Chapter 2.2: Turns
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POV Connor 

I am sitting in a field. Why I hear you ask? I have no clue. First I was in Anne's Store and now I'm here. It must have had something to do with that bracer. Looking around I see a city near me, and that seems to be the place to start heading, but first I got to see what I have on hand.  I am wearing these old clothes, I've got two things around my wait, one a bag of coins and the other being a small sword in its sheath. Unsheathing it I look at the blade in front of me. Yep. That is a bonafide killing weapon. Something I have not enough experience wielding. Yeah I'm going to put it away for the time being.

I begin to walk in the direction of the city, thinking about the game I started playing. This place seems way to... real, to be a game. How do I win? Looking at the bracer I watch as a holographic display pops up. There is a game board with a bunch of circles forming a long path. Three pieces sit at the beginning of the path, A figure holding a book, one holding a staff, and one holding a sword. The one with the sword starts moving and stops around 7 spaces. Soon I get a notification 

Player 2's Turn; Roll the Dice or use Beginner Ability. 

I take the guess that my beginner ability is the lit up green button and I press it. Suddenly my field of view is overlapped by a grid and a bunch of words come up on the screen before I hear a odd ding. My head then feels like it is exploding with a headache.

Player 2's Beginner Ability Too Strong, Accommodating to Passive Skill. 

The grid is gone but whenever I focus on something I get a description of what it is. There isn't anything of importance around me, just grass, grass, occasionally healing herbs that I tend to pick up, and put in my pocket.  I start my way to the city in the distance. 

I'm bored. Like really bored. There's nothing to do aaargh. I haven't seen anyone and this road is long and it's really hot out right now. I should have gotten better at sports in school, but I can't really regret it now, I can still complain though. I see something in the distance behind me. 

It's a carriage! Maybe I can hitch a ride? Its worth a shot. I wave towards the carriage. 

"Hey!!! Can I ride with you?!!" 

"Huh? Who are you?"

"Well I was lost and the city is really far away, is it alright if I hitch a ride with you guys?"

"Oh, I guess so, sure."


I get on the carriage and relax. It will take a little while before we get to the city but I am glad i got to ride with these guys though, else it would have taken much longer for me. Still bored though, nothing much to do except fiddle with the holographic screen I got on my bracer. Fun fact, it seems no one can see my bracer other then me, because I had it up and no one seemed to notice or even ask me about it, neither about the bracer either. So I figure it must be invisible to these guys. Yaawwnn... I guess I'm a little sleepy, a little nap won't hurt... 



I woke up stretching my back, and arms in the air. The city is a lot farther then i originally thought, I asked around the carriage and they said we would get there in a few hours. It's good that were close though, It quite dark outside. I remember I haven't rolled my dice yet, better do that. I watch as the dice roll for a few seconds before landing on the numbers 5 and 6. Wow, an eleven, that is like the second best roll I could get. The game piece with the staff starts to move ending up on one of the squares, and with a ding I see a card pop out of the interface. The card reads:

Slashie's Revenge: Two quick slashes with your weapon. 

After reading the card it dissolves into light and one of the blue buttons on my bracer lights up. I guess I won something? My piece on the board is now the furthest, but the last piece hasn't moved, So I could be beaten, doubt it however, I got the second highest roll in the game. 

The carriage is at the city gate now and They are asking for identification. Uh oh, I don't have anything on me. When it comes to my turn I tell the guards about y situation, not the whole thing mind you, I would seem crazy if I did that. I just told them I lost my identification. The guards said its fine as long as I pay 1 silver as the entrance fee. Luckily I have 5 silvers other wise i wouldn't have gotten in. I pay the guards and enter the city, marveling at the shops. Better find an inn fast, I am surprisingly tired. 

Connors Piece. I did the design on Hero Forge