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Mar 21, 2020

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Gamer #12

And I wrote a thing. Look at it.

Akajaro · Author · Dec 17, 2022

Hi. I've been thinking. I managed to sort out the job hunting thing about a month ago, but shortly afterwards, my laptop charger died, which means even though I have time, I can't write for Aer's story, since I have no access to all my story notes. But it's been over half a year and I feel bad, so I'm pulling up something I can do on my phone. A kind of diary style story. I'm hoping to get a couple chapters sorted so I can post with the day intervals in the diary. So look forward to that.

Akajaro · Author · Dec 17, 2022

Also, while I'm typing this out, I literally just remembered Untitled Story. Y'know, the one that was explicitly meant to not have any planning at all? Yeah, whoops. So I might put something out for that tonight. No promises though, I have work in the morning and it's pretty late already. Anyway, not dead, bye!

Akajaro · Author · Jun 10, 2022

So. Update. Two things. First, I kinda doing job hunting right now, which eats up quite a bit of time. Second, I'm trying to put together a syllabus for Aer's adventurer school so I know what her classes are gonna be. And considering people get paid to do that out here....(...I think...), yeah. Hard.

Akajaro · Author · Jun 10, 2022

Also, that involves a whole bunch of worldbuilding that I've kind of been putting off. So yeah, this is taking some uh.... time. (I swear, I make it sound like this delay is so uncharacteristic. Hopefully, one day it will be.)

So yeah. That. Hopefully I can put together a story that's worth all this hassle. Many appreciations to the creatures that have been sticking around despite me posting pretty much nothing. Ima try my best for y'all.
HappyVainGlory · Jun 10, 2022

Oh I know exactly how that job hunting is. >.> 

Good luck! Just got some interviews myself lined up, so we'll see how that goes, aha. clear.png

Appreciate your hard work and make sure to take care of yourself!

Cossimeri · Jun 10, 2022

Hey Akajaro!  Friend!  

I'm here to give you hugs! 


Akajaro · Author · Jun 10, 2022

I am many of the appreciation. I probably should point out the reason behind my delays shouldn't I? I wanted to have a chapter first but, I guess I should just explain.

Cossimeri · Jun 10, 2022

clear.png I wasn't actually going to even bring up your stories, I know you're trying hard.  I just realized it's been forever since I've interacted with you, and I felt bad.  clear.png

Akajaro · Author · Apr 9, 2022

So there's a chapter. I did it. (I'm so very bad at this. But I will continue to try! The goal is to finally get to weekly chapters!)

whitesculptor · Feb 21, 2022

Thank you for the stalk! clear.png

Akajaro · Author · Feb 15, 2022

So.... It's been a while.

I did finish the next chapter, just earlier (and put the issue I had in the author's note), but I get the distinct feeling that if I publish it immediately I'm going to vanish again. So I have it scheduled for Saturday, and I'm hoping to write as many chapters as I can in the meantime, so they can all go up then.

Let's see if I can actually pull off more than the one.

Akajaro · Author · Nov 10, 2021

12 hours later, he has done it. Even though half of it was done before his arbitrary time limit.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I have ADHD and just don't know it. Would explain a lot.

HappyVainGlory · Nov 10, 2021


Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I have ADHD and just don't know it. Would explain a lot.

Click to expand...

SAME. I blame years of multi-tasking.

Akajaro · Author · Nov 9, 2021

It has been a day over a month. I do not have a chapter yet. I am bothered by this.

I mean, I had an issue with my laptop, and my phone is just shy of not working at all, but I still don't like it. (And the laptop thing was only over the weekend.)

So, while I do have class right now, I am determined to have a chapter by 3:00 (About 4 hours from now.)


HappyVainGlory · Nov 9, 2021


Akajaro · Author · Nov 9, 2021

....Y'know now that I think about it, it may have to do with losing a chunk of the chapter cuz my laptop died and I forgot what I had there. Huh.

Cossimeri · Nov 9, 2021

clear.png You can do it Akajaro!!  I have faith in you, I will ensure that I have sufficient popcorn to celebrate your victory when it comes. 

Akajaro · Author · Oct 25, 2021


Cossimeri · Oct 25, 2021

A-ka-ja-ro, my bestest friend, whatcha doin'? clear.png

Akajaro · Author · Oct 25, 2021

Currently? Class. Looking on scribblehub while I wait for the others to finish the question. I'm.... I'm going to aim to finish the next chapter by the end of the day. (Hopefully I'll have some momentum once I've properly gotten her into the school and classes have started.)

Aaqil · Oct 22, 2021

i see a pattern in these posts,clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Akajaro · Author · Oct 22, 2021

Yeah, I'm hoping to remove the delays from this pattern.

Aaqil · Oct 22, 2021

i see, have some cookies so you can think better,clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Akajaro · Author · Oct 8, 2021

So I attempted to get this out for @Cossimeri's scribblehub anniversary, but I only managed to start at night. And fell asleep. Like with my birthday chapter. Are my celebration chapters doomed to be late? Hopefully not.

Cossimeri · Oct 9, 2021

Is okay that you ran late <3 I'm super happy you got it out. Thank you Akajaro!!

Akajaro · Author · Sep 24, 2021

So I've spent the last half a month catching up to my classes. After this weekend, I'll be all caught up, so prolly expect a chapter soon after? (I want to set expectations because other people tend to get me to move more than I can.)

Cossimeri · Sep 24, 2021


Akajaro · Author · Sep 24, 2021

I hope you know I was looking at you when I said that last part.

Cossimeri · Sep 25, 2021

I had a feeling you were, and I have taken the bait. I'll be watching you like a hawk!  clear.png

Akajaro · Author · Sep 14, 2021

I have DONE IT! THe uh... neXt thing is on chapter done yes here take bye. (sleepy brain no make word go)

Cossimeri · Sep 15, 2021

clear.png Good work Akajaro, all the headpats are yours. 

HappyVainGlory · Sep 17, 2021

Late, but good job! clear.png

Akajaro · Author · Sep 17, 2021

@HappyVainGlory clear.png *stares*

(Thanks tho!)

Akajaro · Author · Sep 5, 2021

So I was hoping to post chapter 15 yesterday. Make it a birthday chapter and also finally publish the thing.

But then I fell asleep.

And now I can't remember the rest of it. Spent all day trying and it just won't come back.


Cossimeri · Sep 5, 2021

Eep!  Happy belated Birthday Akajaro clear.png 

I dunno if it'll help, but sometimes when I have issues writing main chapters I'll just write a side/bonus chapter. Sometimes these are key to the story and I post them... sometimes they're weird and I never post them. But they always help me get "back into the world" when I'm having trouble.

Akajaro · Author · Sep 5, 2021

That..... Might actually be a good idea. Yeah, Ima do that. Right after I finish the assignment I just got. (I did say school did not bode well.)

Cossimeri · Sep 5, 2021

clear.png School is rough. 

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    And I wrote a thing. Look at it.

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