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Hello, let me tell you a story as to how i ended up currently being beaten the living hell out of some rich kids who wore chinese clothings that come out in some old historical era.

Also, i don't even know why these brats started beating me up when i didn't do sht to them.

I was basically playing on my potato ass laptop, rendering a low quality graphics so that it can run an RTS game me and my brothers play.

Then, i suddenly blinked and had my faced being pummeled by some random kid out of nowhere and more kids began to beat me up.

I could barely hear these kids talking sht at me such as 'Fcking asshole stealing my woman' to 'Stop seducing my girl' when i don't even know why i'm some gigolo when the memories of mine don't even explain sht to me.

I only found out that i'm just some poor kid(haha relatable), father running away with another woman(haha so relatable) and a mother whose sick and eventually passed away when it was on my birthday no less(dear god, stop being so real).

It still doesn't explain sht as to why i'm stealing women left and right when all the qualities of mine are basically just some poor kid with no money and even moreso no talent at all.

If i'm that good with stealing women with my kind of quality, that means that these guys are basically petty to even lose to me. Lol.

I decided to endure the beatings since i noticed that even when i'm ganged up, no one is willing to help me and my body has the same durability as in my past life but more stamina(comparable to iphone to an android).

After those brats left me, i decided to check in to see why am i popular with women. And lord behold, the comparison of an ugly bastard and every girl's dream guy is confirmed.

The looks of a supermodel, the body which was forged through hard work at doing laborious task and compared to that guy's personality. Screw money and fame, if you date me, its like winning the lottery. No wonder those btches like me. Would a girl br willing to date an ugly bastard? Unless of course if they are gold diggers.

But my looks, my hunk body and that guy's personality, i was actually quite lucky i wasn't locked in some sex dungeon by some girls.

On second thought, being this good-looking kinda looking sus to me right now. I prefer to be handsome enough to not get kidnapped thank you very much.

But even though my life was worthless right now. Some divine intervention had come and rescue this poor sap.

[I-i'm sorry that i won't be much use of you.... But i am the tech system to provide the host in making technological advancements.]

A system that any generic chinese MC that helps him in moving the plot appears! And what it did gave me? A tech system to which it would help me fight off those guys who can use light swords out of thin air, flying on a sword or better yet, can cause apocalyptic moves that might destroy the world...

Well, one thing for certain, the system is basically sht when it comes to battles.... But....

After summarizing through its functions, its basically an assistant that would help me build up my own internet cafe. And not only that, it would help me build more modern things that i can make more profit than some oil-baron prince can make.

Viva Modern tech!