Chapter 6: clown tries swimming
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Well. This is a fine pickle you gotten yourself into Mr. Buttons. I have run out of friends to play with and my route is blocked by wetness. I wonder if ALWAYS WITH A SMILE could help me cross to the other side. But that would be to simple for a clown. The great clowns before me would find a way across and so shall I. HAPPY STABBY, I will send you my lovable pet to bring me a way across. Envision a javelin and throw, oh I got something. Its a delightful sea monster running away. Hey Mr. Sea monster, it's a crime to steal someone's murder weapon. Wait come back, let me skin you, I need a new pair of boots and you look to be my size. oh the waters cold. This would be perfect environment to go on a stabbing fest. 🎶 if a hearse should pass you bye. You know your the next to die. They wrap you up in a clean white sheet. Then throw you down six feet deep. 🎶 Yes, listen to mother's lyllaby and come accept Mr. Buttons as your personal friend. SHIV do your job and quit slacking. Yelp. Tear. The blood with bring more friends for us to play with so let's make lots of holes in Mr. Sea monster. 

The blood is turning black, mother your song has become a magic spell. We need to celebrate, SHIV AND HAPPY STABBY we need an audience to hear mother's song. So let's get to work. Wadding in the water to the other side. Going to put on a concert to draw in the crowd. Drain their blood and feast on their delicate flesh. ( madly laughing)