Chapter 219
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Chapter 219


Zoro and Luffy were in the Going Merry, sitting on the deck with bandages wrapped around their whole body and plaster on both their left legs.

Luffy looked at Zoro funny. "Zoro, these people are really strong."

"And weird."

"Yeah, that too." Luffy nodded. "They first beat us up, then they helped us bandage ourselves." He frowned. "Though that doesn't mean I wouldn't kick their asses the next time we meet!"

Luffy growled while Zoro made a sharp frown. He also agreed.

Then, Zoro yawned and fell on his back. "Do whatever you want, I just want to fight that girl. I am gonna sleep."

"Bye. I will wait for the others!!" Saying so, Luffy got up and walked to the kitchen to fetch some food.

Luffy would have usually been in a serious mood after getting beaten like this, but these guys didn't endanger his crew and were only minding their business, more so since they even let his friends go without doing anything, he didn't mind a reality-check beating.

This beating was enough for him to realise how strong people were in this world. He didn’t understand how dangerous it is, yet, but hopefully, Marineford would teach him that… though that’s considering he even gets to reach Marineford this time around.

Soon he started to empty the fridge just when Sanji came and pulled him out.


Giant Jack

"So… what now?" Raki mumbled while looking at Amon with nervous eyes.

What if he doesn't let her go to Happo Navy anymore? Then she won't be able to learn «Hasshoken».

Amon had a judging frown on his face while he stared at both her and the white-haired bitch beside her.

"Raki," Amon pointed at her. "I will deal with you later, I would like to first talk to Miss Yamato."

This caused Raki to groan. Now this bitch was stealing her spotlight too?!

"Uh…" Meanwhile Yamato simply smiled wryly.

"Say, how about you join me? My kingdom or crew, whatever you want to call it."

Amon's words caught Yamato off guard while Raki gave him a narrowed eyes look, which he ignored.

"You want me to join you…?" Yamato was kind of confused. "You know, you only gave me back the diary to make up with Kaido, but if you now make one of Kaido's strongest troops, aka me, join you, then that previous action would be worthless. Not only would he come after me for ‘betraying’ him, he’d also come after you as well."

Amon smirked at this. "Good point. But at the very least, I'd have a strong commander, aka you, in my army by then. You said you'd kill Kaido right? I can help you with that, which would be easier if he does come after me. I am sure you realise just how many ways the elimination of another Emperor would benefit me."

Yamato frowned at this. As much as she wanted to kill Kaido, she didn't like talking about it like this with another Emperor.

Yamato shook her head at this. "The main reason why I wanted to leave Onigashima was to travel the world, but joining you would cause me to stay in Skypiea forever, even if I do get to go out for missions, I wouldn't be able to call them 'my adventure'...."

Amon gave her a mild smile. "If that's indeed the case, you can leave when the Nine Red Scabbards appear in Wano."

Yamato's eyes widened at this, how did he...?

"If you have forgotten already, I did read the diary and along with the information I get from my spy in Wano, it's not hard to connect the dots."

Yamato's mouth was agape. "You have a spy in Wano…?"

"In fact, she's a higher officer of Kaido's army."

Seeing his smile, a calculating look appeared on Yamato's face. "Wait… she? Is it Black Maria? Or Ulti?"

"Wait, oops-" Amon bit his lips. "Did I say she? Ehem, I meant 'he'."

A large frown appeared on her face. He was just playing with her… this guy. Now she couldn't even guess who it was.

Even in her wildest dream, she couldn't know that its Reo the Eruption, the 2nd strongest in Beasts Pirates after Kaido.

"So, decide quickly. I am a bit busy, you see. Or would you like some time? I can leave Raki to look after you."

"Oy!" Raki refused at once while Yamato started to think.

There were a few things to consider here. First, she would be under him, an Emperor who made a good first impression on her. Second, if she refused, she isn't sure what'd happen to her since even if the man did leave a good first impression, he was still one of the most ruthless pirates in the world.

"Okay…" she took a breath and nodded. "I don't mind… as long as I am not asked to do something too outrageous."

"Like what? Sex?" Raki suddenly asked. "You think he'd not demand that?"

While Amon deadpanned, Yamato tilted her head. "What's sex?"



"No, what is it?"

Raki started laughing and fell on her back while Amon shrugged. He didn't have time for this shit. Yamato was grown like a barbarian, so it wasn’t impossible to accept her state.

He sighed. “Okay, stop, you two.” He sighed while both the girls stopped. “Then Miss Yamato, I can’t make you a Sin since you’re a temporary member, so I’d just make you work directly under me. You don’t have any specific job, just follow whatever is being thrown at you for now.”

Amon wanted Yamato in his crew for two reasons- One, she’d be of great help in Marineford, Two, she is a must for Judge’s experiment.

That day when he took Yamato away from Ace, he took a sample of her blood when she was unconscious. After testint it, it indeed matched with the Oars and Moria’s DNA, so that was enough proof that she is an “Oni”, thus making Kaido one as well. In this case, having a real living and walking Oni would help the experiment a lot.

Amon stood up, “For now, if you don’t mind, I’d like a bit of help with a research of mine.” Amon looked at her leisurely. “Raki lead her to the lab.”


Nearly half a month, the repair of Pluton was done.

“It was a good time.” Vivi hugged him one last time before kissing him in the cheeks. “We finally got to spend some alone time together after our marriage, can I consider this as our honeymoon?”

Amon nodded. “If you want.”

Vivi’s happiness was apparent in her smile as she giggled and stepped back. “Now then, I guess it’s time for you to leave…” she waved her hand. “We will see each other again, when?”

Amon smiled. “A month? Yeah, kind of that time.”

Blackbeard has just been crowned a Sichibukai, thus filling the 7 Warlords’ seats again. Along with Marshal D. Teach, the other Warlords were Mihawk, Doflamingo, Jinbe, Kuma, Gasparde, and Mad Treasure.

Vivi then waved her hand again as Amon teleported away, his last thought being, ‘It’s finally the time to go through the surgery.’