Arc Two. Chapter Forty-One. Walk The Walk
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Felicia exited the hatch in the roof and started to run from roof to roof. She didn't care it was daytime and she didn't care if anyone was watching

what the fuck was that? she asked Huntress

We like the peter

Felicia was mortified, she'd not only had sex with him right there in front of his girlfriend but she'd enjoyed it, flirted with her and if she hadn’t run away, would have let Gwen do what she wanted as well.

We like the peter a lot

you are fucking dead meat huntress, I don't like boys, you had no right

you lie, you feel him

Felicia shook her head, yes, it felt great, she'd used toys before and knew what it was like but that was amazing, especially when he. She shook her head

when he released himself inside us, it was so good we want more

Felicia shook her head, no, not ever


We don't have sex with boys

but you like it, we felt it too, you quivered and quaked and we tasted all of you.

no, Felicia shook her head as she sped around the rooftops, no,

we want him again, prove to us you don't and we submit to you, lose and give us to him

you want me to fight Peter for what? The right to fuck me?

WE ARE NOT BONDED TO A COWARD. We are the first, the first to be born whole, we are his equal, and we refuse to listen to your pathetic mewling. we taste you, we feel you and you lie to us and yourself.

Felicia’s head swam and she had to steady herself against a fire escape ladder as Huntress began to cause memories to surface,

She was stood in the schoolyard when she first saw her, her blonde goddess. It was right then Felicia knew she was gay, no-one even came close to what she felt when she looked at her. After some quiet queries. Gwen, her name was Gwen.

She saw him, sat holding a soaked schoolbag to his chest and she could see the tears pooling in his eyes. Flash again, whatever Peter had done to set him off made him target number one for every bully and asshole in the school. She knew he was like her, everyone knew his parents and uncle had died and like her he was alone, no friends, maybe he was her way to speak to Gwen, maybe if she was nice enough.

Stupid Parker, she made everyone back off, kept them at arms distance so when her dad pulled her out of school the pain was nothing. She learned that lesson too many times but him, fuck him. She was rude, but she never went as far as to bully him but he always sat there with a stupid grin and tried to make her feel better, who did that?

She just joined the math team, the math team! She knew shit all about advanced math but even after Gwen left Peter was still there. If there was one person in the school that would accept her it would be him. Slowly she started to look forward to being there, to seeing him.

As she sat hugging a pillow in her still empty home she tried not to cry. It was the second year her father hadn't come home and it was the second birthday she'd spent alone. She wished Gwen was here to hold her, she wished Peter was here to make some stupid joke to try and cheer her up. She hated this, she wanted friends and a life, and as she held tightly onto the pillow it couldn't hide the sounds of her sobbing.

Felicia reeled as the memories flooded back into her. She pushed so many things down, too many feelings to admit she’d even had them but Huntress was relentless in her mental assault.

YOU LOVE HIM! We feel it, you love them both, we let you off your leash and you took him, we savoured it but it was you, you tasted the peter, not us.

Felicia was stunned, maybe she did but it wasn’t something she’d ever just come out and say.

You know what, fine, but no interfering. No fighting me for it, I won't use you and he won't use Venom.

Huntress laughed in her head. There is no peter, there is only venom.

Felica shook her head and landed in an alley, she realised that maybe running around during the day time when Venom was wanted by the police wasn't such a great idea. She let Huntress slip back into her and walking out onto the busy New York streets she hailed a cab back to the warehouse.

Peter sat at the breakfast table, not entirely happy to see that Felicia had come back, rubbing his forehead, "so, let me get this straight, you want to fight me, and if I win we can have sex, but if you win then we don't?"

Felicia nodded, "Yup, cause this" and she motioned between them "was bullshit, there's no way that I'd have sex with Peter Parker, you're a nobody, it was this stupid symbiote making me. So, once and for all, no suits, just powers. You win, I'll shut up and put up. I win and you shut up and uh, yeah. Oh, gimme the cash from Alexsi's office, I know you scored some cash, so yeah. Yeah."

She had touched on the one button nobody touched, she called him a nothing, so fuck her, he would beat her and take her, bend her body to his will, show her who was a fucking nobody. He also got the feeling she was trying to persuade herself more than him though, "but uh, I have powers other than my suit you know, the symbskin armour isn't my ability."

"Uh, Peter, I'm enhanced too, remember, I asked you if you'd been sick after Oscorp and not to be such a pussy about it. Gwen was right, you really are dense sometimes." Felicia shook her head and flipped herself over into a handstand,  and balanced on a single finger. Upside down she began to do push-ups. After 10 or so she pushed off and landed back on her feet. "You need to read those files, Pete, there are more than just us too out there."

"Yeah, Spider-man I guess and the four that attacked me, I know Felicia, I do remember the ass-kicking." Peter rolled his eyes at her, she was fine in small doses but right now, she was grating on him, "so, there is one thing you're missing with all this." he continued as she shrugged, "I don't care, why should I? Your nice and all, and stacked but uh, I've got Gwen and MJ. So what if we don't fuck again?"

"Listen, shithead, it matters to me okay," she pulled a face, mocking Peter's voice "so what if we don't fuck again?" we shouldn't have fucked in the first place," pointing at herself, "lesbian, no guys, plus you fucked me in front of Gwen, who does that? What kind of fucking life are you living here?"

"None of your business what Gwen and MJ want, the only reason you're here is because they saved you, and now what? I owe you? How childish is that? So no, the last time we fought you ran, so give it up, leave, I don't care but tell no one. Anyone knocks on that door looking for Venom, or Gwen or MJ gets hurt. You’ll be the first person I come for, you understand?" Peter's anger at her was matching her own, he didn't care if she was upset, she was the one who came onto him.

"Fine, then that, we fight, you win, I join your little harem or whatever shit this is. I win and I get the cash and walk away, no one talks, no one says shit. I've got my own secrets Parker, you're not the only one with enemies you know."

"Fine then, no suits, no webs, and no bombs," Peter remembered the pain as that flash bomb went off in his face, he'd seen spots for hours afterwards, once he could see that was. 

Peter stood and after looking at it moved the table out the way, putting it in front of his home, "break my table though and I'll be really mad" and he stripped off his t-shirt.

Felicia just shook her head and modified her clothes into shorts and a sports bra. Peter was annoyed that even Huntress could morph into different clothing when he had tried and failed, even if the taut lines of her stomach muscles elicited a response from something other than his anger.

He had finally lost patience with her and this wasn't for some stupid sex or the cash, he just wanted to wipe that smug look off her face and get her the hell out of his life.

"Before we start, what martial arts do you do?" Peter asked,

"A mix", she replied, "you? Or just still swinging like an oaf?"

"Hmph, doing self-defence with my own thing, just started though, fighting last time taught me I needed it." and while he stretched she noticed that his stance was better and that he might actually have some fight in him.

Felicia adopted a wide stance and Peter crouched slightly, both hands hovering slightly below his chin line.

He started forwards and Felicia moved to one side, but Peter had feigned the punch and brought a leg up instead, impacting her side. Felicia took the blow, feeling her ribs ache but took his leg in her arm and lifted him up and threw him at the floor. Peter slammed into it but flipped back up and advanced, darting out a few rights before a left. Felicia ducked and weaved around them, she was still faster than him but he had learned.

With one arm extended Felicia grabbed it for a shoulder throw but Peter grabbed her arm as he went over and she tumbled over him instead. He wasn't holding back and the floor cracked slightly as he impacted her against it. He held her there, one arm caught around his "give up?" he asked and she rolled her legs up and around his neck,

Hoisting herself up she punched him twice in the side of the head until he let go and then ramming both fists into his head leapt off him. Peter stood and turned to her, turning his head from side to sides slowly, "not good enough Felicia, not strong enough to fight me."

"We'll see," she said and taking another stance she motioned for him to attack. Peter smiled and shook his head. Taking his own stance he advanced again, moving closer than before, knowing an extended arm would earn him a throw like last time. While sparring against his instructors was helping the learning process he had to hold back, had to tone down his speed so he didn't hurt anyone but right now he could cut loose.

Felicia almost wet herself as Peter let loose a series of punches, each flowing past her defences and closing in on her face, she crouched and rolled away wondering where the sudden burst of speed came from but Peter followed, throwing a kick to her midsection and as she grabbed his foot he simply lifted her off the ground and slammed her back down again, the wind was knocked out of her and as he brought down his foot again she managed to roll out the way again. Her back ached from the slam and shaking her head she knew that he was more than a match for her.

She slid forwards, laying punches into his side and ribs but he stood and took them. He had no symbskin formed on his chest but to Felicia it was like hitting a concrete post. Peter shook his head, "too tough" and as she swung he grabbed her wrist with one hand and grabbed her by the throat with the other and lifted her up. "We stop playing now" As he pulled her close Felicia realised that she wasn't faster and better trained any more. Peter was learning, adapting and if they continued to fight, she would lose.

Gwen and MJ had met up outside the warehouse and could hear the pair inside, MJ just shook her head and let herself in. The thick smell hit her immediately "what the hell? if you two are going to fuck, do it in your own home please" MJ yelled at them.

Peter let go of Felicia's neck "not fucking though" and she cursed at him as her butt smacked on the concrete floor.

"Really, it smells like a whores crack in here," she shouted and leaving the door open Peter could smell the fresh air coming in.

"MJ, head to my home, third drawer on the right as you go on, get a mask and some cotton wipes for me please." Gwen had stayed outside and MJ shrugged but went anyway, Gwen looked around, making sure the streets were empty, and webbed the surgical mask to her face before coming in. "Pete, lift up your arm," and even through the mask she could smell the sweet musky scent he was giving off, rubbing a wipe over him she disappeared outside again.

She came back a few moments later, the mask ripped from her face, "uh Pete, we might have a problem, MJ was right, you're giving off a pheromone, and a really potent one at that, the warehouse stinks of sex, not sweat, but sex." Outside she had sampled the sweat from Peter,  using Poison to analyse and synthesise more. She recognised it almost immediately.

"Butt sex?" Peter couldn't resist

"This is serious Pete, really serious" and he frowned, he knew exactly what a pheromone meant, that maybe the relationships he had with each woman wasn't by choice, that he'd been influencing them.