Chapter 15 – Candy Land II [+18]
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"Succy-Chan, as our guide, I order you to tell me if the demon is telling the truth," Cecile said.

"She might, but I won't tell you for sure, unless-" I smiled, "You pay me another toll."

With her consent, I kissed another of the elves. Her sad puppy eyes begged me, yearning for more.

[Haela has sent you a friend request.]

At this rate, all of Cecile's companions will be corrupted before we reach the 8th floor. "Don't worry Cecile, demons are required to follow to carry out any and all contracts." 

'They'll carry them out as well as I am carrying mine,' I covered my mouth to hide my smirk. 

Cecile was the first one to expose her breasts, as she threw her sword and armor into the river down below.  Those sweet, well-rounded breasts of hers would look so well bouncing while I devour her soul. Despite my thoughts, I meant no Ill will against her, but as a succubus my mind knew no better. 

When the entire Elven party got naked, the platform finally made its way to our side of the bridge. All the cute Elven girls were cramped in one place, and their butts were in full display. I resisted the urge to slap them. 

When we made it to the other side, the girl on the T-Rex finally stood up from the couch. "R-Rawr, welcome to the Wonderland!" 

I waved my hand with a smile. 

"You humans have judged well, by picking me, The Great Ange, to administrate the trials of this floor." 

Cecile, with her arms crossed, casually covering her tits, "But do we really needed to naked," Trying to disguise her embarrassment with a pout. 

"Who said anything about being naked?" Ange replied. 

[You have obtained a kigurumi]

After much grunting, Cecile obliged and put on the pajama given to her. "M-maybe hopping across the pillars was a better idea," She said. Her outfit was that of a white polar bear, perhaps to display the coldness of her heart. The rest of the party fared no better, each adventurer got a different animal. I, for instance, got a frog 'again.....'

However, the question of 'what is this place?' still loomed over the adventurers. Above this pastel looking landscape of fluffiness, cotton candy and carnival games laid a castle. When I tried to cheat by peeking into my guide's lore-book. The system withdrew the pop-up containing the lore. 'Bastard.'

[Access Denied]

However, that did not stop the fluffy polar bear from inquiring about the castle. "What's up there?" She asked.

"Don't worry about it," Ange replied. Her smile was cute, but calculated. "We need to go now or else he might appear."

"He?" Cecile replied

"Let's keep going," Ange said. 

Upon passing through a big sign that said 'Welcome to the Wonderland', we started passing through booths, with different games and attractions each.

"Don't stay too far behind, hurry up," Cecile shouted. She said something else, but it sounded more like grunts than coherent speech. 

Despite her warnings, members of the party were lingering behind. They weren't the only one mesmerized. This macabre had its charm. Rather than monsters and traps, it was cute and fluffy signs, bright pastel colors, and pillow-like floors which felt like stepping on a cloud. Yet something didn't check out. 'If only my wisdom has higher or....'

[Access Denied]

'Stupid system, why did Lady Emily wanted me to guide the adventurers while blindsided?' I could tell her general location by her scent. It made me chuckle. 'Why are all floor guardians so ridiculous and weird?'

We kept following Ange across the Wonderland. Her cute, green T-Rex pajama had a tail that almost functioned as our quest marker. "Follow the tail and you shall beat the Wonderland!" She said. We, the little cute party of animals, obliged and followed her along like ducks following their mom. 

"Stop!" Cecile ordered. "You are all falling quite behind, let's wait for everybody."

She wasn't wrong. The party assembled near a 'Catch the goldfish' booth. 

"1,2,3,4.....9..." Cecile counted, "ten... what the fuck?" 

Of course she wasn't counting me or Ange. 'Speaking of that, where the fuck is Ange, did she not hear Cecile's order to stop?'

"Where is Laena!?" 

I didn't know who she was, let's see... 'hmmm, we are missing the elf girl dressed like a yellow duck. Well, I am sure she is fi-'

Screams reached my ears. 

Racing, we reached the location of the screams. It was a different booth. 'Shoot the duck.'

Above the desk, there was an old gun, a flintlock pistol. In front of us, the booth extended about twenty meters on each side. Inside of the booth the floor was hollow, the platform on which they attached the elf girl to was about three meters above it. A kraken-girl swam below, naked. Her long purple hair was messy, she was around my height, but her cups were bigger... much bigger. 

"CECILEEEE," The girl screamed. 

The rail mechanism in which the girl was tied to moved to one side, then another, and this pattern repeated left and right. In front of the girl, there was a red target sign. Then, a meter in front of her, another rail was placed with obstacles - other duck targets - but those were made out of a plastic-like material. The obstacles moved arbitrarily and sometimes even blocked the girl out of sight. 

[The Rules]

One bullet per person, one try per person. 

Shoot the right target, and you win.

How convenient, the floor guardian of this floor must be laughing at me. I explained the rules to the adventurers, and they began taking the shots. But marksmen they were not.  The demon on the water laughed as we missed most of the shots. I myself felt like trying, but it was Cecile's turn. She had waited and observed until she was the last. 

"Don't worry Cecile, I am sure you got this," I said. The demon down below just sent me a kiss, honoring my joke. 

Cecile grunted, but aimed. Her concentration was cute. When the obstacles cleared out of the way, she held that pistol like a shinning diamond, like a knife, like hope. 

When she fired her shot, I had to clap. She missed the mark by quite a lot.

[Syclla has won]

What a fitting name for such a monster. 

The poor elf girl fell screaming into the water down below, and the kraken-girl ripped off all of her clothes. Then wrapped her in her tentacles. Cecile was about to break into the booth, but she knew that an adventurer without helmet, armor, and shoes, was not going to be able to tank the attacks of an aquatic monster in her home turf. For once, while raging inside of her polar bear pajamas, Cecile felt useless. 

The elf kept screamed for help that was not going to come. As soon as Scylla wrapped the girl's entire body in tentacles, she gagged her mouth. Of course the elf girl bit to no avail. Not even a wolf's mandible were strong enough to hurt such legendary tentacles. Scylla's inky tentacles covered the elf's body in pitch-black. The curse of the ink turned all pain into pleasure. Having taking ownership of her body and soon - her mind, the demon began to pound the girl into an orgasm induced trance. The fierce spanking of her flesh and ass quickly turned the screams into moans of extreme pleasure. The demon's victim became completely submissive, almost like a toy. As the mind of the girl eroded, their flesh in heat pressed together and she and Scylla began to make out, with their tongues in a constant dance.

I couldn't help myself, I started to masturbate as I watched Scylla bring the elf into orgasm after orgasm. Her pussy kept streaming juices like a waterfall, mostly ink. My pajamas faced no better luck.

"It tickles!" The elf girl yelled. Her mind had long since broken. She moved her head and feet erratically, as those were the only two parts of her body not bounded. 

In the midst of this, her skin began to change pigmentation. Her blonde hair turning silver, and her skin light brown. She was transforming into a corrupted elf. Her ego ceasing to exist. Even after dispelling the curses, the recovery of her original personality was unlikely. Her fate was to become a sex toy or a permanent bed fellow of some demoness in the dungeon.

However, before I could orgasm a second time, my hand was pulled. It was Cecile.

"There is nothing to watch," She said. Her eyes, bloodshot on the verge of tears. "Deeper into the carnival we go."

As we left, I could still hear the moans and laughter coming from the booth. Had my wisdom being any higher, I probably would've asked. "Where is Ange!?" But instead, I could only think about my succubus induced desires. 'Dammit, why couldn't I jump into the water too.'