Chapter 13 – Ascension of the Succubus
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Succy - Sex Toy - Level 5 - Female - Pet
Strength 1
Dexterity 1
Constitution 1
Intelligence (1 + 3)
Wisdom (1 + 2)
Charisma 138

My charisma is godlike, I wonder if it's high enough to persuade the floor guardians. 

"Lady Eligos, can you become my pet?" 


Oh well, it was worth trying. Lady Eligos kept staring into her crystal ball as if nothing had happened. 

STDs Friends Pets
32 56 1

I wonder if later on I can turn those friends into assets. Oh yeah, I have a pet. Let's look at her stats. If I remember right, she was stronger than me.

Alice - Healer - Level 8 - Female - Pet
Strength 2
Dexterity 2
Constitution 2
Intelligence 2
Wisdom 32
Charisma 10

Hmm, she took a 2 INT penalty because of the STDs.

Lady Eligos had ordered to keep doing laps across the fifth floor, but she never said specifically in which direction we had to walk them. I went clockwise while the rest of the minions walked counter-clockwise. I sensed the pheromones. It was Amber. 

She wasn't alone. 

"You should've seen how Succy-sama took us through the maze without a hint of hesitation, Succy-sama not once flinch while we confronted the evils of the dungeon. If Succy-sama wanted, I wouldn't mind having her children."

It was Alicia. She was busy drooling over her imaginary version of me. She and Amber were walking together. The boredom that a minion suffers in dungeons like this is understandable. 

When our eyes met, sparks came out of Alicia's green eyes. My glance then turned to Amber. The dragon-girl wanted answers. 

"Succy-chan, who the fuck is this bitch? And why does she know you so well?" She asked. "Mind explaining this to me?" 

I owed her no explanation. My brief relationship with Savannah helped me understand that whatever I felt for Amber was nothing but a side effect of the pheromones. 

"What is there to explain?" I asked. 

Amber's face just turned redder than her wings. Instead of answering, she just walked past me, bumping into my shoulder as she stormed out.  

"Whatever," I said. I turned my attention to Alice, who unlike me, was completely naked. 


She dashed towards me, and before I knew it. I was on the floor. Her hands sneaking underneath my clothes, making their way to my breasts. 

"I MISS YOU SO MUCH," She said, lifting my dress upwards. 


"Oh, that is because I love you," She replied, pushing away my legs. 

I looked away in disgust. "Just fuck me already and be done with it." 

My royal succubus body just acted on its own. While I formulated plans to increase my position in the dungeon, my body and Alice were too busy having orgasms. But then she stopped. The lust inducing pheromones of Lady Eligos were gone. I finally managed to push her off, and we both stood up.

'Where is Eligos?' The damn witch just had suddenly disappeared without saying a word. I wonder what she saw in that crystal ball of hers. 

She was nowhere to be found.  Erika, the lich pseudo-necromancer emo girl, approached me. She was the floor guardian's favorite. But she was a rather cold bitch. 

"Eligos has fled the fifth floor, as the highest ranked minion that places you in charge in her absence." 

That didn't mean much. Being a royal succubus at the moment only entailed that my horns were slightly more menacing, my tail and tongue were more flexible, and my pheromones can bring any lower demon to heel. Just an over-gloried sex toy. I couldn't defend the fifth floor by myself, but the rest of the minions here were useless. Besides, if the floor guardian herself was no match for the invaders, then what hope did we, her servants even had. 

Lady Eligos was a rather young floor guardian by the dungeon's standards, which means that it wasn't really her fault that she had nothing to defend the floor with. 

Alice - Healer - Level 8 - Female - Pet
Succy - Sex Toy - Level 5 - Female - Pet
Amber - Warrior - Level 2 - Female - Pet
Erika - Necromancer - Level 2 - Female - Pet
15 slimes and 5 golems

This set up was more well fitted for serving tea than for combat. 

STDs Friends Pets
32 42 1

As I planned ways to secure our victory, the system notified me that my friendliest was getting smaller. Whoever was attacking the dungeon was already rampaging their way across the fourth floor. Poor demons. 


Alice, who had now turned into a cold tsundere, looked at me weirdy. Our eyes met for a second, then blushed as she looked away.

"All of you, go deeper into the dungeon, while I'll try to use the length of this floor to buy time," I said. 

[Your pet Alice automatically trusts you]

[Due to your high charisma, Amber and Erika trust you]

I rallied all the slimes and golems and scattered them across the fifth floor. This should buy everyone some time. I grabbed a pillow and sat near the entrance, awaiting the intruders.