OMAKE – How Very Good of you to arrive…
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The second release of today! Go back one if you haven't read the actual chapter! This is a fun non-canon chapter to celebrate reaching trending!  Enjoy, and thank you!

I quickly glanced around the corner before pulling out my phone from inside my suit. "...How the hell did I get here?"

12:00 PM. Thursday, November 28th... 2024?

I quickly shoved my phone back in my suit pocket and tried to play it cool. Brushing off my clothes and straightening my posture, I casually walked down the street, glancing at my surroundings.

Flashy billboards, neon lights... Is exactly what I didn't see. Instead, I saw towering steel and glass buildings. High-rise towers that definitely weren't anywhere near where I lived. There was snow too, giant piles of snow drift from a recent storm.

"New York? No, judging from the people around..."

There were a lot of people in business suits. Not only that, but they were all Asian, unlike the mix of ethnicities that were around where I live.

Fortunately, I blended in. Since I was just about to head off to network with some more legal professionals, I was well-dressed with a full navy suit outfit.

As I walked though, I paid attention to what people were saying. Well, I *tried* to pay attention. But I quickly noticed that it was impossible.



Japanese. A drifting conversation where I only understood a single word, and only because it wasn't Japanese.

I started to sweat, but I kept my cool and pulled out my wallet.

My driver's license, credit cards, about forty dollars in cash...

I placed my wallet back and tried to calm down my racing heart.

This was bad. It looked like I got isekai'd, but I got isekai'd to another Earth.

I mean, it would have been bad getting tossed in a dangerous world of sword and magic, but at least I wouldn't have to worry about dealing with foreign legal services, immigration, and all that.

"...What the hell am I supposed to do?"

I kept walking around, keeping an eye out on my surroundings.

For the most part, there were just Japanese signposts everywhere. Names of places and buildings I couldn't read. But there were a few English ones here and there.

McRonalds, NitroSoft, Googol, Myth Inc.-


I stopped walking and turned to look at that last building.

My eyes weren't playing tricks on me.

Myth Inc.

I started to sweat. "...That's just a coincidence, right?"

Even if I *did* get isekai'd there was no way I'd show up in a place where *that* guy was. What were the odds?

I let out a nervous laugh and kept walking. As I did, I noticed a group of beautiful young women in the corner of my eyes. Four of them.

The first had silky black hair and ruby eyes. The second had red hair the color of autumn leaves and a foxy smile. The third had lightly curled black hair and emerald eyes.

And the last had light green hair with matching eyes... and a small baby bump visible through her loose winter coat.

I quickly averted my gaze and kept walking, doing my best to avoid the four.

...A coincidence. Yeah, it had to be a coincidence. There was no way-

"Are you sure that you don't mind it, Big Sister?" The woman with red hair spoke up.

"Yeah..." The woman with lightly curled black hair frowned. "We... kind of made a big mistake. And I think we treated you too harshly-"

The woman with silky black hair sighed. "Sister Daji. Sister Xuannu. If Senior Sister has forgiven you, then let it be." She smiled and said, "For now, let us continue our walk around the city to help Senior Sister and the child remain healthy."

Oh. Oh crap.

I quickly sped up my walking pace and lowered my gaze.

...Nobody here should recognize me, but-

A sudden impact.

My eyes widened and I quickly bowed my head. "My bad- Ah crap. I mean, Gomen ne!"

The person brushed off his shirt and shook his head. "No. It's my bad for not paying attention. Shouldn't have gotten too wrapped up in watching my cute wife."

A smooth and charismatic voice. And also a response given back in English.

I blinked and looked up.

Like me, the man was wearing a suit. Unlike me though, he was freaking world class super model quality.

A flawless face with bright blue eyes. Short blonde hair that looked more like glowing gold than actual blonde. A friendly smile and warm gaze...

That instantly turned cold when he saw my face. "Wait."

I immediately spun around and said, "Sorry! I'm late for a meeting."

"I said wait, dammit!"

A sudden wind picked up and blew past me. And then that man was standing in front of me, a cold smile on his face. "How very good of you to arrive in person." His blue eyes flashed an eerie green as he crossed his arms. "I was starting to think you only liked hiding behind that screen of yours."

"...I think you're mistaking me for someone else?"

"Oh no." The man laughed and said, "There's no mistaking it, Mister Happy Vainglory." A crazed look entered his eyes and he said, "I don't recognize your face, but there's no mistaking the karmic bond we share."

I edged back and said, "Look man. I get that you're attractive and that white guys have yellow fever, but I'm letting you know right now that I'm straight. Also that you've got the wrong guy. That's not my name."

The man stepped forward. "Oh really? Does the name 'John Smith' not ring a bell then?"

"Only if you're talking about the time traveler from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya."

The man- No, John paused. And then a wide grin spread across his face.

I stopped, wondering what the hell I said to give it away.

And then I remembered.

...Right. This world was filled with copyright friendly knock-offs. And the reference I just made...

"God knows how this happened... But what a wonderful opportunity." John walked forward and cracked his knuckles. "I've got a lot to say to you."

I held up my hands and stepped back. "L-Let's talk about this, John."

"Oh, we'll talk alright. But real men talk with fists. So..." He stomped on the ground, sending rubble flying in the air. "Let's see you grit those teeth!"

I laughed... And then I booked it.

"Get the hell back here, you bastard!" John ran after me.

I glanced back and said, "I'll get you charged for assault and battery! I'm a lawyer with American jurisdiction!"

"Like hell you are! Even if you were, you don't have a license here, you bastard!"

"Says you!" I booked it, throwing caution to the wind and running for my life.

Water splashed as the melting snow flew through the air. Some of it landed on my pants, staining it with flecks of gray.

I noticed and then glanced back. "I'm going to charge you with property damage!"

"And I'll charge you with intentional infliction of emotional distress! Sadistic bastard!"

An intersection in the street up ahead. A traffic light that just turned yellow.

I grit my teeth and pushed myself to run faster.

If I made it past the intersection, that guy would be forced to wait.

...Well, he could definitely chase after me if he used his full powers, but he was trying to live a normal life, so he wouldn't do that.

...Wait. But if he told the others I was the reason why everything went wrong...




I ran into the street.

The light turned red.

But it was fine.

I could make it.

I would definitely make it.


A blaring horn. Screeching tires.

My eyes widened and I turned my head to the side just in time to see a white semi race towards me. One with the name I.Sekai Shipping on its side.

"H-Hey! Look-!"

In for a penny, in for a pound!

Instead of trying to dodge it, I pivoted and ran towards the truck.

"You crazy-!"

A loud *splat.*

Pain. Blood. Screams from all around.

And then I was sitting in front of my laptop, staring at the rough draft for tomorrow's chapter.

I blinked and slowly looked around. Seeing the steaming coffee sitting on my desk, I let out a deep sigh and grabbed it. After taking a long sip, I shook my head and said, "...I gotta stop writing these chapters so late at night..."