Chapter 12 – The Sword Saint
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POV: Cecile. 

Race: High Elf

Class: Holy Knight

Alignment: Lawful Neutral 

Level: 45


With a single thrust, the legendary sword dipped into the waters of lust, bringing the currents to a halt. As the freezing frost made its way down into the murky lake, hundreds of zombies froze as they swam their way to the surface. Not a single one survived.

One of the sisters of battle stomped her foot on the ice. "You think it will hold?" She asked. 

Cecile only smiled. "There is only one way to find out." 

The young hero - clad in full plate armor - marched into the frozen lake. Then she jumped a few times, with her entire weight being unleashed on the floor. When the ice did not crack or falter, she gave her sisters the thumbs up. 

The group of twelve adventures marched forward. Their red shields and swords drawn. All for exception of Cecile, who carried the banner of invasion. When they least expected it, the floor trembled. Cracks formed, the turbulence originated from one direction. From down below. Suddenly it felt like an earthquake.

"What is going on?" Ilve asked. She was scared. It was her first time dungeon diving, but she was well aware that the perils of the dungeon awaited in every corner.

"MOVE," Cecile shouted. It was too late. A monster bursted its tentacles through the ice, shattering the ground. It was the floor guardian,  Lady Mammon. 

The Eldritch abomination lunged her tentacles forward at the party, but Cecile, as the highest ranked member of the party, stood firm and having dropped the banner of invasion, she caught two of the tentacles with her hands. 

With the strength of a titan, she pulled the monster from the water and smashed it against the ground like a rag-doll. Mammon only screeched in anger. Her nakedness exposed for the entire party to see. It was total humiliation. Some random mid-ranked adventurer had inflicted so much damage upon a high-ranked floor guardian. The dungeon core wasn't happy.

"Come at me, bitch," Cecile shouted. Unsheathing a spirit sword, welding it with both hands. The Hero was ready for war. Her party was strong on its own, but they were no match for a guardian. Having stood back for the duel to take place, Mammon charged forward, meaning to kill the hero with one blow. Screams engulfed the room.

As in to mock her, the Hero closed her eyes. When the monster unleashed her tentacles, the hero's sword lit up. A blinding light covered the room. When the light dispersed. Mammon laid half cut open, with her blood and guts spilling into the ice. The Hero had stood firm, not moving a single inch. The legs of the monsters were twitching on their own, unable to comprehend what had happened to their body.

Attempting to escape, Mammon punched a hole through the ice. But then the Hero's party fell upon the creature. Slashes, stabs and magic attacks, deprived the monster of her life and dignity. Some party members quickly leveled up.

The rest of the floor was a cakewalk. Cecile and her party reached the third floor unmolested. Once they were in front of the vast maze, instead of making its way across it. The hero activated a spell that set ablaze to the entire vegetation of the place. After a few minutes, the fire had consumed everything, and no maze stood anymore. 

The party made its way across the barren, ash-colored landscape. Lady Eva, unlike Mammon, did not show up. Having determined that this fight was a pointless endeavor, not even the catgirls attacked. 

The hero's journey continued, having made its way into the fourth floor, they were received by Stella. 

"Adventurers, I beg you, do not spill any blood in this floor." She said, "Lady Baal has spent the past few weeks restoring everything that was brought to ruin. If you follow me, I'll take you to the fifth floor undisturbed."

"How do we know we have your word, and this is not a trap?" Cecile asked. 

"You don't" Stella replied with a smile. 

Some random party member pelted Stella with a javelin, and her guts got impaled on the wall. As blood poured of Stella's mouth, the hero's party set fire to the place and marched forward into the intricate system of hallways. They were met by cannon fire. But the party set up a magical barrier that deflected the rudimentary artillery. 

"DEATH TO ALL DARK ELFS," The party shouted, as they charged against the volley of musket fire. The vile hatred between the both sides was apparent as they fought like rabid dogs for every inch, over every hallway. The fourth floor was thrown yet again into chaos. Another slaughter house ensured.

Cecile herself slaughtered about a hundred dark elfs on her way to the fifth floor. The party was extremely tempted to storm Gomorrah, but their objective was deeper in the dungeon. 

Having reached the ancient stone bridge connecting the fourth and fifth floor, they were received by Lady Baal and her royal guard of about thirteen girls. Among them was Augusta and an elf girl with freckles and red eyes. They were all dressed in white, Napoleonic uniforms, with black combat boots and golden chain armor. 

Lady Baal now towering over everyone in the bridge, standing tall at 1.88 meters. 

"Whoever brings me that high elf bitch on chains, will get to sleep with me tonight," She said. 

The royal guard charged with a loud battle cry. 

"BRING IT ON!" Cecile, the sword saint shouted back.