I’m very very sorry, but it’s not my fault!!!
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Riel POV

While I was busy contemplating all the bad decisions that I've made because of the airhead who's currently in my iron grip, a majestic voice had resounded throughout the entire classroom.

"You two over there, I order you to stop fooling around."

Although I didn't know whose voice it belonged to, I instinctively did as I was told and let go of the airhead. I then kneeled on the floor facing the direction where the voice had come from. When I glanced at the airhead I just let go, I could see that we were experiencing the same thing as she was also kneeling. Before I could even raise my head to find out who the voice belonged to, that same person had spoken again.

"And to everyone else in this room, this event shall not exit this very room. If this event is mentioned anywhere outside of this room, then it will be considered treason. To those who are from another country, doing so will be considered a declaration of war. Now, I would like to have a private talk in this classroom with certain individuals so please leave the room, now."

As soon as the last line was uttered, almost everyone immediately did as he said and left the room. Both I and the airhead stood up to leave but,

"Not you two. We're gonna have a nice talk right about... now." (Louis)

I then turned around to see three menacing faces looking at both of us. Haha, I'm screwed.

Louis POV

"We're very very sorry!!!" (Riel)

Says the commoner while kneeling in seiza... as he's also grabbing the Harmonia Family's daughter's head and slamming it on the ground as if he was making her apologize alongside him. Sigh, it's this kind of thing that's the problem in the first place. 

"Sigh, Riel, was it? Please think of what you did wrong." (Louis)

"I treated a noble as if she were my equal or lesser." (Riel)

"Then if you know about it, why can't you fix that problem!" (Louis)

"I know that I was wrong, but what about this damn idiot annoying me all the time!" (Riel)

"You just did it again!" (Louis)

"I'm sorry!" (Riel)

Sigh, these two are giving me a headache.

"But, there is some truth to was Riel-kun was saying." (Luke)

"That, that is true. Although Riel was at fault, we cannot deny the fact that Lady Harmonia is also part of the problem." (Markus)

Ku–those two, but they aren't wrong, and neither is Riel. As much as I'd like to say otherwise, what Lady Harmonia did was quite idiotic. And honestly, now that I think about it, I can't really blame him at all. I mean, when you look at it from his perspective, having a very important noble call you out as a commoner in the academy would make your life here harder. Sure being associated with an important noble would always be nice, but when you think of the fact that Riel is a mere commoner, he wouldn't be able to handle all of the sudden attention thrown onto him. In fact, if that entire incident didn't happen, then I'd be paying a lot of attention to Riel seeing as he'd make a very useful servant. But I never expected that kind of response. In fact, if I were in his position, I don't think  I could even do what he did. Come to think of it, why is it that he can treat her like that? 

"Can I ask as to why you continue to treat Lady Harmonia like that?" (Louis)

"W-well, you see, umm, how do I say it, there's absolutely no way I could ever see her as an actual noble." (Riel)

"H-Hey! What did you just–" (Liz)

"Why?" (Louis)

"Well first off, she's an airhead who never thinks things through." (Riel)

"What di you just call me–" (Liz)

"Explain." (Louis)

"Well, she thought she could buy a theater ticket on the spot." (Riel)

"Kuh–" (Liz)

"She once went on the wrong carriage." (Riel)

"Guh–" (Liz)

"She didn't know how reservations work." (Riel)

"Huk–" (Liz)

"And she's stupid." (Riel)

"Now now, I see your point. However, I do have some things to say about the last thing you said." (Louis)

"What do you mean?" (Riel) 

"Well, first of all, some nobles are stupid, even those of high standing. In fact, I know a Marquiss' son that can't even remember the history of the Hecaron Kingdom. Another thing is that Lady Harmonia is by no means stupid, just careless." (Louis)

"No way." (Riel)

"It is true, otherwise, she wouldn't have been accepted into the academy. In fact, in the written exams, she scored 3rd overall, just below me." (Louis)

"You've gotta be lying, she couldn't even understand a book I could easily understand." (Riel)

"What was the name of the book?" (Louis)

"It was 'Seventh Stage Alchemical Reactions: Pseudo-subliminal Cores and Retrofission'."(Riel)

What! You're telling me that this dolt is capable of easily comprehending one of the hardest books about alchemy ever written? 

"This might surprise you, but that book is by no means a simple read. In fact, you could be considered a prodigy just for understanding that book." (Louis)

"See! I told you I was smart!" (Liz)

"With that being said, although all your reasons for doing such acts were reasonable, it doesn't change the fact that what you've done could possibly be harmless. Although I've managed to cover things up for now, we can't be letting anything like this happen again. Do you two understand?" (Louis)

"Wait, do you mean me and Riel can't have fun like this anymore?" (Liz)

"I'm afraid so." (Louis)

"Is that so? Well, I guess nothing can be done about that." (Liz)

All of a sudden, the atmosphere had changed drastically. It suddenly feels cold and heavy. 

"No no Liz you have to listen to hi–wait a minute what did you just say?" (Riel)

"I said that nothing can be done about that. It's as simple as that. Well now, if there's nothing else you want to say, then I think that this talk is over and we should let the others in now." (Liz)

"Y-yes I'll do that right away." (Louis)

I don't know why, but at that moment, I felt like if I disobeyed her, I'd get my head chopped off for sure. Being startled, I rushed outside to inform the others that the private meeting was over and that they should go back in now.

Riel POV

That went easier than I thought. I expected her to make a fuss about it, but I guess even she has a bit of common sense left in her. While I was thinking about it, the students that were previously outside had entered. After all the students had entered the room, the Prince began to speak.

"Now then, we will proceed with the original schedule that the Professor had informed us of." (Louis)

As expected of nobility, they managed to socialize without showing any signs of discomfort about the earlier events as if nothing had happened. When I looked over, I saw that a few people approached Liz. I expected a bit of awkwardness, but Liz managed to converse with them normally. And by normally, I meant that she actually looked like a noble for once. There were no signs of stupidity or carelessness that I would normally experience during my normal conversations with her. I guess I should stay away from her in public for now. I then saw 3 people approach me.

"Hey Master, why aren't you speaking with Elizabeth-san?" (Tsurugi)

"It's complicated." (Riel)

"Ah, I see." (Tsurugi)

"You aren't gonna ask about it?" (Riel)

"Both my mom and dad use that phrase a lot so I know not to ask." (Tsurugi)

"Huh, okay." (Riel)

While we were talking, another person had approached us.

"Hello, Mr. Lostbelt." (Anya)

"L-lady Strom! What business might you have with me?" (Riel)

"Oh, nothing. Just here to do some greetings. We are fellow classmates after all. Same to you three Gushikens." (Anya)

Although she says that, she forces a note onto my hand while she looks at my face and winks as if she was telling me to keep it a secret.

"Well then, I best be going now. Have a nice day." (Anya)

 "I wish you a nice day as well, Lady Strom." (Riel)

After I say that, she walks away and greets the other students as well. I then exit the room.

"Where are you going Master?" (Tsurugi)

"Ah, I just want to get some fresh air. If possible, I'd like to be alone for a while." (Riel)

"Ah, I understand." (Tsurugi)

After exiting the room, I read the note that she passed to me. 

Meet me right outside of the second year's classroom at 5

Sigh, I can already smell trouble.