Arc Seven. Chapter Two Hundred. Trust Issues
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As Peter waved his fork and explained the situation, Sebastian ate his own meal.

“So, you knocked Hydra on its ass, you knocked Charles on his ass, and Selene. So tell me, Pete. What’s to stop you from doing the same to me?” Shaw asked him as he narrowed his eyes and took a sip of champagne.

Peter finished the last bite of steak, and as he ate, he stared at Sebastian. After swallowing “well, for one, the running theme of all my business seems to be dumbshits trying to take advantage of me. Whereas you, you sat me down, fed me one of the, if not the most delicious meal I have ever eaten and didn’t treat me like some stupid kid. You talked to me, you didn't barge in, make demands and then threaten me. And I respect that, Mr Shaw.”

Sebastian balled the napkin he had around his neck and leant back in his chair, “respect,“ and as he smirked, “I can respect that, but it's not an answer.”

“The power. Hydra fell because they weren't careful enough, Charles hides and so does Selene. Whereas you sit on a golden throne, with a badass behind you and a hot piece of ass beside you, and I want that. You know everyone gives me shit but I have six girlfriends, and Emma gives me one for every day of the week.” and as Peter smiled Shaw looked at the unamused Emma and burst out laughing.

“And this power, you think I can give it to you, and you will share yours in exchange?” and Peter leaned forwards.

“I know you do genetic research here and I have my own scientists. The Oscorp armour we stole is almost fully functional again, the cream we sell in the brothels is my own design. We both have power, but I know I’m new to the game, getting a hand up and making a few good friends makes that a lot easier,” Peter explained as Shaw sat leaning back in his chair, idling with a leftover spoon,

“So, I trust you because you want the same things as I do?” and Peter nodded,

“Everyone else has been a jackass to me, JJ is up my ass every day, telling people I killed his son, but they started it, they all did. Only you sent a beautiful woman to invite me, only you have actually had some decency.”

Shaw lifted the spoon and let it clatter on the table, “I have to admit that sounds convincing, but you don't get to my age or my position without guarantees. Sign, then I would like a genetic sample. Your power is unique, bio-armour plus that rope ability, that webbing is like Spider-Mans but stronger, plus healing. It's a good all round package, and I collect things like that.”

Peter nodded, “So I've been told, nazi’s right?” and Shaw frowned but nodded,

“Yeah, don’t care, we won the space race cause of nazis. Project Paperclip, a lot of people forget that.” and for once Shaw was impressed. While it all looked good he still had a nagging doubt that Peter was trying something, and he learned a long time ago never to ignore that doubt, but as they talked and he opened up he found himself liking the young man. His taste in women was superb, he was respectful and polite, and now, they shared certain ideals.

As the conversation continued, dessert was served, simple ice cream from a special breed of cow, supposedly the last of its kind, and only one herd.

As he closed his eyes and resisted the urge to devour the plate he did have one question, “So, why Bar Sinister?” and Shaw looked over at Azazel and laughed,

“It's what they called me during the war, Mr Sinister.” and Peter shrugged.

“Better than costume wearing freak.” Peter snorted, “At least Mister shows they feared and respected you.” and Shaw took a small bite of ice cream and nodded. 

Definitely starting to like the boy, he thought.

The rest of the meal was eaten with small pleasantries, and afterwards, Peter signed his name with a flourish on the contracts, which Azazel took and vanished,

“Would you like to freshen up before we take the tour?” and Peter shrugged, wondering what the man meant,

“Sure.” and as Emma gave him a small glare she took him not a side room where she pushed him into a chair,

“You do know he means fucking me right?” she said angrily, it's a test, to see how far he can push you, and she got down on her knees and ran her hands up his thighs, you owe me big time, and as she felt for his zipper she frowned and he shook his head,

It's my armour, it doesn’t have one. Can you not, I dunno, make an illusion?

Not to fool the camera, and as he let his senses out, he felt the small recording device in the corner,

It's just fake, was all he said as he reached down and under his hand lifted a thick patch of symbskin, moulding and shaping it, seriously this is just armour.

He had left it small, and as Emma glared at him, and her head began to bob he waited a reasonable length of time before grasping the back of her head and crying out. Emma mimed wiping her mouth but he had been right, it was just like sucking on plastic, with no taste or texture.

As Sebastian watched on the camera he shook his head. He had the boy now, even if Peter was compliant he could still blackmail him. He doubted very much his other girlfriends would be happy about infidelity, and he would use that to his advantage. Snorting in derision, at both his size and how long he nodded to Azazel who vanished once more and he saw Peter quickly zip himself up as the man entered the room. Grabbing both him and Emma they all vanished and they reappeared in the same room as Shaw.

It was a simple study, with maps and pins in it on one wall and a simple wooden desk, still polished mahogany, with a leather office chair and piles of folders and other paperwork on it.

“For security, you need one of these,” and he opened a wooden box on his desk. Inside were four cuffs which Peter had seen before. Liv had been put into one by Rumlow and even though he nodded he still hated the idea of these things.

As they all clipped it around their wrist Peter stiffened as he felt the mental connection, obey, listen, truth, whispered in his mind,

yeah yeah, he whispered back.

“Well, that went well, Peter, do you have backup waiting? or plans to betray me at any time?” Shaw sat on the edge of his desk.

“Felicia is waiting for a phone call, and if I don't answer in the correct way she knows how to find me. We plan on doing business with you until we can infiltrate your organisation and see if we can dispose of you in a few years time.” Peter said robotically.

Shaw frowned and shrugged, “that's it? No huge army, or master plan, just wait until I'm old and then take over naturally? I'm disappointed.”

“Why waste your talent? I need to learn from the best.” Peter answered and Shaw laughed,

“Okay. Last one, tell me what you think of Emma.”

“She’s got nice tits and I could let her suck me off for hours.” and Emma glared but Shaw shrugged, 

“Always thought they were your best feature too.” but Emma was still angry from the demonstration earlier, “and now Emma. Do you have plans to betray me?” and as she stiffened, 

“I am going to seduce Peter and use him in a war to take over. I already planted a suggestion in his mind and once he was old enough I would have him kill you and take the fall.” Shaw shook his head,

“And what do you think of Peter, answer honestly.”

“He has a small dick, and I doubt the women are using him for anything other than a convenient place to stay. Dumb and young, he’d be a good ally but a better patsy.” and Shaw laughed,

“You just can't get the staff these days, can you?” and as he looked over at Azazel the man shrugged but said nothing. “Well, you’re already collared. See, why trust anyone, when you can simply make them obey.”

Shaw felt around in Peter's pocket till he found his phone, “Call Felicia and give her the passphrase, then we’re going to a much nicer place. I still want your powers but I think you need a little more persuasion, Discipline is important, fear and respect, you said it, fear and respect.” and as he handed over the phone Peter dialled the numbers,

“The meal was great, I'm fine and the deal is done. Be home at 11, love you” and he hung up. Shaw took his phone and on his desk, smashed it, 

“You can explain that later, a drunken accident should suffice.” Motioning to Azazel he put a hand on Peter and Emma's shoulder while Shaw put his own hand on Azazel’s and they vanished.

As a light flickered on and the trio stood, Shaw smiled. “Welcome to the real Bar Sinister, where all my dreams come true.”

Peter stood amazed. In large rows, like a science fiction movie, were tubes. Each one holding a figure inside. Peter could feel the minds of each clone and as he looked around there must have been hundreds of them.

“Impressive isn't it. See, the nazi’s weren’t just good at rockets, but eugenics, and once you add in mutants you can make any power combination you want. Of course, we now have genetics and a huge database of mutant powers, all carefully harvested and catalogued. Want a super-soldier who’s invulnerable but can self-destruct on command, or an invisible assassin that can teleport. Easy. Once you add in a little Oscorp ingenuity and the chip goes into the clone, no collar, nothing to fall off or accidentally break. A neat little package, all ready for sale across the world. Why brainwash mutants, when you can just make an army of super slaves.”

Shaw snapped his fingers and two of the larger males walked forwards, “this is our Sabretooth model. Strong, tough and hard to kill. Once I harvest your DNA I’ll add in that bio armour, and make them invincible.” as they grabbed Peter Shaw moved over to a trolley and grabbed a needle, “it’s painless” and taking a small sample he snapped again as a woman hurried over, taking the needle and vanishing, Peter’s eyes flicked over to Emma and Shaw looked between the pair,

“Oh, you like Emma? so do a lot of others, so” and he motioned off to the side and a woman, much younger than Emma, and completely naked, walked forwards, her long blonde hair trailed down her back and her breasts were pert and firm looking, Peter couldn't help but stare and neither could Emma. She was an exact clone of her in every way.

“Sex dolls. Want a cock hungry slut that’ll take it any way you want and can heal no matter what you do? Isn’t it great, like that uh,“ and Shaw snapped his fingers, “Stepford Wives. Perfect in every way. Oh and we can halt the process at any time. If someone a little younger is your thing.” and as he laughed, “Totally submissive, will obey any order and if you damage it, just dispose of it and get a new one, a virgin every time if you want.”

It was Emma that broke the stream of Shaw's sales pitch. She screamed and her form changed and became the most beautiful diamond, glittering under the artificial lights. She swung a fist at Azazel, who avoided her blow and vanished, reappearing next to Shaw.

“I’ll fucking kill you,” she screamed at him, her breathing heavy and ragged, “you sick fuck.”

“Well, that was unexpected,” was all he said. He had not expected the collar to fail so easily.