134 – John Smith – [CapsuMon Blue] Catch’em All and Thanks (Part I)
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Well, it's still technically 'tomorrow' from yesterday right now from me... so this counts as a daily update? :sweat: Schedule will be a bit shifty for a week or so. I'll do my best to not let more than 48 hours pass between updates though.

A soft-lit room with a comfy black leather couch in the center, the back turned away from the screen. There, two chibi figures leaned against each other, staring at a monitor on the wall. One had blonde hair, sitting up straight. The other had flowing light green hair and was leaning against the first figure.

On the monitor itself, there was a picture of a young man wearing a blue cap, holding a capsule in his right hand while a small turtle stood beside him.

That was the thumbnail used for the livestream.

[CapsuMon Blue] Catch'em All and Thanks
John Titor Ch.
Live in 5 minutes
Monday, November 25, 3:00 PM

[Anumi - The wife has arrived. Maximum interest levels have been reached.]
[Stargazing_Moonfox - Hell yeah! CapsuMon! Oh wait... I better stay out of sight this time...]
[liera - Capsumon... When catching all the ladies' hearts wasn't enough]
[BlahBlahGame: USD 151 - For each new CapsuMon you catch I'll donate 1 dollar, or 1 dollar for each 10 seconds under the world record]

Live in 4 minutes

[privatebutterfly - *John got his wife back already?*]
[coldgiraffe - Riajuu explode!]
[immaturemoorhen - *Daaaamn. So money DOES get the ladies*]
[politesnipe - *Pretty sure it's because he's hot and talented more than the money...*]

Live in 3 minutes

[equableseal - Wait, why CapsuMon?]
[exoticgecko - Streaming a game after streaming all day playing piano? Don't your fingers hurt?]
[dotingmeerkat - Did John get reenergized by his wife?]
[shiftysnake - Maybe they did X and X]
[shiftysnake has been banned by TITOR. Reason: Go to horny jail.]
[Shii - John Smith, immediately capturing the hearts of other things after the ladies' hearts ain't enough anymore.]

Live in 2 minutes

[restedpony - I wonder if he'll be using an avatar again?]
[dotingmeerkat - Probably, right? He should be tired]
[redraptor - Now, how pretty is his wife?]
[enviousmagpie - She better be world class after all that John pulled...]

Live in 1 minute

[hanafan_1 - Hana sent us! Have fun!]
[Alfis_OldChair - Alfi says to congratulate you on getting back together!]
[Ki-Sama1 - Aoko says we have permission to beat you up if you treat your wife poorly!]
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch. - The hell? I didn't say that, you bastards!]
[Ki-Sama2 - lol]
[Ki-SamaLeader - Oh no! She caught us!]

Waiting for John Titor Ch. to start...

[fervantdonkey - Here we go!]
[curiousmonkey - *Wife face reveal?*]
[morosemare - Just who is Yue...?]
[grandgazelle - She'd better be worth all that Mister John did!]

[Play Pokemon Red/Blue Opening]

The stream image changed, turning into the title screen for CapsuMon Blue. The same image in the thumbnail, but now live with music and animations playing.

In the background, a soft and sweet voice called out. One that was pure and melodic on its own. "So this is how it works?"

[warypony - !!!]
[lyingcheetah - G-Goddess?]
[adepthorse - *That voice is... Argh, my heart...*]
[proddingsnake - *Face reveal! Please! The suspense!*]

A male voice laughed. John's. "Looks like everyone's curious to see what you look like."

"Oh. Can they not see us yet?"

"Not yet. I still have to adjust the camera and screen layout... Gimme a few seconds, guys."

[openvulture - *Oh you are absolutely doing this on purpose!*]
[redfish - Quit stalling!]
[ancientdinosaur - *Seriously though. Anyone know why he's playing Capsule Monsters?*]
[restlessdog - I'm readying my screenshots!]

The game window shrank a bit, moving to the center of the screen, leaving space at the left and right side of the screen, currently filled in with a black background. Shortly after that, a grid showed up on the freed space on the right. 151 tiny boxes, each with a CapsuMon game sprite inside.

"Oh!" That soft and sweet female voice again. "Those monsters look cute!"

"You think so? Should I get some plushies for you then?"


"Ah, I mean stuffed dolls."

"T-That... It would be a bit childish..."

"So... Do you not want them?"

"I-I never said that. I-If you are offering..."

John laughed and then said, "I'll get you some after the stream, alright? Now... Gotta toss up the splits, throw up chat in the corner, and then the camera..."

A miniature version of the chat popped up in the bottom left corner of the screen. Above that, in the middle of the left open space, a small box appeared with [CapsuMon Blue Catch'Em All (ENG)] at the top and then a list of checkpoints and times were listed. At the bottom, of the box, there was a timer that was currently zeroed out.

[irritatingraccoon - Ooh, so we're really doing a speedrun?]
[impurepython - *The hell? Flirting with your wife off-camera? At least show her!*]
[rubyanaconda - *No, don't! I think I'll get pissed off more if she's as beautiful as her voice is.*]
[trickyllama - So is this how John manages to recruit idols?]

"Oh. I can see them talking now. ...And what is this talk about recruiting idols? Are you studying a new path to divinity?"

"No, idols are the girls that- Wait. You know what they are already."

"...I wanted to hear it from Husband himself."

"You still worry too much, Yue."

"That's because- Mm!"

The sound of a faint kiss, Yue's words suddenly being cut off.

[floppytuna - OI!]
[deadfish - DIE!]
[boldcrab - STOP MESSING WITH US!]
[ickysalmon - BASTARD!]

John laughed. "Alright, alright. I should probably introduce us properly... Here."

Static flickered in the top left corner of the screen, and then a live camera feed showed up.

It was the same area from the stream earlier in the day. A darkened stage, green and white light particle effects.

But it was also different.

The piano was gone, replaced by a comfortable looking black-leather sofa. And on that sofa were two people.

The first was John. John Smith, not John Titor. The blonde and handsome CEO of Myth Inc, dressed in a black long-sleeved shirt that showed his toned body and jeans.

The second was a beautiful young woman.

Delicate features that looked like they were chiseled out of white jade by master artisans. Enchanting green eyes that shimmered like precious emeralds. Soft pink lips slightly pursed out of frustration at the moment as she stared at John.

Her long and silky hair was a light green color, seemingly unnatural, but a color that suited her and looked perfectly normal, despite the fact that it shouldn't be. Somehow not jarring like most cosplayers that dyed their hair.

She wore a loose, light green blouse that mostly hid her curves... but also showed off another one.

[cageyhog - *John's wife is preangat? pregegnant? pregonate?!*]
[silverfox - She's so beautiful!]
[woefuleel - *Holy hell?! Is she an actual goddess!?*]
[ritzybaboon - Cosplay? A beautiful cosplayer wife?! ]
[Shii - Teach me your ways Master John!]

John pulled the beautiful woman close to him in a one-armed hug and pointed at the chat. "Look. They're already saying how beautiful you are, Yue."

Yue stared at where John pointed and frowned. "And I see nothing about how handsome you are." She tilted her head and looked at John. "Are the women in this world blind?"

[grayhyena - *Ooooooh. Damn. He got her good.*]
[hopelesscattle - Well. Guess we have zero chance.]

Yue put on a smug smile and then leaned against John. She didn't say anything, but it was clear that she was claiming her territory.

[schemingfox - AAARGH!]
[preeningcat - She's a gold digger John! Stay away from her!]
[groupietigress - Yeah! She's just looking for a sugar daddy!]
[truthfulmarlin - I... don't think she is.]

John frowned, his eyes suddenly frosty. "I don't appreciate you talking about my wife like that. Even if you all helped spread the word for me to find her after she got lost, I won't forgive your slander."

[abasheddolphin - !?!]
[alarmedkitten - *Goddammit! Why is John sexy when he's mad!?*]
[glibhawk - This couple is too strong. The riajuu levels... they're too high.]
[darkyak - D-Double yandere?]

Yue tugged John's shirt and shook her head. "It's fine, Husband. I don't care what they think about me."

"But I do." John narrowed his eyes, glaring at the camera for a bit longer. But after that, he looked to Yue and his gaze softened. Placing his right hand on her cheek, he lightly caressed her and said, "How can I let my eternal love be degraded like that?"

Yue's eyes widened and she blushed. "Husband..." She glanced at the camera and then shook her head, quickly pulling his hand down. "N-Not in front of them."

[pastunicorn - ...I give up.]
[otherworldlydragon - Is this real life? Or a Shoujo manga?]
[schemingfox - Arrrrghhh! Not fair! 10000000% not fair!]
[Missingwombat - *I came to watch a game, not to watch someone flex their game!*]

"Sorry." John pulled his hand back and smiled at Yue. "I got lost in your eyes for a bit there..."

Yue's blush deepened, spreading to her neck, and then she playfully swatted John's shoulder. "Enough with your honeyed-tongue!" She looked at the chat and said, "Your audience is waiting for you."

"Oh. Right, right. My bad." John glanced at the chat.

[longingflamingo - Somebody call the cops!]
[policeduck - *FBI OPEN UP!*]
[littlebear - *Isn't she too young to be with John?*]
[nightowl - *John's like... forty, isn't he? That girl... is she even legal?*]

John frowned. "Dammit. And I was hoping we wouldn't have to deal with this."

"Hm?" Yue leaned towards John, peering at the chat. "Deal with what, Husband?"

"They think you're too young to be with me... And not even an adult." John laughed. "Though I guess that's a compliment? Maybe we should keep them thinking that so as to not break all the women's hearts out there."

Yue huffed. "How rude! I am *not* a child! In fact, I'm-" She paused, as if counting in her head.

"Twenty nine."

Yue blinked and looked at John. "No, I'm older than-"

John cleared his throat.

Yue blinked and then her eyes widened in realization. She cleared her throat as well and said, "Y-Yes. I'm twenty-nine years old. Absolutely. Still very young and youthful and definitely not an old hag... Unlike some other women I know."

John sighed. "Xuannu's going to get you back on that."

"Who said I was talking about that cow?"

John shook his head.

[sicklymammoth - Wait. So John's wife is actually-]
[mamabear - *Tell me your secret, girl! 29, pregnant, and kicking it like that? Daaamn!*]
[pricklystork - For real? Is the entire Smith family secretly immortal or something?]
[grizzledzebra - *Huh. So that thing about Asians being young forever is true- Wait. But then what about John?*]

"...Let's just get started on the game." John leaned back and pulled up a controller from the floor.

Yue shifted closer to John, practically leaning on him, and then said, "So are you going to tell me more about this game of yours, Husband? And what we are doing here?"

John paused. "...It's a bit complicated, but I'll keep it simple." He pointed on the right side of the screen and said, "We're going to play as a character and catch all of those monsters."

"Ah." Yue nodded. "So like how you caught the Auspicious Beasts and Four Perils in the past?"

John coughed. "Could we not mention my dark history while we're in front of..." John squinted at the chat and said, "...Thirty thousand people?"

Yue blinked and then let out a teasing smile. "You mean like how you used to run around the Middle Kingdom seeking ancient artifacts to add to your collection while pretending to-"

"Should I bring up how you used to write love stories about us and publish them under a pseudonym then?"

Yue gasped, turning a crimson red. "Y-You knew?!"

"Of course I did. Who do you think always showed up to buy the first signed copy?"

"...Ah! You were Heavenly Immortal Golden Radiance?!" She paused and then groaned, covering her face. "Of course. Golden Radiance..."

[odddeer - *So this is what love is.*]
[lonewolf - Dammit! He's totally just flexing on us! Again!]
[bluebutterfly - How romantic! He supported his wife's dreams of writing!]
[azurefox - *Wait! Where can I get those love stories?*]

John smiled and pulled Yue in for a hug. "Don't worry. I support you even if you come up with some strange-"

"Don't!" Yue blushed and said, "Not in front of people!"

"Right. Sorry, sorry. Though it did explain-"


John laughed and held up his controller. "Alright. Then let's just jump into it. Timer starts in three... two... one... go."

He pressed the start button on his controller, and then the timer began.