Next Phase (4)
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Chapter 191: Next Phase (4)

Hina perked her ears up, paying complete attention to the Marine Officer's words.

"This is a huge deal. Golden Lion Shiki was one of Pirate King's rivals. Someone who was arrested by the combined power of both Garp and Sengoku, and now the Sky Emperor has supposedly solo'd him, even killing him in the process. We have underestimated his threat level, again." Brannew, the marine officer who decides bounties, announced.

Everyone in the room, sitting in a row along with Hina, understood what this meant. It was time to increase his bounty again. This is the 3rd time that is going to happen in the past 2 years.

Hina could hear the mumbling of the people around her, asking who was the person who delivered this news. Hina knew who did it since she was the person who received the victim. It was one of the people who used to work for Shiki, but was released by Amon to lead a happy life. But instead, he came to the marines to set a case in Amon's name, supposedly angry from the fact that his wife was killed by him.

One of the marines sitting on a bench in front raised his hand. "But sir, his head is already worth 3.9 billion, increasing it would make his danger level surpass Red-Hair."

Brannew snapped his finger. "You guys are experienced high ranking officers, so you have a good idea about the true power of the monster that is Red-Haired Shanks. Unlike how the mass believes, it's not Kaido or Whitebeard who is individually the strongest Emperor, it's Red-Haired Shanks, instead."

While everyone nodded, one of the newbies raised his hand. "But, sir... if he is that strong, why does he have the second-lowest bounty among the Emperors?"

Brannew nodded. "That's the point – as strong as he is, he isn't that much of a threat to the Government since he is a pretty laid back man, and there is also the fact that he has the smallest crew among all the Emperors. That lessens his danger too."

"But this guy, Amon, doesn't lay back. He grabs what he wants. In the past two years, he has expanded his territory throughout most of Paradise and even some parts of New World. He... his crew even surpasses the Golden Lion Shiki in his prime. Not only that, all of his "Sins" are strong enough to be Emperor-Commander level. And there are 6 of them."

Brannew took a deep breath. "He is currently the most threatening force in this world, just after Monkey D. Dragon."

Hina sharply nodded in agreement. Monkey D. Dragon doesn't count since he... is a mysterious man. There were cases where Marines had discovered his base of operation. But by the time they reached there, not only was he not present there, even the island he was supposed to be on was missing. How the fuck are they supposed to find a man who can supposedly teleport on a large scale?

Hina raised her hand and commented, "A few days ago, we also discovered his connection with Big Mom. That also increases his danger level. I agree that his bounty needs an upgrade."

Hearing Hina's words, everyone around started to whisper. Hina was a newly promoted Vice Admiral, someone who has proved her worth by a large margin. Her voice weighed a lot, so the marines started to take her words seriously.

Surely, if the rumours were true, Big Mom might let one of her children marry one of Amon's people. That way, their relationship would grow and they would be an unstoppable force. This alone is enough to push his bounty above the 4 billion mark.

After that, it was decided. Amon is going to get an increase in his bounty.

Hina smirked in her mind. Mission accomplished, just like her Master had asked her for.


He sometimes wondered if it would have been better if Raki had Kaido's cloud creation power instead of her Light Manipulation. But since she doesn't, he has to do all the work.

Still, he didn't mind it much. This was considered training too, that's the reason why he didn't just simply cut a door to the Door-Dimension and teleported with the islands at once.

It's been 2 days since Amon started to move the islands of Merville towards Skypiea. The people who wanted to leave left already, and the people who wanted to stay are here.

Meanwhile, after days and nights of hard work, Amon has finally reached his destination. The Kingdom of Sky, Skypiea. The country that has the Golden City as its capital.

Amon had dropped the islands on the white-white sea, and now they are floating there peacefully. The first thing he did after that, was to gather every one of his new soldiers in one place.

He looked at the crowd gathered under him as he floated a few meters up in the sky. "Everyone, sorry to call you out again. This might not be important for some, but many people are waiting for this announcement." Amon looked at the people. While most looked normal, some had feathers in their arms, they are the locals of Merveille. "I am aware that some of you are not from the blue sea, rather from that small village not far from here. I am also aware that you are eager to see your family. If you are worried about them, don't be. I would ensure their safety. You can meet them, and spend time with them. I would ensure no animals attack your families, so rest assured."

He continued. "Other than that, I also have to appoint your group a leader, which will take a few days, so you guys can take a break for now. Soon, people with wings would come here, don't be scared of them. They would help build some things. I plan to build better living quarters, many supermarkets, multiple research labs, some schools and hospitals for the people of the village and yourselves. I wish you'd enjoy your time working for me, and if you have any questions, then come meet me anytime." He looked at the impatient and grateful expression of the people below. He slimed, "That's all, now you can go and meet your families."

The sky was clear as always, but for the first time in many years, the people below him felt in peace, secure. And he could feel each of those emotions.


Aisa was done training with Shyarly for today. Her teacher had gone back to her room, and she was left with a numb feeling on her head. Using Observation Haki to try and predict the far future is hard, very hard. And up until now, she had made no progress at all.

Aisa's eyebrows twitched as she sensed a crowd entering her range of Observation. Her range wasn't something extraordinary, it was her weak point even, but she could still recognise the presence that stood out within the crowd. It was her brother's presence.

In no way she wouldn't recognise the 'voice' that screams "Iamtheone" all the time. Aisa tilted her head. 'Did he bring the fruit that he wants to feed me?'

In truth, Aisa was... confused. Why did he want her to become a Sin? Aisa wasn't dumb enough to believe that Amon didn't know about her small shenanigan with Raki, it would be absurd for him to not notice it. Of course, this question didn't appear out of the blue, as what confused her was the fact that Amon never treated her differently – he still treated her as a loving brother should.

Was she wrong about him? Was the anger, sadness, coldness, she sensed deep within him just an imagination of her? From the warmth, she felt every time she was around him... that might actually be the case.

'...I don't even understand anything anymore.' Asia sighed. She sat up from the table and prepared to go to her room. She was already on the top of Giant Jack, so her room wasn't that far – since Amon had always kept her with him, safe.


It was at this moment, as a blue light flashed in front of her eyes and the figure of her older brother appeared in front of her.

"Yo, guess who's back." With a brilliant smile on his face, Amon grabbed her cheeks and caressed them aggressively, causing her to laugh out.