Arc Two. Chapter Thirty-Nine. Power Cut
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Huntress stretched, the tingling in her stomach was a faint reminder of the pain she went through, but, while the wound had healed significantly the stress and trauma was still there, under the surface. Huntress slipped out of her symbskin and Felicia limped over to the breakfast table. She was unamused at the trio's reaction to her presence, expecting more than being made fun of but as she was sore and tired and they had coffee, she didn't care

"So, Venom and co, and you saved me by making me a symbiote huh?" She picked up Gwen's cup and sipped it and made a face "ugh, doesn't anyone take sugar here", snatching back her cup Gwen put a clean one down on the table and poured out a cup, nudging the sugar down at her.

"You know what they are?" Peter asked and Felicia nodded,

"You got Sytsevich's files and I have my own, Oscorp did illegal genetic research about five years ago, did some digging and John Jameson, the only survivor of the shuttle crash was quarantined and isolated." Stirring several heaped spoons of sugar into her cup Felicia smiled after she sipped it. "My father uh worked in the hospital, whatever was wrong with John kept him under isolation, nobody in or out. Oscorp even started a lab to study it and that's where my files end. My guess was it was the symbiotes. Probably some kind of alien parasite but you know, not a parasite, and after the little stunt with puking everywhere, I guess they lifted you for testing. So, now we have Venom, Poison and Muse, a trio of monsters chomping their way through New York. " Felicia sat her cup down on the table "sound about right?"

"Well, I do most the chomping but yeah, Gwen and MJ don’t really do that sort of thing, just me but are you okay, I mean, it can be pretty rough, you should meditate or I can show you some exercises," Peter replied

"Uh, Nah, I'll pass. I can feel her but she's not fighting me so I'll deal.” Felicia waved a hand "You, however, are remarkably calm, so what gives, why are you different?"

"They share a genetic memory don't they, so you tell me" Pete answered, "but at a guess, whatever the formula did affected the symbiotes. So what did Oscorp do to me before the symbiote got me? How could you, without one, fight toe to toe with Venom and come out on top?"

"Illegal. Genetic. Research, geez Petie, you not listening. Norman had a hard-on for a super-soldier serum that was lost during World War Two, you should know what though, son of the infamous Parkers."

Peter drew a blank stare, "um, huh? Uncle Ben was a mechanic and I think Aunt May was just a housewife."

"No dumbass, your parents", Felicia drew herself forwards, "you really don't know huh?"

Peter rolled his eyes, "look, Felicia, I'm getting tired of the cat and mouse bullshit, just spill it okay and quit the condescending shit, they saved your life, fucking act like it."

Felicia sighed, "No joy in the hunt huh? No wonder." Peter banged his hand on the table "hey okay okay, shit. Richard Parker, Curt Conners, and Norman Osborn all worked together on serum, the Oscorp formula, Conners was working on regeneration using lizard DNA, Norman thought what the hell and we got, cat, spider, lizard, rhino plus a few experimental ones combining the DNA of several animals together. but Curt disappeared after someone attacked him. Your parents died in that car crash and suddenly Norman drops it as complete and starts working on his exo armour suit. It still got used though. Alexsi, Flint and Maxwell, all enhanced, all working for Norman, the heist where you all got squashed, they took something from the vault, but I couldn't get into the police reports to find out what." 

Felicia glanced over at Gwen “You know Gwennie, I could make it worth your while" and winked at her.

Gwen raised an eyebrow "Sorry, taken" before slinking behind Peter and draping her arms over his shoulders.

Felicia shrugged, "pity but it still stands, if you can find out what they stole it ties them to Norman, find out what he's up to and it'll answer your questions about the symbiotes."

"Didn't you just do that, take the files, leave the cash, I've got enough to deal with without adding Norman Osborn to the pile." Peter pointed at the rucksack full of papers. "it's yours, don't care, don't want to care."

If Felicia already knew that they were symbiotes then she knew more than she was letting on. Right now Peter couldn't trust her. He knew her father was travelling but if he worked on a secret project for Osborn he doubted he’d be back anytime soon. Felicia was hiding something and he wanted her as far away from Gwen and MJ as possible.

"What do you mean you don't care, he had your parents killed, he's been killing" 

Peter stopped her by raising a hand.

"I'll stop you right there, again, I don't care. Normans a scumbag, I've always known he's a scumbag and if you're right, all this is proof he's a scumbag. But I can't fight Norman fucking Osborn, I don't have the resources, the manpower and even if he killed my parents, which he probably did. Me against Oscorp? Against however many enhanced they have? I got my ass kicked last time, Alexsi is dead and I'll find Marko and Dillon and Ock and then they'll be dead. Felicia, I can't do the big picture right now. I don't have a big picture, this," he motioned "this is just the beginning and yeah, in five-ten years I can go after Osborn but right now, he'll chew me up and there won't even be bones to spit out."

Felicia stared at him, arms crossed, he was right and it annoyed her he was right, Oscorp was a big fish in a bigger pond, even killing Osborn would make huge waves and the resulting vacuum would get a lot of people killed. The second richest man in America can't suddenly drop dead without the resulting power plays doing a lot of damage.

"So, let's join up, Oscorp being endgame but for now, Flint Marko, Max Dillion, and whoever was under that boiler suit are our targets, take them out and we hurt Osborn a little, follow the trail and take out small bites, take out little chunks, one we can manage and he won't notice."

"Death by a thousand cuts huh?" MJ stated and as the three looked at her "what? I read, assholes"

Peter and Gwen laughed and Gwen unattached herself from Peter to hug MJ.

"Fine, fine you win, give me the files, just," Felicia sighed, if they'd known where she was she'd been tailed, and the chances of her home being safe were now next to zero "just set me up in one of these fancy boxes okay, look, I'll take the end on over there" and as she pointed to MJ's house MJ shook her head and pointed to herself. "Fine!" Felicia groaned, "which ones are empty?" and Peter pointed to the offices on the other side of the building. "Oh, come on, those?” but as Peter scowled at her she raised her hands in surrender “Those are fine, those are fine." She slumped and poured herself another coffee. "I want to go back to my place though, with some help, if they've tracked me I might need backup."

"Venom will go with you, go as Huntress through, they'll be expecting Black Cat or you to show" Peter stood up, finishing his coffee, "I need to head to work, well, what's left of it. Gwen, can you run Felicia through your training plan? get her up to speed" Gwen groaned, she hated the training

"uh, no, I've got my own regime, in fact, for two athletic types like MJ and Gwen, mine might be better than whatever junk you've read in a book" Felicia stood and stretched "come on my pretties, let get sweaty". Gwen rolled her eyes but MJ was almost glowing.

thank god MJ though, I can get her to stop pestering me now she's got another target. Gwen wanted more of a relationship than MJ was willing to commit to, so with Felicia here and her apparent lesbian tendencies Gwen should be happy, she just hoped Peter wasn't the jealous type. MJ knew it was mean to think of Gwen like that, but her pushiness was sometimes too much for her to bear and she even wondered if she would ever just sleep with her to get her off her back about it.

"Might as well, got 3 hours before I needed to get up for work" Gwen said pointing at her watch and MJ groaned at seeing the time, her shift at the diner started at 7 so she was in the same boat. Peter just sat back down, "uh, I didn't realise it was early, I don't start till 9, so uh, I'll watch" and Peter had the dirtiest grin on his face.

"Plus you know, you just killed your boss, do you even have a job?" Gwen asked, to which Peter sighed. They both stood and stretched, moving over to where Peter was sat.

Gwen and Mj kissed Peter on each side of his face "it's okay, we don’t mind if you watch, pervert" and he laughed giving them both a gentle squeeze on the ass. Watching the three ladies work out Peter did appreciate how much better her routine was, some kind of pilates, self-defence and martial arts based on speed and agility, he had no idea which one it was though as other than his own class he didn't delve too deeply, and then running, which he joined in for. Stamina training was always good to do, even if he and others were enhanced.

"So ladies?" Peter grinned as the three counted 10 miles on their pedometers "shower?" and taking off his sweat-soaked shirt he didn't even wait for a reply before heading into his home.

Across town, at Oscorp HQ Norman had just received the news, Alexsi had been in an accident, right now it was being called such, a propane heater leaked and exploded, killing Alexsi and destroying his office. Norman wondered though, with the recent spate of attacks on his men and the arrival of Venom at the bank heist if he was being targeted rather than just unlucky.

He pushed a button on his intercom "Liv, get in here." He sat deep in thought, if Alexsi had been compromised then there might be a paper trail to him, no matter how thin it might be he still needed answers.

A knock at the door brought him back from his musings. "Come" and his assistant, Liv came in. In her usual white lab coat, her hair was still a frizzy mess and she looked half asleep as Norman stared at her.

"Find Marko and Dillon and see if Alexsi was murdered or just unlucky," he said and Liv blinked a few times,

"Dead?" She asked and Norman scowled at her

"No, I'm asking you to investigate a living person, of course he's dead!" He yelled and she shrank back

"Yes sir, and if he was?"

"Do nothing, just investigate, leave them to me," he shooed her away. Things were coming to a head at Oscorp and his big reveal was coming up, he couldn't have anything screw this up, not some two-bit hood and not some stupid assistant who asked stupid questions. He poured himself a scotch and sat staring at it, it's too important, too important. He drank the whole glass, barely tasting it as he eyed the silver case by his desk. He might need another injection, just to make sure, it was just too important.