Chapter 4
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It has been 10 years since I created this place. Currently I'm still teaching them various teachnology and knowledge. Slowly but surely all of them begin to understand and start using the knowledge that I teach them.

Right now I only teach all of them the basic tools and technologies. I need to start slow. I cannot just out of nowhere give them a nuclear weapons, that is dangerous. From now on I will only guide them, plus it probably will only take them a few hundred years to reach a satisfactory technology advancement. I have the time, I can wait.

After I have finish bestowed all the necessary knowledge, they begin to make their first settlements not far from my palace, living a happy and wonderful life. As for me I continue to watch my creations grow. It really is fun to watch them as they slowly build their society.

For years I continue to watch them grow, guide them when necessary. One day when they are ready, they shall be my assistant and will help me explore this large universe.


My name is Irina. I am one of Father's creations. I still remember the first day I open my eyes. Everything is so bright... so stimulating. I looked around myself and saw that I am surrounded by people who looks almost familiar to me, appearance wise. I then look down at my hands, it's so white and my fingers are so slender. Behind me is a pair of beautiful white wings, I move it slowly to familiarise myself with it.

As I look at myself, suddenly I can feel someone looking at all of us. I quickly look at the source and there He is, standing in front of all of us. He looks no different than a harmless middle-aged man in a robe. But my instinct keep telling me that He is not an ordinary person and in a quick movements I bow down to my knees in front of Him.

I raised my head a little and look around me. The other also were on their knees, it looks like the others also realise the same thing as I am. I can feel that He is no ordinary man, He is without a single doubt, our Creator. The One that has given all of us life. We have make a blunder, as soon as we were given life, we did not thank Him but instead just looking at ourselves. Instead of becoming angry and reprimanding all of us for our blunder, He instead greeted all of us in a warm and welcoming voice, as if a fathers welcoming their children from a long journey.

"Rise my children." He said.

All of us slowly rise on our feet. As I standing, I can feel his limitless power emitting from His body, making Him menacing. But then Father just give all of us a bright warm smile and an assurance that He will not hurt us.

"Don't be afraid my children. I am not here to punish you."

He then proceed to show a very beautiful place, full of greenery as far as eyes can see. Then He give all of us, His creations, an unexpected gift.

"From now on all of you shall live here. You will build this place, protect it. I shall guide all of you."

At first we look at each other in disbelief. Even though we acting disrespectful towards Him, He still show us his kindness. 

Then all of us go down to on our knees and gives him our pledge that we shall forever be with him and will always serve him until the end of our days.

After that father guide all of us, teach us knowledge for us to survive in this world. All of us then were divided into more specialise group. Some will focus on construction, some research, as for me I choose the warrior path. Day and night me and some other warriors train ourselves for the possibility of a war break out.

We shall be Father's sword and shield. We shall protect this place and Father from any threat. But we need to be strong first. We shall build our society so that one day we can stand side by side with Father.