284 – Miya Musashi – [Debut Stream] Cooking up a storm (Part II)
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[Play: Pancake – Sakura Girl]

Miya cleared her throat, her face still a bit red. "N-Now where were we...?"

[] Are we just gonna ignore that slip up?
[hilary08] I'm just here to buy some soy sauce
[] What do you mean, John's noodles?
[Alfi Titor Ch. 🔧] Papa is causing misunderstandings again even when he's busy...

"Right! Right. Noodles. I mean ramen." Miya quickly nodded and said, "We're making ramen today! But we're making it nutritious!"

[] Nutritious ramen, huh?
[Lomyril] How do you make ramen nutritious...?
[] Tell me more!
[LordMentat] I require your finest cheese!

[Mid-deology] Have you tried any instant noodle dry variant?
[frisk_undatail] Ramen's already pretty good dry though
[ramen_connesieur] Indomie goreng is tasty
[ramen_normie] I like Maruchen
[king_yozora15] Forget ramen packets, Cup Noodol is where it's at.
[light_sky] @king_yozora15 Take that back! Cup Noodol is trash, just like your game! You're a fake king!
[king_yozora15] @light_sky At least my game doesn't need 100 wikis to make sense.

"So!" Miya patted the ramen packet and said, "The first step to making ramen is having ramen."

[Sky3Fall] Ah yes. The floor is made of floor.
[] I used the noodle to make the noodle!
[Inaki] Water is wet, yes.

Miya glanced at the chat and then turned red. She cleared her throat and said, "N-Now ramen packets are pretty unhealthy. Too much salt and preservatives. So we're going to be adding a few extra ingredients to balance things out."

After saying that, Miya started walking to the fridge. The camera panned, following her.

[] So... this is a real kitchen, right?
[] I can't tell what's real or fake anymore...
[] I wonder if World Line is going to be this pretty?

"We'll keep things simple." Miya opened the fridge and looked back at the camera. "I know a lot of you guys are probably high schoolers or university students, so we'll use cheap ingredients. For now..." She hummed and turned back to look in the fridge.

[] Yo, that's a freaking cut of Kobe beef!
[] That black stuff's caviar, isn't it?
[] Is that a wrapped tuna head shoved in there on the bottom?!

[ShadowPuppy] What monstrosity are we going to make?!
[] I thought we were using cheap ingredients!
[] Holy crap! I know John was rich, but he has all that just for Miya to play around with?!

[] Why is there a cheap carton of eggs next to gold leaf?
[Lomyril] Why is there gold leaf in the fridge at all?

Miya's eye twitched and she muttered, "I never realized how terribly organized this is..." She sighed and then pulled out the carton of eggs. After that, she opened the vegetable crisper drawer and pulled out a head of broccoli. That done, she closed the refrigerator and walked back to the countertop.

[Laughing_Sleeping] Goldon Ramses would not approve of that fridge lineup.
[] I don't know whether to be impressed or utterly disgusted.
[] This is John's idea, isn't it? He's freaking trolling us.

[] John should be an inspiration. Forget simping, run an idol agency to flex your riches.
[] Is it simping if you're making a girl's dream come true?
[] Waiting for the day Superchat war starts and John flexes on us all.

[] Whoever's doing the camerawork is a master
[] Is the camera on a steadicam?
[] So is Droni the cameraman behind all of this?

"Okay!" Miya set the carton of eggs down on the countertop along with the broccoli. "So before you start cooking, it's important to make sure you have your ingredients. For this meal, we have ramen, eggs, and broccoli."

[brokedonkey_student] :notes:
[] Ooh! I know this meal!
[] Binging with the basics, huh?

Miya reached under the counter and pulled out a pot, a cutting board, and a bowl. That done, she opened a drawer, revealing a row of glittering knives.

[] wtf? Is that a damascus steel dagger in there?
[] Why is this kitchen filled with ungodly expensive things!?
[] That's an obsidian knife with gold engravings, isn't it?

[] Yo! That's the 3000 degree knife!
[Anumi-kun] Does... Does that knife have gemstones embedded in the handle?
[] That's a Muramasa knife! How?! WHY?!

Miya gave the drawer a blank stare and then closed it. She also closed her eyes, quietly muttering under her breath. Shaking her head, she opened her eyes and let out a strained smile. "You don't need anything special for this meal, so why don't we use a basic steel knife?"

After saying that, Miya pointedly avoided the drawer filled with expensive knives and went looking around in more drawers.

[] Does Miya not know where everything is in her kitchen?
[] 0/10 newbie chef. 10/10 gf material.
[] Who had John going overboard on providing for the girls again?

[] So I guess since these girls don't have expensive gaming PCs, John invested in other equipment.
[Anumi-kun] I swear to god that was a Muramasa blade just chilling in the drawer.
[ShadowPuppy2] This... This is CG, right? Right?!

"There we are." Miya sighed, finally finding an ordinary set of steel knives in a wooden block. She carried it over to the countertop and forced a smile again. "Okay! So, the first thing to do is prepare all the ingredients. Since water takes the longest to get ready, we'll start with that."

[dreemsmp_10] Ooh, water. How gucci.
[] @dreemsmp_10 That word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
[] Smart!

Miya picked up her pot and then walked over to the sink. "Now, we're assuming that you're poor, so you don't have many fancy things like filtered water. So for this, we'll be using plain tap water."

[] :O
[] Who uses sink water for their ramen...?
[] Confirmed Miya isn't a cooking school student.

Miya glanced at the chat and glared at the camera. "Hey! Stop making fun of me! I know what I'm doing!"

[] Sure, girl. Whatever you say.
[] Respecc
[] I mean, you're hot so I'll watch you do whatever.

[] Interesting... Are you planning to use the fluoride and iron additives in the water to add flavor?
[Rodvek97] Are we on some 300 IQ plays like in Food Wars using hard water to add subtle textures?
[] Hm. Miya seems really familiar for some reason...

"Argh." Miya grumbled and turned on the faucet. "Stupid Miya. Do a cooking stream, you said. They'll be entertained, you said. Should've just done a stupid slideshow instead."

[Rhea Davinki Ch.🔧] It would have been worse, trust me.
[] lmao
[] Yeah, I don't think you and tech mix well Miya...

[] I'd pay good money to watch that slideshow!
[Inaki2] That sounds like a trainwreck... Sign me up!
[] We could have had a slideshow?

Miya let out a dry laugh and said, "Anyway, water in pot. If you want a thinner broth, use more water. If you don't, use less. Either way though, you probably want half your pot filled up... I think."

[Anumi-kun] You think?!
[] On the first day of Christmas, Myth Inc. just gave to me...
[] It's really like watching your GF cook for the first time XD

"Y-Yeah." Miya nodded and said, "Half-filled for sure. We're adding more than just the ramen pack in. Right. So... Set that to boil first." She walked over to place the pot on the chrome electric stove and turned it on. "We're in a rush, so we'll put that on high. It also helps to evaporate all of the impurities faster too if you've got hard water."

[] That's... not how it works.
[] I'm starting to think Miya isn't a real chef...
[] I mean. It... technically releases stuff like chlorine, so I guess that's true?

Miya wiped her hands on her apron and walked back to the counter. Picking up the knife, she said, "Now we'll prep the broccoli. If you're lazy, you can just chuck the whole thing in to boil it down to a gooey mess." She pointed the knife at the camera and said, "But you aren't lazy, are you? You're poor, but you're not lazy. Right?"

[loose_underwear] umm... musashi-san...can you put that knife aside first?
[OnionKnight] I sense worthy rival!
[Gilguhmash] Our fight shall be legendary! We shall fight like men, women, and women who dress like men!

[TotallyNotHighSchoolStudent] :hides pile of homework:
[] N-No ma'am!
[broke_ash] How did you know I was poor?

[CreationFox] do you add the chili powder and lamb before or after boiling the noodles?
[Shadowgamer89] That really is a very important question... Before or After...
[Huyrriu] Personally, I put the powder before boiling the noods and any type of meat after
[swirly_fishcakes] @Huyrriu You monster!
[handybull_lecture] Instructions unclear. Added knife in water and now it's red.

Miya glanced at chat and then shook her head. "You people are all crazy... But anyway, we're cutting broccoli." She made sure the broccoli was stable on the cutting board and then switched the steel knife to her left hand. "Now, I can do this fast, but for you guys just take your time. But let's see..." Miya tapped the flat of the blade to her chin and said, "Some flowers would be cute, right?"

[] That's dangerous, Miya!
[] Oh yeah. Samurai girl.
[Trialer] She is WAY too comfortable with that knife.

[] Hana v. Miya in knife fight. Who wins?
[] Hana
[] Strongest Imouto, duh.
[] Obviously Hana
[] You missed the unarchived cooking stream she did, didn't you?
[] Hana. She knows some sick knife tricks.
[] Someone missed the stream of Hana getting upset at Neighboring Malice using the knife wrong...

Miya nodded and then swung her arm down. A flick of the wrist, a flash of silver... And then the broccoli head fell apart into cute 2D florets.

[] HOW.
[] Holy crap.

[Hana Homura Ch.🔧] Wow, Miya! You should teach me how to do that! I'll teach you my tricks too!
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.🔧] @Hana Homura Ch. How do you know knife tricks?!
[Hana Homura Ch.🔧] UTube. They're pretty easy, you know?

[Kuromi Tekken Ch.🔧] H-Hana S-Senpai...?
[Tsubame Akari Ch.🔧] @Hana Homura Ch Do you know Swallow Reversal, Senpai?
[Hana Homura Ch.🔧] *blush*
[Hana_Oniichan] H-H-Hana?!
[ohanayo_ne] Bad imouto! No visiting Protolewds!
[Tsubame Akari Ch.🔧] Protolewds...?
[Rhea Davinki Ch.🔧] O.o

"Okay!" Miya scooped up the florets into the bowl and said, "Since we've cut these so thin, we'll put them on last. Now..." She glanced back and said, "Huh. The water's boiling already? That's quick."

[] Wait, what?
[] It's been a minute!
[] Impossible! That's physically impossible!

Miya tilted her head and said, "Did I take that long?"

[] You didn't!
[] What black voodoo magic tech did Titor make in that kitchen!?
[] I-Is that water safe to consume being boiled that fast...?

Miya shrugged and said, "Well. There's a few different ways to do this next." She placed the ramen packet on top of bowl of florets and walked over to the stove. After the bowl on the side, she grabbed two eggs and walked back over to the stove. "We'll be making a sort of eggdrop soup first before adding the noodles and broccoli. So..." Miya blinked. "Wait. I forgot to whisk the eggs."

[] ...Are we *sure* she's a professional?
[] Confirmed amateur chef hour.
[ShadowPuppy3] Get ready Binging with Babushka! A new challenger approaches!

Miya let out a nervous laugh and said, "I-It's fine. I'll just have to make this quick..." She glanced at the eggs and the pot. Then she glanced at the powder packets kept in the ramen packaging. And finally, she looked at the knife on the countertop.

[Eater_Beaver] Hana, no!
[Hana Homura Ch.🔧] What did I do?
[Eater_Beaver] Force of habit.

[Kuromi Tekken Ch.🔧] Miya. Miya, no.
[Rhea Davinki Ch.🔧] Miya, *yes.*
[Tsubame Akari Ch.🔧] May the gods have mercy on us all...
[Jenny Smith Ch.🔧] @Tsubame Akari Ch. I think the gods are too busy running away from my onii-chan right now, but I'll listen to your prayer!

Miya grabbed the knife and then stood in front of the pot. After that, she pointed at the camera with the knife and said, "Don't try this at home. Whisk your eggs normally in a bowl first and slowly pour them in. Promise?"

[] Yandere speedrun lessgo!
[kurotha] Y-Yes Miya-chan. Just put the knife down...
[Senpapi] Why do I feel tingly everywhere...?

[Inaki3] So... don't egg you on?
[Mestreangel] She's sodium hot.
[] We gotta work hard to pepper up after Miya-chan's troubles.

Miya's eye twitched as she read the chat. "...Forget it. I'm just gonna finish cooking this..." She sighed and then narrowed her eyes.

A flash of silver. Steam. The sound of screeching metal and white shell fragments flying off to the side.

Yellow and white blurs shot into the pot, followed by green blurs and some powdery dust. After that, there was a loud splash and then the sound of a lid slamming shut.

"There." Miya turned the heat to low on the stove and turned back to stare at the camera. Smiling, she said, "And now we just sit and wait for the noodles to simmer for about... Let's say fifteen minutes."

[nameless_justice] ...You lost me.
[] Anyone catch that?
[soma_foodie] I see! So you capture the essence of the broth and eggs by emulsifying it in the air with the knife then flash steam the florets by tossing them in while capturing the heat with the lid. And the noodles... What marvelous technique!
[rational_rabbit] @soma_foodie I think you're simping a bit too hard, man...

Huh. Still never got to the proper debut stuff. We'll probably have another part to this stream and then have a brief intermission again before Rhea's.

Usual rule. First come first serve unless I decide otherwise.

Hope you had fun! See you tomorrow!