44. A Magical Myth
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In the most reclusive corners of the cosmos, there is said to exist stars beyond the understanding of even Gods. To this day, only two have ever been observed.


The first is called the Volcanic Star. It burns hotter than the normal fiery stars, with a shade of red more vivid than blood, and the arcs of plasma raging on its surface are said to be able to overheat space itself.


The second one is the rarest and most unconventional of all. When coming to the awakening room, Gray never expected even for a second that this would be the day he would see it.


There were so many elements that one could awaken. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, Lightning, Metal, Wood, Space, Time, Life, Death, Darkness, Light, Blood, Neutral, Mind, Creation, Destruction, Dark Light, Aeter…


Gray had seen so many of them. One would be shocked to learn how many concepts could be turned into a magic element. That’s why, never in his mind, had he anticipated to see an element that was said to exist but had never emerged in the entire history of the System.


His cybernetic eyes couldn’t help but stare at the spherical condensation of energy floating in front of Rakna. A literal star burning with utmost fervor. But the chills he felt, the freezing mist, and the frost on the floor reminded him; it didn’t burn hot, it burned cold.


A blue sun releasing the antithesis of flames; arcs of pure ethereal coldness.


❮ ◈ ❯

Congratulations! You have awaked the Tier 0 Magic, one of the only two Star Magics known to the apprehensible existence, Cold Star Magic.


Cold Star Magic (Lv.1): This Azure Star is the embodiment of coldness. Mistaking it for mere ice would be the height of foolishness. A Cold Star will ‘burn’ you to the bone and shatter you from the inside.


Heat burns. Cold burns too. There are only but a few differences. One incinerates you; the other shatters you. One is merciful; the other is crueler than death. Heat will erase you without mercy; cold will make you perish in agony for eternity.


A Cold Star user cannot feel cold or hot and can absorb cold-related magics to a reasonable degree depending on the skill’s level.

You can now control the dominance of the Cold Star to a certain extent.


Note: Magic is a tortuous path of experimentation. Self-discovery, luck, imagination, wisdom, willpower will be the key to wield its true might.

Currently Known Spells: Cold Star Manifestation (T.0)

❮ ◈ ❯


Rakna ignored the window in favor of the blue star in front of him. His eyes were wide in shock and amazement. For some reason, the cold didn’t affect him. It even felt welcoming.


He slowly reached for the star and the second he touched it, the cold in the room disappeared and the lights on the walls died down. The star itself shrunk and flew in circles around Rakna before entering his chest and disappearing.


At the same time, he abruptly felt both his heart, his mana, and even his Soul Core swirl. His fangs grew and he let out a primal snarl. Pronos jumped away in surprise as he felt a small shockwave coming from his friend’s body.


Gray flinched a bit and was about to rush to examine him. He, after all, had no idea of what Star Magic would do to its awakener. For all he knew, Rakna might have been dying because his body wasn’t strong enough to contain it.


But what stopped him was the change in the boy’s wolf features. The very tip of his ears and tails gradually blanched before turning wholly white. The extent of the change wasn’t too noticeable but it was still there.


When it was over, Rakna staggered backward before catching himself with the help of Pronos who had managed to jump and push his back so he would not fall.


Rakna shook his head and for a very brief second, Gray was sure he saw a burning blue star in the place of his pupils. The teen in question however knew what was happening in more detail as he read the information on a second window that had appeared.


❮ ◈ ❯

Your Nine-Tailed Blood has been stimulated.

Your Attributes have been corrected by the blood within you.

Intelligence: 4 -> 8


Your mana has been successfully molded into Cold Star Mana. You will now deal an additional 10% of ice damage every time you attack. Every single skill of yours will also be imbued with cold energy.


Due to your blood, you have awakened Mystic Cold Star Magic. Mystic Magic is the Noble Hereditary Skill of the Nine-Tailed Clan. By tripling your mana consumption, you will be able to double magic damage.

❮ ◈ ❯


Rakna breathed in and out and caught a glimpse of the whitened tips of his tails before trying to channel his mana toward his hands, along with his Soul Core passively assisting him.


His entire arm began to release cold mist and a thin layer of frost covered his palm and fingers. It didn’t feel any cold as he expected nor did it seem to be harming him.


“Well, I’ll be damned.”


The clown’s voice pulled him out of his thoughts. The mist dispersed and the frost melted without leaving water on his hand. Rakna then looked at Gray who was clapping.


“Let me recap a bit,” he said before clearing his throat. “You’re a Werewolf. You have Nine-Tailed Blood. You have incredible instinct and fighting proficiency. You learned to channel mana on your own. You probably have a Nirvana Skill. I saw you pull a Red Utility Item. And now, you’re telling me that you have awakened a myth-like magic element?”


The clown nodded exaggeratedly as he held his chin in his hand. “Hmhm… We have a monster in our ranks. It’s really good to know that I decided to be an overseer this year,” he said and whirled his cane before pointing it at his new recruit. “You, Sir, are a monster of nature,” he deadpanned.


Rakna rolled his eyes. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”


“Whatever you say,” Gray snorted. “Well, this only leaves your little friend there,” he added while pointing at Pronos. The albino snake tilted his head while pointing at himself with his tail.


“Yes, you. Do the same as your friend. Touch the orb and channel your mana. Now, you might not be able to do it in contrary to your master. So, to control your mana, you have to-”


Before Gray could finish, Pronos was already on top of the orb, pumping mana into it as it shined brightly with a golden light blended with a green one. The robotic clown could only change what his mouth displaced to a very jagged white line. He mechanically looked back and forth between the orb and the little snake and grunted.


“Golden and green… And this feeling… Eternity and Poison?” He mumbled. “No fucking way. Hey, Rakna, what is your pet’s Path?”




Gray finally gave out and groaned with a static sound. “I can’t believe it. That’s even worse. It’s not Eternity; it’s a Legendary Path that gives affinity to Infinity Magic…” He grumbled to himself and opened the Guild Chat.


❮ ◈ ❯

Clown has joined.

<Clown> Hey, anyone here?

<Blood> Yes?

<Clown> Ah, perfect. You; you have Blood Magic.

<Blood> Uh… yes? That’s not new. What are you getting at?

<Clown> You’re trash.

<Blood> …do you people have death wishes lately? Do you wanna die, Gray?!

<Clown> No, I just wanted to insult someone. Thank you. I feel better now.

Clown has left.

<White Spring> What have I just witnessed?

<Blood> That’s what I'd like to fucking know!

❮ ◈ ❯


Gray sighed contently. “My mind is refreshed,” he said with a revitalized grin toward the pair in front of him. Pronos had already finished awakening and was back on Rakna’s shoulder. “Now, shall we go? You can pass by the Shop if you want and then I’ll lead you to the Underground Station so we can head out in the wilderness. You’ll reunite with your friends there.”


Rakna nodded. “Sure. Give me a moment to read this,” he said while inspecting Pronos’ magic.


❮ ◈ ❯

Poison Magic (Lv.1): A simple but deadly bane for all beings. Poison can come in many different ways and their threat is all but small.

Energy poisons, organic poisons, parasites, acids, viruses, fogs, mutations… All can be done with Poison Magic and if well-used, could even harm the most resilient of beings. Even non-corporeal beings can be hurt if the correct poisons are used.

The Host can manipulate toxic substances to a certain extent.

Currently Known Spells: None


Infinity Magic (Lv.1): The power of infinity is hard to grasp. It was first wielded by the Ouroboros during the dawn of time. Only those acknowledged by the Coiling Serpent have the chance to awaken Infinity Magic.

This Magic is considered one of the Lost Crafts. Nowadays, scarcely anyone has the required knowledge to properly make use of it. But it was once said that mastering Infinity meant mastering the Laws of Numbers.

Use: Unknown | Spells: None

Note: This is a magic that cannot be easily delved upon. Only extensive research and patience will grant you control over its power.

❮ ◈ ❯


“Looks like you got stuck with a pretty complex ability, little guy,” Rakna commented and Pronos slowly nodded, not understanding a thing about how he should approach Infinity Magic.


When that was done, the two of them left the Awakening Room along with Gray who closed the doors right after they were out.


“All right, you can open those doors if you want to visit the Shop,” the clown pointed at the doors on the other side of the corridor. “I’m not allowed to come with you by the way. I will wait here.”


“Got it,” Rakna nodded. He put his hand on the doorknob and opened one of the doors. The instant he did that, he felt Gray’s presence disappear. What lay on the other side of the double door was very different from what he expected.


Compared to his last visit to the Shop, it was considerably smaller and it actually looked like a proper shop instead of a maze of random aisles. In fact, it felt like a homely antique shop. The walls, floor, and ceiling were all made with a type of dark wood. There was a red carpet in the middle of the room and a fireplace to the left.


Other than that, at least ten different clocks were hanging on the walls for some reason along with several paintings and a few weapons meant for decoration. There was some furniture that served as stands for items of all kinds.


After taking in all of that, Rakna finally directed his eyes at the mischievous grin of a certain vixen sitting behind the counter. “Welcome to my humble shop, wolfy.”