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Chapter 202: Adventures (1)


Heh, that’s interesting. So Sengoku has a daughter, huh?

But to think that she got kidnapped by some random nobody… How careless. Either way, this is an opportunity… or maybe not?

If this was me from a few years ago, I would have rushed there right now and hypnotised her. But currently… I don’t really see a reason to.

Yes, I could use her against Sengoku in many ways, but that would have only been possible if that man didn’t value his duty more than family, just like Garp. I mean I have gotten thousands of opportunities in my life, I accepted most of them with open arms, yet I couldn’t take all the opportunities thrown at me, who knows some may even come and bite me in the ass.

So I let fate play its game on this one and see where the story will go.

I sat on the side of the bed where Vivi's sleeping body kept laying. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was smooth. She seemed fine despite getting her Haki sucked dry… yup, it was a small miscalculation on my part. The converter of the Ancient Weapon that absorbs the electromagnetic wave in the air malfunctioned because of my sudden stop of time so it sucked Vivi dry to keep operating.

"Would she be fine?" King Cobra, who was sitting on a chair, asked with a worry-filled look in his eyes.

"Of course." I casually smiled. "Look at her peaceful smile, how can she not be fine? You see, I am one of the best doctors alive right now, father-in-law."

I didn't lie, I really was one of the best doctors alive. I wasn't born a doctor, of course, I worked my way through. Like I have said before, memorising stuff is a matter of a second for me with my speed. So I had to just buy hundreds of different types of medical books and memorise them. That – compiled with the bit I learned before eating my devil fruit – caused me to reach the top of the world.

I was no Vegapunk, but I had enough to hold my own.

Speaking of Vegapunk, I have made some new theories on eating multiple Devil Fruits based on Lineage Formula. But that can wait for some other day.

King Cobra heaved a sigh. "I understand. Then I will be going, today is a busy day. Take care."

He got up, nodded at me again and walked away gracefully.

~Ring Ring Ring Ring~

This was when my SmartDial rang and I raised an eyebrow at the caller. It's Hina. She usually calls at the end of the week and lets me know about the things that happened during that week. But today isn't the day. Wonder why she is calling?


–General Pov–

["That was interesting news. Hina, keep doing your job. Don't hold back against the Straw Hats, but don't go too hard either. Capture if you can even while holding back, if not – then let them go."] Amon's voice flew from the other side of the Dial as Hina nodded.

"Yes, sir. As you wish." She said, "I need to go now, I can sense someone coming towards my office."

Hina cut the call as a knock fell on the door immediately. "Vice-Admiral Hina, we are ready to depart."

"Coming." Hina stood up from her seat while wearing a red suit underneath her marine cape and walked away.

The Rear Admiral who was asked to bring Sengoku's daughter back has fled. So Sengoku has decided to choose someone more composed, he deemed that as Hina.

Hina didn't mind though, not that she could. Her lord, her saviour, had asked her to keep her acting without making any issues.


—Amon Pov—

This is good, very good. Hina is assigned to go look for Alice, the girl.

But… Damn, this world is fucked up. Does the world, or in this sense, the universe, have a consciousness or something? I mean it's basically creating a hurdle for Luffy so that he can make them his stepping stone and grow stronger… I am seriously considering killing that rubber boy. He is a threat, unlike how I thought before.

Time to make a decision… do I kill him? It won't even take 5 minutes for me to find out where he is right now, and kill him and his crew. Previously, there was the problem of Garp, Dragon and Shanks – but now, I believe I am strong enough to keep standing on my feet. So… do I?

...No, let's calm down. Luffy is important for my plans and Imu. Who knows, maybe he can nullify whatever bullshit of a power Imu has? I am 70% sure I am wrong, but the remaining 30% is telling me to not make any rash decisions.

I am planning to awaken my fruit, so I would be going through a DNA surgery before the War of the Best, but before that – I mustn't make any rash decisions. If Luffy must die, it can wait.


Meanwhile, in the New World, Robin and Raki were on a mission.

The Suzdal Kingdom is a country ruled by an old King. His country is pretty close to Fishman island, but it isn't anything special so none of the Emperors had claimed it as their territory – at least until Amon did.

Amon needed a country to use as a base for his Juice Factories. The current Factories he owns now are all located in Paradise, so shipping the goods from one side to another is a pain. So two years ago, he claimed the Suzdal Kingdom using his authority as an Emperor of the sea and started to produce different juices under the name "Sky Inc.".

Everything was going fine until a neighbouring country copied the formula of a few juices and started their own business. Amon didn't care at first, since the other company was too small to even be considered a threat – more so, considering the other party didn't even have enough funds to ship their products all over the world.

The problem started from there. Big Mom took a fancy to the juices made by the opponent company. She claimed the neighbouring country as her territory and started granting them funds, which elevated them enough to be a problem to Amon.

Before Amon could decide what to do with this, while also not ruining his relationship with Big Mom by doing some miscalculations – the King of Suzdal Kingdom got angry on behalf of Amon, the saviour of his country, and decided to declare war with the neighbouring country.

The result? The King was assassinated. And the Suzdal kingdom is not only at war with another country but there is a chance of a Civil war happening soon because of the three Princes fighting with the Princess for the seat of King.

Amon… laughed hearing this when Robin reported it. He said it sounded strangely like the plot of a third-class fantasy romance novel, though Robin didn't know what he meant. She, whose book reading amount is above four digits, hasn't ever heard of something like this.

Anyway, now she was here to stop the civil war while also stopping the war going on with the other country. She has to do it with great attendance to not make any mistakes – she should not make Amon worry while he is busy with Pluton!

That wouldn't have been so much to ask if she was alone and this girl didn't tag along.

"I mean I am bored, have nothing to do. Lifting weights is boring, swinging swords is boring, and training Haki is boring too! Why can't I come with you?? As the older sister, it’s your duty to look after me!" Raki complained while wrapping her hand around Robin's neck.

"I..." Robin sighed. "You know what? Fine. Just don't do anything stupid. I don't want Luci to come out from his important task to fight Big Mom because of your mistake."

Raki grinned with her eyes shining. "Hehe, don't worry! I would not create any scene! No way!"

‘This girl…’ Robin had a bad feeling about this.




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