Adventure (4)
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Chapter 205: Adventure (4)

"So what should I do?" Raki asked with a hint of seriousness in her tone.

Wind caressed her hair while her eyes were locked below. Her golden serpent-like eyes had a predatory gaze to them right now. Her lips were dry because of the wind as she waited for an answer to her question.

["Let me think…"] the dial in her hand sounded out. It was Amon's voice that went silent for about 3 minutes before a laugh came out of it. [Hah, I would have loved to show her what it means to target people useful to me. But certainly, this is not that time…"

Raki deadpanned at the word 'useful', she found it quite odd that he didn't even try to hide the fact that he didn't care about Robin, at least when around her. She sometimes wondered what Robin would do if she ever found out… 'We'll, whatever.' Raki shrugged and asked, "So what do I do? Lay back and let them keep trying to kill Robin?"

["Hm? Obviously, not."] Instead of a laugh, she heard a soft chuckle this time. ["You didn't call me because you wanted to lay back, did you?"]

Raki simply smirked as the voice continued. ["You got the green card. Do whatever you want. Destroy the enemy Kingdom if you have to. I would like to see Big Mom demanding compensation."]

"Fantastic," Raki revealed a toothy grin, "But, what if Big Mom comes after me?"

["What? You scared?"]

"What, No." Raki paused. "I am asking if I can kill her or not."

["Pfft- sure. Just don't get yourself killed. If you do, don't expect me to revive you or something, I don't have actual Godly powers yet."]

"Hehe, you'd have them one day. Anyway, bye~ I got work to do."


Raki's grin widened as she breathed in. While wind brushed past her hair, her wings flapping perpendicularly, Raki looked down on the capital city of Yashuk Kingdom. It was time for a beautiful explosion.


While a war was brewing between two emperors, on the other side of the sea – Sengoku's hair had started turning to grey from black. He was super worried about his daughter after all.

First of all, he can't make her disappearance known to the public. If he does, the Emperors and Revolutionary would make a move. That would be the worst-case scenario. So he has sent Hina, one of the more component Vice Admiral. Yet, he was disappointed to find she also doesn't have any leads yet. Of course, he was a professional man. He wouldn't just blame Hina for not having a lead yet.

But this was concerning… if the kidnappers were normal thugs, they would just think of her words as bluff and laugh it off. But if they are higher up in the scale… then they would not let this chance slide. In that case, they would have contacted him by now. So nothing made sense to Sengoku right now. What did the kidnappers want...?

~Ring Ring Ring~

It was when the Den Den Mushi on the table rang. He heaved a sigh and straightened his back. He picked up the call and was surprised to find it was Hina.

["Sir. We have found a lead to Miss Alice's current whereabouts..."] Sengoku's eyes grew wide. ["It's… quite unbelievable…"]

"Alright, whatever it is, say it. I don't like these types of build-ups." Sengoku ordered to which Hina hummed.

["She is…"] A sigh came from the other side. ["My subordinates have spotted her with the newbie, Straw Hat Pirates. Vice-Admiral Garp's grandson. We-"]

Hina didn't get to say anything, since Sengoku had already rushed out of his office. His fist clenched as he walked with heavy steps. "THAT'S IT! YOUR GRANDSON IS NOT ONLY MESSING UP YOUR LIFE, BUT MINE TOO! WE NEED TO TALK, GAAARP!"

Needless to say, it was a tiring day for Garp.


Gasparde is a former Marine turned Pirate. He has recently become a Warlord of the Sea 1 year ago because there were three seats vacant and the Marines were desperate.

Unlike when he was a Pirate, after becoming a Warlord, he usually spends his time leisurely on an island just a few kilometres away from Alabasta. Having eaten a Logia fruit, there are only a few people who can be a threat to him so his job has been relatively easy. More so, since the Sky Emperor considered all the islands around Alabasta his territory, Pirates were more reluctant to cause problems here.

So he was a little annoyed to hear today's report from one of his minions.

"It's a newbie from East Blue called Monkey. D Luffy." His minion said. "He is here with his whole crew, causing trouble. The first thing he did was to beat up some of our men who were… enjoying their time with women at a bar. Our men are angry about it, they are demanding you to take action, boss."

Gasparde listened to the name of the culprit with a frown on his face. "Monkey D. Luffy, you say?"

Being a former marine, it didn't take him long to realise why the name sounded so familiar. While the Marine Hero Garp was more known by his title, Gasparde knew his actual name too. 'Is this kid related to Garp?'

He fell into silence. While he wanted to deal with the kid right now, kill him even – now that he knew Luffy might be related to the strongest man Gasparde has ever seen, he was reluctant…

'Well, I can capture him at least. Maybe by handing him over to the Marines I can even earn some gifts?' Gasparde considered for a moment before nodding to himself.

He stood up from his seat.

"Take me there." He ordered his minion who nodded in affirmation.

Gasparde started walking in front of his minion for a power-play while his mind was lost in the possibilities of what he could obtain from Garp by using Luffy as a negotiation chip.


"Hey, Luffy!" Nami caught up to Luffy and followed him as Luffy walked with a stoned face. "You shouldn't have beaten them up, y'know."

Luffy immediately retorted back. "What, Nami? You mean I should have watched them have their way with those miserable girls?"

"No… it's just-" Nami sighed. "This is a Warlord's territory and they were the Warlord's people. Beating them up here is like hurting a Lion's cub in its cave. We could have ignored them, obviously. Not like we can save every unfortunate person in this world anyway."

Unlike usual, Nami talked in a soft tone. She knew she sounded selfish, she knew Luffy wasn't gonna listen to her. She also knew that what Luffy did wasn't anything bad so she wasn't confident enough to raise her voice on him.

Luffy stopped in his tracks and looked at Nami's eyes. "Nami, if someone tried to force his way with you, and I was close by – do you believe I would be able to ignore it?"

Nami froze in her spot. "That-" she tried to reason something in her head, but she was speechless.

From far, Honey Queen watched the scene with a deeply hidden disdain in her eyes. 'With that thought process, why is he a Pirate? The day he meets someone like Amon is the day he will die.'

Either way, she needed to report the development to Amon. Offending a Warlord would surely make him come out, so Amon needs to know.

"Guys," she called, breaking the awkward silence. "I need to… pee, it's an emergency." She blushed a little and turned around. "I would look for you so no need to wait for me, goodbye!"




A/N: Gasparde is a character from One Piece, the fourth movie.