Chapter 16: Earth Prime
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With the development of current events, their job is to search for the other five masters. Carter asks Cisco and Wells to analyze the command seal to find the location of the other masters. He told them that they needed to build a device to locate the other masters. “We need a device to locate the other masters. Cisco, Wells, can you build the device. A device that can detect the magic of the command seals.”

Cisco and Wells wanted to say yes, however, the reality is not so easy. Cisco said he does not have the ability to build a device that can locate magic. Since he is unable to understand the concept and properties of magic, he has no way to help.

Carter could only agree. “I figured as much. Unless someone has dabbled in technology and the mystic arts, building such a device is out of the question.” Carter told them that they would need help to locate the other masters. He told them that Alaya had granted him information on the people who stopped Crisis. They were told that they needed to find seven paragons who could save the multiverse. The Cisco of the now Earth-Prime, with the help of Ray Palmer, was able to develop a device to locate the seven paragons. Some of the paragons were located on different Earths.

Carter came to the conclusion that they needed to travel to Earth-Prime to locate their Cisco and have him calibrate the device that located the paragons to locate the other five masters. “Since Eddie and I are the ones with the command seal, it seems logical for us to go. But you guys need to keep the Central City of this Earth safe while we’re gone.”

Eddie understood the gravity of the situation, like with Berserker, if anyone were to fight that monstrosity, the only outcome would be death. Carter said there would six other servants like that. “There some servants are more dangerous than others. The winner would have their wish granted. However, what kind of wish the winner is going to make is up to them? What would they wish for? That itself is unknown. The only solution for us is either to win the Holy Grail War, or to stop it.”

Carter told everyone that he could use Caster’s magic to create a breach to Earth-Prime, so they did not have to worry about reaching their destination. The question he posed to everyone was when to leave. He wanted to leave as soon as possible. “I suggest we leave tomorrow morning. We meet here, to check if we have everything we need before leaving. Eddie, we pack our bags tonight, and we leave tomorrow. We’ll meet here and 9:30 a.m. Agreed!”

Eddie nodded at the plan. That night, he prepared all the things he needed, especially clothes and his Flash suit. That morning Carter greeted him in the control room. He released an exasperated sigh before getting ready to leave. Carter with the appearance of Dr. Roman told him to hand over his bag. Carter then opened an alternate space and placed his bag inside. Carter told him that he can create a small pocket dimension to store anything he needed. He even joked about how he could store an entire house in the pocket dimension. He says it helps when traveling.

Carter used Caster’s magic and opened a breach to Earth-Prime. “The breach is open, the path is now connected. We can now set off for Earth-Prime.” He looked at Eddie “are you ready?” Eddie could only reply “ready as I’ll ever be”. Cater nodded “let’s depart.”


Earth Prime – S.T.A.R. Labs

Cisco’s day started like any other since Crisis. He tried to identify what other changes had occurred since Earth-1 merged with Earth-2 and Earth-38 to become Earth-Prime. He went through all the records of all the villains that they had faced to find any idiosyncrasies. This was proven with their encounter with Pied Piper. The problem caused him quite a bit of frustration. Furthermore, he was also frustrated because he could not remember when he decided to get a tattoo on his right hand. The tattoo looked like a code of arms with a circle shield a sword in the middle.

Cisco was staring at the monitor looking for any more differences between the current Earth and the previous Earth. While he was doing that, Ralph was catching up on his Netflix shows using the big monitor. While they were busy doing their own business, Caitlin, Iris, and Barry walked into the command room carrying food. Barry puts down the bag of food “Food's here. We bought Chinese.”

They brought more than enough food for everyone because Barry would finish all the extra food if there were any left. Cisco took a break for lunch while Ralph played a sitcom on the monitor. Just as they were about to eat, the alarms started sounding. Cisco checked the monitor and found that a breach was opened in the breach room. They all stopped eating and ran to the breach room, with Barry reaching there first.

When they reached the breach room, they saw two people stepping out of the breach. An unknown person with red hair and someone that they thought should have died five years ago. “Eddie? Is that really you? But how can it be? You’re dead!”

When Carter and Eddie stepped through the breach from Earth-43, what greeted them when they stepped out of the breach into Earth-Prime, was the sight of familiar faces. The faces of their dear friends, Barry, Iris, Cisco, Caitlin, and Ralph.

Carter looked around the room to make sure they had arrived on Earth-Prime. He looked around and saw his friends Barry, Iris, Ralph, Caitlin, and Cisco. He especially noticed Cisco, more accurately Cisco’s right hand. When Carter saw Cisco’s right hand, he was immediately delighted. They had found the first of the other five masters. He approached Cisco and took the man’s right hand to observe the command seal.

“Eddie, good news. We have found the first master.” When Eddie heard this, he was happy. Their journey to fight in the Holy Grail War had just started, and they already found the third master. They just needed to find four more masters and summon the servants. Then they could end the war.