Arc Two. Chapter Forty-Two. Talk The Talk
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Gwen had made up several tins of a cream, each one holding different concentrations of the pheromone Peter gave off. While she and the rest had fun making a lot of P jokes, everyone knew that something like this was going to change things, maybe not for the better.

“It’s simple. Pete produces a pheromone that spikes our sex drives, drives the symbiotes crazy and makes sex with him amazingly good.” Gwen stated. She had taken several different strengths of the cream and given them to not just MJ but Felicia and even Peter took one.

After heading into their own homes they all emerged a while later, red-faced and grinning.

“So what do we do about it though? I mean, I didn’t mean it, I didn’t even know I could. Isn't that one of your powers?” Peer sat looking guilty, the cream hadn’t really done anything for him; he still enjoyed listening to the moans and cries of the three in the other homes. Even Felicia had grabbed a tin from Gwen, stating that it must be the stupid pheromone that made her this morning. Peter let her use his home, while he was the easiest of the three to try out the cream Felicia wanted some privacy.

"But" Gwen added, "We talked, away from the warehouse, away from Pete and while it makes sex better, makes us more receptive to his advances, even Felicia had to admit that it's only reinforcing what was already there, this isn't some rapey evil drug and like a normal pheromone it only works to attract not control, so stop looking like that Pete, you weren't roofying us, okay" and while he smiled it wasn't his usual, no one liked being told they'd been subtly influencing the people around them, conscious or not. “I mean, it was great, really really great but it felt the same as when we have sex with you Pete like you were there, argh, I don’t know, Pete but please, stop looking like that, please.”

Peter was unsure of how exactly to feel. His problem wasn't making them receptive to him. It was the drugging aspect. “But, it still makes you want to have sex with me, not the symbiotes, not plain old Peter but a chemical, something that makes you” and he made finger quotes “crave sex”

Gwen sighed “no, that’s not right, shit Pete, I crave pizza but I’m not going to fuck one. So you smell great, you taste great, and it feels great, so what? Am I some junkie that joneses for your dick? No. Am I really happy when you slam it into me? Yes, I am, like when I eat a good pizza or a really great burger, so stop, it’s not bad. It's an aphrodisiac Pete, not mind control”

MJ came over and sat on his lap, moving her hand and running her fingers through his hair, "It's fine Peter, even after being outside, where we couldn't smell it, we knew. You never made us do anything we didn't want to do. If I was going to have sex with someone, it would be you, it's always been you,” she stared at him, wishing he would just understand, "Peter, look, you had sex with Felicia and then Gwen this morning, and really, if I was there I wouldn't have said no either. Sex is amazing, cream stuff or not. We want you, dorky stupid stop fucking arguing Peter Parker. You, Gwen and I were all here before the symbiote thing started, before anything. We both liked you well before that, just, you know, life got in the way," and she looked guiltily at the floor, as each of them knew what she was implying. "That's not what the talk is about though, look, I get the attraction I really do but this" she motioned to the four of them "this is getting out of hand."

Gwen agreed "How exactly do I tell people I'm in a relationship with one guy and two other women, my dad will freak out if he hears you’re sleeping with MJ let alone Felicia as well."

Peter frowned, "wait, you guys are upset because you have to tell people  I've got three girlfriends? not because I've got three girlfriends?" suddenly he was feeling a lot better about the situation "look, I don't know, it's not like I thought one day hey you know what? let's get three girlfriends."

Felicia raised her hand "technically, I'm just a fuck buddy, so you know." Felicia had to admit to herself that if there was one guy, it would be Parker. While he was dorky and too introverted for her tastes, he was still kind and nice to her plus the whole muscles thing made him surprisingly hot, he wasn't built like a bodybuilder, just smooth and oh shut the hell up Huntress and she realised what was happening,

you lost, we now belong to the peter, have him fill us again

MJ rolled her eyes, "not helping Felicia",

Felicia added not helping Huntress to her symbiote.

Felicia was sat watching the trio make stupid faces at each other and while she felt a bit left out, at the same time she wanted this conversation over. "Okay, then you want help, fine, Gwen, break up with Peter and date me, your dad should be happy enough with you coming out right? And then MJ you date Peter, there, two couples hanging out, no issues, no problems no social stigma. So what if we're all screwing most days, it's not like anyone else should be asking about our sex lives anyway. See, done. Plus it'll stop you from making eyes at MJ every five minutes" It was turning into an uncomfortable topic for her and she really didn't want to be talking about her sexuality with these three, even if things were happening quickly there was a lot she didn’t want to explain, not until she knew she could trust them all.

Gwen batted her arm "Oh like I don't see you drooling at Pete" Gwen fluttered her eyelids "oh look at me, I'm a lesbian but let me suck that dick for you Pete, I hate you I really do but you can cum in me if you want to Pete, just let me get the dick Pete", and it was Felicia's turn to throw something at Gwen.

Felicia herself knew that it was Huntress affecting her hormones, we want the peter, you want the peter, don't fight it and while Huntress was right she still didn't like how Gwen had put it. "That's not fair Gwen. I didn't plan it, hell, you think I wanted to lose my virginity at a breakfast table while someone watched? I don't think I'd ever planned on losing it until Peter came along, I was 100% homo, so stop being a bitch" This was why. She was tired of hearing the "you just need a dick and you'll like guys" talk from the girls at school. She'd tried so hard to hide her feelings but still, someone found out and she endured, and now, she got the same from Gwen.

"Hey, enough" Peter interrupted the pair’s bickering, "look it's strange enough the four of us without the backbiting and a pissing contest, so get it all out right now. I've no problems with any of that. Let's wait to see what's going to happen though. Felicia, no one should argue that your not gay, sex once with one guy doesn't make you straight, it's still your life, it's still your body. if you want to stay that way it's fine, no one is forcing anyone to do anything they don't want to okay?"

"Fine fine, I liked it, this is weird as shit but yeah I liked it. I'm willing, just no, no pushing it okay?" Felicia added if it was just Peter,

mmmm, yes, take the peter Huntress purred

Gwen came over and rubbed a hand on Felicia's shoulder, "Sorry okay, just, you know, with everything. My dad is already up my ass about dating Pete, adding another woman into the warehouse and he’ll go nuts."

Peter shook his head though “uh no, look two guys tried to kill you yesterday, I'm not letting anyone know you’re here. Not till we know it's safe, not until we know no one else is going to come looking for you. Once that's settled then we can discuss this again.”

“Shit” Felicia swore as the severity of the situation came crashing down on her “Uh, I can stay right? I mean, I know we only hung out at school but, I can’t go home.” and Peter nodded,

“Plenty space” and he motioned to the offices on the other side of the warehouse.

"MJ?" Peter asked

She sipped on her coffee, "Oh I'm with you Tiger, as for these two, don't care, it's not up to me what they want, I really only care if I'm happy and that your happy, sorry Gwen" and she shrugged, 

Gwen looked disappointed but as she frowned, "it's not like we can do anything about it huh, but yeah, happy too. Fel?"

"Fel huh, straight to the cutesy name," and Peter snorted,

"I like Fel," MJ said,

But even as Felicia shook her head "Yeah, me too, and sure, it works for me."

Of course Peter was fine with it. Right now he realised he was sleeping with the three most attractive women in the school. He never once imagined that he'd ever date one of them let alone them all.

"So, uh, are you guys fine, I mean, I'm the only guy here and, you know, I don't really like the idea of you seeing another man," Peter asked warily.

"Women are okay though?" Felicia asked and Peter thought about it, but after Gwen was there this morning and that sometimes MJ watched when he and Gwen were together he nodded.

Felicia shrugged, "Just wanted to be sure, you know, still not sure about this.” Felicia knew she enjoyed this morning and wanted more, but as she looked at Gwen she knew she wanted that even more. She needed time to figure things out and hoped the trio would be understanding enough to give her that.

"Yeah, uh, Gwen, I feel the same way" MJ added. "I don't mind if you three do things, but, yeah, I'd like Peter alone" and Gwen sighed. “Oh behave Gwen. You know I don’t see you that way, maybe once in a while, like before but, nothing more.”

Gwen nodded “yeah, that's fine with me, no guys, just MJ, Fel and Pete" she shrugged "it's good" and they all nodded, slightly awkwardly but happier for it.

Everyone agreed and then split apart, Gwen and MJ had work and Felicia was still recovering from her ordeal. While she’d been high on the bonding and feeling the adrenaline rush it was great but after sitting and talking with the group she was tired and Gwen let her use her home until Peter could fix her something more permanent.

Peter had been left alone, he did some sketches of an easy to print modular artificial limb based on a nanofibre model he had been working on with Gwen, its long-chain molecules were based on the symbiotes webbing.

Today had been strange, it started off with a talk he'd honestly thought would be full of recrimination about manipulating them into sex but in the end, there were now four people in the warehouse who shared a bed together, hmm, he started to sketch a big huge bed and shook his head, with what Aunt May had said, make sure everyone has their own space and as he thought about he realised that if someone was after Felicia then he should probably convert one of the labs into an apartment for her.

Shit he thought, the only rooms with water hook up were next to his or Gwen's brewery, the rest were either for his electronic work or Gwen's clean rooms. He would talk to her later and for now, it looked like either MJ or Gwen would be sharing. He would need to buy stuff to convert one as well, the junkyard was now no longer an option.

Looking at his phone and checking his bank balance he thought better of it. While they had cash from the safe at Alexsi's it wouldn't be wise to flash a lot of money around all at once, especially if the cops did decide to investigate him. 

No, if she wanted a home she could pay for it herself and get a lease just like the other two. She was nicer once you got to know him and sure, he liked having another girlfriend but that was pleasure and a lease was business.

To top it off he had a more important job to complete. Since the accident he hadn't heard anything from Max or whoever Alexsi worked for and while he was hesitant to go there he wanted it over and done with, he'd rather have an awkward conversation in the street than drag the mess here, especially now Felicia had seemingly moved in as well. He wondered if there would be any more additions to the ever-growing circle of women he seemed to be attracting and as he thought, he really didn't care if there was, it was nice to have a family, nice to have company at night and he loved the sex, he admitted to himself that he really loved the sex.

When Peter had gone to the junkyard it was covered in police tape, a CSI had shooed him away after taking a very short statement, his mentioning Gwen Stacy had rung an alarm bell and after getting a uniformed officer to radio the station Peter had been eyed up and then let go, Officer Vasquez keeping to his word. He had signed a statement saying he was nowhere near the junkyard when it exploded and as his work hours ended at five, there was no reason for anyone to doubt him. He was a nobody in the scheme of things here, even if Alexsi was connected to the mob or other crime gang Peter hadn't been there long enough to get involved in anything more than fixing stolen goods. 

Nobody cared or even suspected that a high school dropout was there, it was extra paperwork and Peter was a footnote in their investigations, so much so that when George Stacy received the report on Alexsi’s death he missed that Peter was even working there let alone gave a statement.