monster for being from the Hardmode.

Slowing down the speed of everything around me, my body entered the same state that I used to defeat the Eye of Cthulhu. My senses became sharper, and all the weak points of the Sand elemental became something evident for me. Previously before coming here, I trained it a little bit and discovered that the key to activating this state, was simplifying everything around me.

The moment I started remembering how much I trained swordsmanship when I was a kid during my fight against an eye, brought me memories about the basics of Swordsmanship, and in a way, how simple everything was before I stepped into the higher stages of it.

Instead, what could be called an extremely complicated slash of swordsmanship was just a simple movement of my hand holding a sword, and the complicated footwork used to dodge everything and move swiftly through my enemies was nothing but me dodging and moving fast.

With the high mental stats that I possessed, the moment I started simplifying everything about swordsmanship, everything around me also started getting simpler to understand. Be it the movements of my enemies, how their bodies were built, or even where to strike them to deal the highest amounts of damage easily, everything got incredibly easier to understand.

((("To think that the Human the goddess chose could have progressed to such an extent... It's really a shame, but no disturbances in the order will be allowed, and everything that tries to stop me from my duty, shall be destroyed")))

"Could it be so hard for you to shut the fuck up?"

All the sand floating around soon started gathering in front of her and created a giant vortex that rotated at enormous speeds. The pressure on the center of the vortex was enormous, as the gravity around it seemed to be fluctuating a bit, attracting even more sand of the surroundings towards it.

[Ancient spear]

As my senses moved incredibly fast, I noticed how the center of the vortex started extending and moved at an enormous speed in my direction, aiming for my head.


Moving my entire body by using a mana-explosion, I dodged safely whatever had tried to hit me. However, I soon noticed an incredibly pointy spike of the sand pass right next to my face and stab the place where I had been just a moment ago. The spike extended directly from the center of the vortex, and it soon returned to the center of the vortex ready to thrust once again against me.

The speed of the attack was something I had never seen before, even the fastest monsters I had seen until now seemed like babies compared to it.


Soon, another sand spike passed right next to me after I dodged it with my mana-explosion. However, this time I grabbed it with all my strength and waited for it to return towards the vortex.

As soon as the spike started moving back it brought me along with it, and soon I managed to reach the Sand elemental.

Taking out my Blood-butcherer, I jumped in mid-air and stabbed directly the forehead of the Sand elemental with all my might.

However, as expected, it was not going to be enough.

You have dealt 1 damage [Critical hit!!]

Although my Blood-butchered did indeed cut through her head, she was made completely from sand, which pretty much made cutting or stabbing attacks useless.

However, that was obvious from the beginning. The only reason I did that was that I needed something to hold on to. And now with my sword directly embedded into her head, I could stand properly there without falling.

[Ice explosion!!]

Using Ice magic, I proceeded to freeze an enormous part of her head, making the Sand elemental tremble a bit in confusion, and making my mana drop rapidly because of my expertise in ice magic.

You have dealt 102 damage.

The big chunk of sand fell to the ground and left a pretty big hole in her head, making her look at me with a furious glance.

It wasn't long before the spike at the center of the vortex moved rapidly towards me and tried to stab me directly in the heart. When this happened, she also restrained my movements by using the sand around me to grab tightly my feet, attaching me to her head, and leaving me with no escape.

Well, not exactly.


Using a very large amount of mana, I created an explosion that scattered away all the sand restraining me and propelled me high into the air, away from the attack.

Soon enough, I controlled one of the nearby trees and created a giant drill that stabbed directly the vortex and started destroying it rapidly.


The vortex was shredded apart by the drill and the expression of the Sand Elemental got incredibly angrier than before. However, this time she didn't let out a word, and instead, made her actions speak for her.

Dozens of Spikes started coming out from her head and tried to pierce me and kill me instantly. I dodged most of them, and although some of them managed to scratch me, it was not something worth mentioning.

Soon enough, I placed my palm against her head and started gathering enormous amounts of mana on it.

[Fire explosion!!]


You have dealt 67 Damage.

A giant explosion engulfed the rest of the Sand Elemental's face and blasted away an enormous part of it that together with the giant chunk of ice that was created after the ice explosion, almost destroyed completely her head


Smoke came out of the half where my Fire explosion had struck, while the other half still had some frozen parts that remained after my Ice explosion.

Unfortunately, the fire I could produce was far from being able to turn her into a glass statue, and the only thing it could do was to blow away the sand on her body, not even melt it.

Finally, I jumped down from her body and landed on the ground before I started controlling all the nearby trees, and started punching her body mercilessly not even allowing her to move.


You have dealt 92 Damage.


You have dealt 83 Damage.


You have dealt 85 Damage.


You have dealt 75 Damage.


You have dealt 97 Damage.

It was until the sand in the surroundings finally finished gathering on her face, that she recovered her look and started looking at me with obvious fury.

((("I was saving this to turn that the Human Kingdom into nothing but a mere wasteland, but I guess I will have to use it against you if I want to get rid of you first...")))

My body shook slightly in response to the change in her aura. She wasn't getting stronger as most villains could do in this situation, I could feel it... But something else was happening.

[Eternal drought!!!]

Suddenly, in the distance I noticed an enormous sandstorm heading this way. However, unlike most sandstorms... This one had terrifyingly powerful winds that could probably send anyone flying away, added with the millions of sand grains moving along with the wind... It could probably kill any other being in just a matter of minutes by cutting them with the rapidly moving grains of sand, or simply fill their lungs with sand.

However, just as the storm was about to engulf the entire battlefield, an incredibly fast object passed rapidly through the sky and hit the body of the Sand Elemental, before it created an enormous explosion that shook the entire body of the Sand Elemental, and made her widen her eyes in confusion.


When I turned to look at the source of that attack, I saw the Scientific Delbere looking at me with a smile on his face, as he carried what seemed to be a bazooka on his shoulder.

Just as I was about to start pondering what was he doing there, I saw Yuuki appear behind him and look at the Sand Elemental with anger in her eyes while holding her Resonance staff.

Finally, soon hundreds of soldiers carrying bows and crossbows appeared from behind them and prepared themselves to attack the Sand Elemental, and someone who seemed to be their leader commanded them with a frowning look in his eyes.

I turned to look back at the Sand Elemental and saw her look wide-eyed at the army that had suddenly appeared to fight against her. Soon, however, her gaze turned hostile and an expression of fury appeared on her face.

((("Very well, this will make it easier for me then...")))

[Ancient Sto-!]

Right when the Sand Elemental was about to use her magic to destroy the army, I suddenly created a gigantic colossal fist made out of many trees together, and punched her heavily on the ribs with extreme force, destroying an enormous part of her body in the process.


You have dealt 327 Damage.

I drank a mana potion, and then prepared myself for round two.

At least I wasn't completely alone against this monstrosity this time... Unlike many other times...

I created dozens of fist-trees and surrounded myself with them so that I could be prepared to attack her at any time.

"Let's go at it again, shall we...?"


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