152 – Hana Homura – [Just Dancing] Generation 0 Collab! Let’s all dance and have fun! (Part I)
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Thanks for waiting! Tomorrow's chapter will probably be around the same time as today... streams are hard. >.>

A slightly crumpled scrap of paper with some quickly scribbled words in a cute handwriting. A single message written in both English and Japanese.

[Sorry for the thumbnail! We didn't have time to make one! Anyway, let's dance!]

Beneath that, there were three stick figures, one with orange hair in the middle, one with blue hair to the right, and one with black hair to the left. Under each of those, there was a different signature. Alfi, Hana, and Aoko.

[Just Dancing] Generation 0 Collab! Let's all dance and have fun!
Hana Homura Ch.
Live in 5 minutes
Tuesday, November 26, 12:00 PM JST
120K waiting...

[NamelessKnight - Here to watch the queens streaming!]
[Alfis_Knight - Welcome fellow comrade!]
[purplecow - lol that thumbnail]
[Ohana_Oniichan - Cute drawing imouto! And it's alright!]
[D34th_by_CU7E - So... what are the chances now of a collab meincraft stream? Also please try to kill us with cuteness when dancing Alfi!~]

Live in 4 minutes

[Xander_Mercer - *I got recommended here by a friend. What's going on?*]
[redwolf - *Ooh, a newbie simp to drag through the looking glass!*]
[S1lv_wolf - *We're not SIMPs. We're SHRIMPS.*]
[shrillkrill - *Yeah! And the girls can eat us whenever they want!*]
[manictuna - *Yeah! I'll feed my oshi with everything I have!*]
[Xander_Mercer - *...*]
[Anumi - Stream Chat locked and loaded! With money, of course. BE PREPARED.]

Live in 3 minutes

[NaughtyBunny - *Let’s see which fandom will give more money shall we? I’ll start.*]
[NaughtyBunny: 500 AUD - *Step on me Aoko~! <3*]
[ThatBastrd1: 200 EUR - *We bullying with money again?*]
[Alfis_OldChair: 100 USD- *You underestimate our power!*]
[Alfis_Knight: 100 USD - *For our lady, Alfi!*]
[Alfis_BestKnight: 500 USD - *For our GODDESS, Alfi!*]
[HanaFan1: 200 USD - *Thank you for giving an allowance to our strongest imouto*]
[thinkingraptor - *You guys DO realize that you're superchatting to Hana and not the other girls, right...?*]

Live in 2 minutes

[NotANumber: 1000 USD - Have fun.]
[OhanaYo - Overseas bros are formidable...]
[Sotheweeb - Sotheweeb has wandered here and likes what he sees.]
[Sofa_KingII - Is it wrong that I'm jealous of the floor where they're going to dance?]
[Nanashi - *Don't worry, you're not alone in thinking that. RIGHT, FELLOW PERVERTS?*]
[righteouspenguin - *sigh.... so desperate*]

Live in 1 minute

[The_reader_4th_wall - Finally! A full gen 0 collab. I've been waiting my whole life to bully them all with money!]
[jadefox - Same! Now to open the FreeChat streams and get my cards...]
[Akajaro - They said Revengers Endgame was the most ambitious crossover. Then Hana tried to put Alfi and Aoko on the same stream]
[yellowbird - You think Aoko and Alfi will fight over Hana?]
[icypenguin - Think? I KNOW they will. At least Aoko]

Waiting for Hana Homura Ch.

[eagerbeaver - *LET'S GOOOOOO!*]
[happidude -?? old friend here!! (/≧▽≦)/]
[ki-sama101 - *How much we betting Aoko trips and breaks something?*]
[ki-sama4 - *That's a sucker bet!*]
[straightgarbage - *Yeah. Queen already sticks her foot in her mouth all the time.*]
[OhanaYo - *Wow. Aoko's fans are rude*]
[dirtymongrel - *Nah dude. We're all Ms here, so it's all good.*]
[Alfis_OldChair - *hi-five*]
[righteousowl - *Is it me, or is the chat kinkier than usual...?*]

[Play Afternoon Tea (extended) – Mona Wonderlick]

The thumbnail faded, replaced by an animation of a chibi Hana sitting on a chair at the beach, sipping on a cup of tea while staring out into the ocean.

[mellowminnow - *Ooh, chill vibes!*]
[livelydolphin - *lo-fi animation of Hana when?*]
[icywolf - cozy...]

[Hana Homura Ch. - Sorry everyone! Give us a bit! Still setting things up!]
[MOD: Alfi Titor Ch. - *Please wait a moment everyone!*]
[MOD: Aoko Ryuusei Ch. - Yeah! Hold your horses!]

[Ohana8948 - No worries!]
[OhanaOniichan - Take all the time you need!]
[AlfiShinKishi - I'll wait until the end of time for you, Alfi!]
[straightgarbage - *This is 100% Queen's fault.*]
[ki-sama101- *No doubt.*]

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch. - *Oi! You bastards think I can't read English?!*]
[ki-sama101 - *Oh crap!*]
[straightgarbage - *Yes Queen! Scold me more!*]
[dirtymongrel - *Knock me down! Stomp on me! Grind your heel against my face!*]
[MOD: Aoko Ryuusei Ch. - *The hell is wrong with you guys?! Stop that! This is Hana's channel!*]
[MOD: Alfi Titor Ch. - *(^_^)/ Don't mind me everyone! Just making a list for Betty*]
[MOD: Alfi Titor Ch. - (^_^)/ Don't mind me everyone! Just making a list for Betty]
[Alfis_OldChair - *You heard our Goddess!*]
[Alfis_Knight - *Don't worry! I'm recording the entire chat!*]
[AlfiKishi - Understood! Comrades, gather!]

[Ohana1 - ...Is it just me, or are the other fans a bit...?]
[Ohana994 - Naruhodo. So the crazies went to Hana's big sisters.]
[Poppy Gloria - Break a leg, darlings! ;)]
[missingeagle - M-Miss Gloria?!]
[Hana Homura Ch. - XD We'll try not to Miss Gloria! But thank you for the good luck!]

At that time, a cool female voice echoed. Aoko's. "...call him?"

[redrobin - Live mic?]
[straightgarbage - *Queen?*]
[dirtymongrel - *It was totally her fault, huh?*]

"It's fi...! No ...big deal." A bright and cheery female voice answered the first. Hana's voice.

[markedbeetle - Hi Hana!]
[fieryfrog - *You're cutting out!*]
[odoroustoad - *How unprofessional.*]
[ailingeel - *Better than some dorky a$$ teenager like you!*]
[friendlysnake - *Read the rules! Keep it civil!*]

"...kay for her...? Wh... if Papa...?" A soft and warm female voice. Alfi's.

"...Should be fine, Onee-chan... Ah!" Hana gasped and said, "I'm sorry everyone! This is our first time trying to run things by ourselves, so it might be a bit messy."

[curioussnail - By yourselves?]
[littlelion - Where's John?]
[pickledpig - That bastard went off to have lovey-dovey time didn't he?!]
[Ohana1112 - You're doing fine!]

"One second... And there!"

A transition swept across the screen. A soft tidal wave, reflecting the setting sun. When it faded, the screen changed, showing Hana in the center of a dance studio.

There were full-length mirrors on the white walls and a wood paneled floor. A few duffel bags with clothing were tossed in the corner of the room.

Unlike her usual outfit, Hana was wearing casual clothes. A loose white t-shirt and gray sweatpants replaced the usual idol uniform. She also wasn't alone.

Standing to Hana's left, the right side of the screen, there was a cold and aloof beauty with long icy blue hair. Aoko.

Like Hana, she was dressed in casual clothes. But unlike Hana, they were all brand name. A sleeveless Nikey's shirt with a sports bra and black joggers, paired with gray sneakers.

Standing to Hana's right, the left side of the screen, was Alfi. The silver-haired beauty wore a black hoodie with matching sweatpants and sneakers. Another casual street clothes outfit... though not that different from what she usually wore. What *was* different was the fact that her hair had been tied up in a small ponytail.

[happycow - Oooh!]
[soulfulquail - So they CAN act like idols.]
[earnestwombat - *Yooo! We doing K-Pop idols today?*]
[weakfish - Tch. They can't decide so they're copying Koreans now?]
[littlebear - Are Beta and John not here to mod?]

Hana let out a bright smile and waved. "Ohanayo! Thanks for waiting everyone!"

[mountaingoat - OMG, they're all so cute!]
[orangefish - aefaewefb3r3242]

Hana glanced to her sides and said, "Now, I've got some special guests today! Why don't you introduce yourselves, Aneue, Onee-chan?"

Alfi and Aoko glanced at each other. At the same time, a clear tension filled the air... though Hana didn't seem to notice it.

And then it was gone and Alfi waved. "Hello everyone! I'm Alfi Titor, Hana's Onee-chan!" She blushed and lowered her gaze. "I'm... not that great at dancing, so I hope I don't embarrass any of you. But I'll try my best!" She looked up and finished with a bright smile.

[Alfis1010 - Alfi-chaaaaan!]
[Xander_Mercer - *Ah. I see.*]
[coraleel - You're cute no matter what you do, Alfi!]
[Alfis_bunny - A clumsy Alfi is cute too!]
[Ohana101 - Hngh... Imouto is already cute, but her Onee-chan is cute too...]
[crappyfan - Sure they're cute. But have you seen our Queen when she's being bullied and enjoying it?]

"Oi!" Aoko glared at something off to the side and said, "I saw that! Stop spreading weird lies in my little sis's chat!"

[crappyfan - wwww]
[straightgarbage - :kappa:]
[Ohana101 - Somehow, I feel like it's not a lie...]

Aoko huffed and crossed her arms. "Anyway, I'm Aoko Ryuusei, Project MirAIs member Generation 0, Prototype." She frowned and said, "To be honest, I'm not that great at dancing either... but it shouldn't be too hard. It's just moving your body around to a rhythm, right?"

[quicksnake - L-Lewd...]
[righteouspenguin - PHRASING!]
[straightgarbage - *wiggles eyebrow*]

Aoko blinked and then blushed, scowling. "Oi, you bastards! Quit that!"

Alfi giggled. "Looks like Aoko-chan really *is* easy."

[shockedmouse - OH SNAP]
[icypenguin - Well I was wrong. Didn't think Alfi had it in her.]
[OhanaOniichan - So even her big sisters fight over our strongest imouto! As expected of Hana!]

Aoko froze and then glared at Alfi. "And what does that mean?"

Alfi shook her head. "It's nothing, Aoko-chan. Just remembering something Betty told me."

[shockedmouse - OH SNAAAAP!]
[flirtyfox - Oh my!]
[sillyduck - *Quick! You know what to do, artists!*]
[OhanaOilPrince - *Anyone know why my Superchats aren't going through?*]
[goldenmongrel - *Sasuga everyone. We broke UTube.*]

Hana let out a nervous laugh and said, "Let's get started, alright?" She waved her hand, causing the screen to split. The dance studio camera shrank, focusing on the three girls. At the same time, a game menu appeared on the right side of the screen.

[Just Dancing 2024: VR Edition]
[> Single Player]
[> Co-op]
[> Versus]
[> Options]
[> Exit]

[loresnake - Hm? Just Dancing looks a bit different here...]
[purplecow - Yeah. Isn't it usually more colorful?]
[worldlyowl - It's probably modded. Wouldn't put it past John.]

Hana tilted her head, her eyes narrowed in focus. And then she let out a sigh of relief. "Phew!" She smiled and said, "It's working properly. Now for the chat..." She held out her hand and tapped something.

A light *beep* echoed, and then a transparent copy of the chatbox showed up on the right side of the screen. At the same time, glowing wireframe boxes showed up in front of each of the girls.

"Whoa." Aoko muttered and tapped the screen. "John's got some serious tech..."

Alfi smiled and puffed out her chest. "Did you expect anything else from my Papa?"

Hana clapped her hands. "Alright. Now to set a few more options before we get started... Ah. I'm going to put us on mute for a little while, okay everyone? Wait a bit." She reached out and tapped a floating menu, eyes narrowed in concentration.

[quietmonkey - No worries!]
[lyingsnake - Now we wait...]
[wildwolf - So... how many bets that it's not on mute?]

Behind her, Alfi and Aoko looked at each other.

Aoko rolled her shoulders and said, "Ready to lose again, Daddy's little girl?"

Alfi nodded. "Of course. There's no hope of beating Hana in dancing. But you... Considering how you stay in your room all day, I think I have a good chance?"

[wildwolf - Called it!]
[Alfis099 - A sassy Alfi?!]
[straightgarbage - *LOL*]
[ruinedox - So it's not just her cuteness that's devastating]
[urgentpuppy - Alfi disstrack when?]

Aoko crossed her arms and raised her head. "Ooh, so you've got a spine after all. But just because you got better at singing doesn't mean anything. Or did you forget how much you kept tripping over your feet in practice?"

Alfi opened her mouth to reply. But before she could, a different female voice called out. Young, but sharp.

"At least Onee-chan is elegant and refined! Unlike some crass no-good wannabe snake that got picked off the ground. With an average face like that, it's no wonder you're still single!"

[killerwhale - Eh?!]
[quietmouse - Who's that?]
[hornedworm - A young girl? ...LOLI IDOL?!]

Aoko flinched and then turned to stare off to the left of the screen. "H-Hey! I'm single by choice! And what do you mean 'average face?!'"

"Have you looked in a mirror recently?"

Aoko crossed her arms and said, "I have! And this face is one that thousands of guys have tried to get with!"

"Only thousands?"


[onepun - What's with this sassy little girl?]
[straightgarbage - *lol who's roasting Aoko?*]
[moonlitraven - Generation 1?]

Alfi giggled, hiding her mouth with her hands.

Aoko huffed and pointedly turned away. "Forget it. I'm not arguing with a little girl."

Hana sighed. "Could Onee-chan and Aneue please-" She glanced at the chat and then froze. "Oh no!" She quickly spun back to Alfi and said, "Onee-chan! The mics are all on!"

Alfi flinched. "All?! Then...?"

"Wait." That young girl's voice echoed again. "Then can they hear me?"

[jkenthusiast - Loud and clear little lady!]
[whitevan - I've got some candy...]
[Alfis_Knight - How dare you! Get out of here, degenerates!]

Alfi's eyes widened and she quickly ran off screen. "Don't talk anymore! If Papa and Mama find out about this... Uu~"

Aoko sighed. "Guess I should go try and help..." She walked off after Alfi, leaving Hana alone.

Off-screen, Alfi's panicked voice echoed. "W-What do I do? What do I click? What if the stream crashes?!"

Aoko groaned. "I knew this was going to be a hot mess... Alright. I'll give a call to someone that can help us out here. For now, let's all head downstairs for a bit."

The young girl spoke up again. "I could-"

"Hush!" Alfi interjected and said, "Don't say anything else!"

Footsteps echoed, and then a soft chime echoed in the distance.

After that, Hana let out a nervous laugh. "Um... Sorry about that everyone. But don't worry! Everything's fine!"

[jumpyrabbit - Worry about what?]
[redcrow - Now I'm super curious!]
[puffytiger - Was that a new Kouhai?!]

"She isn't a Kouhai, but... W-Well don't worry about it!" Hana reached out to tap the glowing menu in front of her and said, "A-Anyway, while Aneue and Onee-chan are fixing things, why don't I go ahead and dance first?"

Hana tapped on single player, bringing the game screen to a list of songs. When that appeared, she swiped her index finger, scrolling through the list.

"Um... This one looks fine."

[Dance video: <Petra> 六兆年と一夜物語 (Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story) <踊ってみた> HD]

[OhanaOniiChan2 - As expected of our strongest imouto, running damage control for her sisters.]
[blackraven - Eh? That song?]
[nightowl - H-Hey, isn't that a super fast VocalDroid song?]
[Ohana342 - Go Hana!]

Hana tapped on the song name and let out a deep breath. "Alright. Here I go!"

A light swept over Hana's body when she tapped the song. As it did, her outfit changed. A leather belt choker around her neck, a loose black dress that reached her knees... and bare feet.

[eagerbeaver - WHOA!]
[OhanaOniichan - H-Hana?!]
[Kujma - God I wish I was that floor]

Hana focused, staring straight ahead with her legs shoulder width apart and her hands held at her waist, palms facing the ground.

*Get ready!*

On the game screen, a female silhouette with Hana's exact pose appeared.

A vertical rainbow bar popped up on the left side of the screen. At the top of it, an outline of a star floated, slowly spinning in place.

Hana smiled and said, "Wish me luck!"

*3! 2! 1! Go!*

The moment the game announcer finished speaking, a soft piano intro echoed, and then a rapid synth and guitar joined in.

At the same time, a flurry of dance poses showed up at the bottom right of the game screen, ten moves showed in advance.

[jokinglizard - Oh my god]
[mellowmouse - W-Wait, those moves aren't the normal ones!]
[straightgarbage - *Lol, Aoko's totally screwed when its her turn.*]

The silhouette burst into action and the series of dance poses started flying across the bottom of the screen.

A frantic and driving drum section, coupled with a flow of interconnected dance moves. Something that an average person would struggle with. But for Hana...




A flawless performance. Moving complete sync with the song and the dance moves, stars kept popping up over the bar on the game screen. One, two... before long, it filled up to five stars.

[namelessfrog - Five stars?]
[tiredfox - Hana became an SSR!]
[wickedwolf - *Holy crap. What kind of mod IS this?!*]
[pinkeel - Forget being a game, isn't this just an actual dance cover...?]

The song continued, along with the dance. But eventually, as if Hana wasn't satisfied with the difficulty of the song, she started to sing too.

*I don't know, I don't know, I don't know a single thing. Never learned about what kindness is or what it means to sing. As the rain now falls down, I'm just left here with this frown. Trapped here with this freezing cold that drags me slowly to the ground.*

As Hana danced and sang, the background around her changed. Tokyo, but completely ruined. Broken buildings and dust all around. A world of gray, with Hana as the only spot of color.

[slipperyfox - The mod is one thing, but the heck?! Are those animations prerendered?]
[yellowant - That ruined city again...]
[Ohana034 - No, Hana! Don't leave us!]
[BlahBlahGame - T-Those moves! They're making me feel kinda-]
[righteouspenguin - Go to horny jail!]
[BlahBlahGame has been timed out for 300 seconds by MOD: Aoko Ryuusei ch. Reason: No.]

The song wound down to an end and Hana turned around, reaching her hand up to the sky. As she did, the camera panned up with her, revealing a faint golden star. And then everything faded, washing away in static.

The game screen went to the results and listed the stats for Hana's dance.

*Full Combo*


[OhanaOniiChan - Sasuga, strongest imouto...]
[OhanaYo - What happened to not bullying your big sisters...?]