Chapter 3
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My experiments take about a year to finally bear a fruit. I finally get the perfect consistency for my new container. The container not only strong physically but also mentally. 

The container has a humanoid shape with male gender. I make his face as attractive as I can. His body is fit, not to muscular but not to scrawny either.

Okay let's just hope that this is the right container. I began to transferring my consciousness inside the body. The body begin to trembling uncontrollably. Slowly the gigantic mass of energy are suck by the body like a dry sponge absorbing the water.

Just a bit more.

After hours of transfer process the mass gaseous finally can no longer be seen. There is only a man with naked body floating in space.

The body then twitching a bit and slowly light began to be shine.

"Hahhh... "

The body that was just stiff a moment ago began to move. It look around and look at itself.

"I did it. I finally did it!!!! Woohoooo!!!"

Yes finally I got the right consistency for this body.

I began to test this body. First faster than light travel. I began to used my power to slingshot myself towards one of the system that I planned to eat after this. 

Okay time to test this new body's limits. I head to one of the planet and began to unleash my power beam. My target, the planet. I shot a concentrated energy beam, before my beam are large and causing the surface of the planet to melt on the surface. But it really is a huge waste of energy. This time I have a container to regulate the energy usage.

That concentrated energy that was shot, burrow until it reaches it's core. And then the planet detonated. Only small pieces that's left.

Whoa! That was powerful, plus it's only using small amount of energy. Well let's celebrate this success by feasting on this system.


Okay, to be honest, what the hell am I gonna do now? I need to travel and explore more of the universe. But according to my knowledge that I gain, the universe full with unimaginable powerful creatures just like me.

I need to do something to protect myself. Okay first, I need some sort of base for my operation. With this I can have a place to act as a hideout if worst things happen. Well looks like it's time for me to use my power.

Using my godlike power, I began to conjure my base of operations, my palace, my fortress. In the middle I make a golden palace/fortress and surrounding it with a spacious plains that is as large as a planet full to the brim with grass and tree. Then I covered it with a large dome. Inside I place an artificial sun that will act exactly like a sun. Same goes with the moon. I also add some hills and mountains as well. I then filled the dome with gas that make up the atmosphere.

Okay finish with the habitation, now defences. I then build around the base with a ring that connects with the main base. On the ring I put a point defence turrets, missiles, tachyon turrets and finally last but not least focus arc emitters cannons. Not enough with that I also seal off any jump points that can be used to get in here.

Okay now I just need creatures to populate this place. If I want this place to becoming lively I need someone else with me. I also want to have someone to talk with.

So time to populate this new place that I make. Using my power I began to make my creation. I create about 10000 beings. 5000 male and 5000 female. They have a humanoid form with two legs and two limbs. I also added on them wings behind their back for ease of movements. I also make their face as beautiful as I can. And one last thing, I give them the gift of a very long life, so they will always be by my side.

I looked back at my creations. I feel really proud looking at them. Using my power then I give life to my perfect creations. Slowly the empty flesh vessels began to move.

The creatures that I make begin to look around, they even slowly begin to familiarise themselves in their new body. Hehehe~ when I look at them like this, they looks really cute. I guess maybe they realise me in front of them because they suddenly becoming flustered and quickly went down to their knee.

"Rise my children." I said.

Slowly they rise up to stand in front of me. They still look a bit afraid and agitated, so I give them a warm smile to reassure them that it's okay.

"Don't be afraid my children. I am not here to punish you."

I then proceed to show the beautiful world that I just created.

"From now on all of you shall live here. You will build this place, protect it. I shall guide all of you." I said.

At first they begin to look at each other and on their faces are a looks of surprise and joy. In a split seconds, all of them has a look full resolute and proceed to kneel down on their knees.

"Yes Father!! All of us shall build this place this place. We shall protect it and also we shall protect You! We pledge our lives to You. In life and in death we will forever serve You."

I look at them. Their serious face and unwavering loyalty that emitting from them really make me to grow fond of my own creation. Slowly my mouth curve to form a warm smile.

"Come I shall teach all of you everything that you need to know."