Chapter 26: The Killer Is Revealed
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National City

The case with the fog killer went on for several days. Each attack happened at a different location. Neither the DEO nor the authorities that survived the encounter were able to identify the culprit. No one was able to provide a description. The Flash, Supergirl, and Martian Manhunter were unable to stop the killer, despite their powers.

“The children, the children, save the children. They were innocent. Why did they have to die?” J’onn was rambling, yelling and screaming like a maniac. “I knew J’onn going into that kid’s head was a bad idea. I just didn’t think it was going to be this bad.” Not just Kara, but everyone was depressed. Seeing J’onn, the leader of the DEO fall into such a state, they did not know what else to do. Barry then received a call.

“Barry, Carter and Eddie are back. Do you want me to tell them about National City? They might have some insight into your meta-human/alien problem.” Exasperated, Barry answered, “tell them our location Cisco, we’ll meet up with them.”

Central City

A breach opened in the breach room. Cisco and Caitlin detected it and rushed over. When they got there, Carter, Eddie, along with four other people exited the breach. “Lucy, I’m hooome.” When Carter said this, Eddie hit the back of his head. “Take this seriously will you.” “Hey guys, you’re back”, Eddie and Carter greeted Cisco and Caitlin, then introduced the people they brought with them. “Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, this is Henry, Joey, Courtney, and Pat. Henry and Joey here are the masters we found on Earth-212, and Courtney and Pat are fellow heroes hoping to meet new allies.”

Cisco and Caitlin brought them to the control room and introduced them to the new world. While Caitlin was showing the four new guests around, Cisco contacted Barry who was in National City with Supergirl. Cisco was about to tell Carter and Eddie about the situation in National City before Carter cracked the space beside him and brought out two large boxes. Inside them were two individuals.

“Cisco, this is Brainwave and Icicle. There’re meta-humans from Earth-212. We need to put them into the pipeline until a more permanent residence can be prepared for them.” Carter told Cisco everything that happened in Blue Valley, including Project New America. Cisco was surprised by the plan the two villains cooked up. He brought them to the pipeline to place them in their new cells when they meet up with Caitlin’s tour group. The two villains had already regained consciousness when they were shown to Cisco. They showed their contempt at the new person in front of them. Courtney approached Icicle in his cell before he was sent into the pipeline. “You won’t hurt anyone anymore Jordan. The people here can suppress your abilities. You won’t be able to use your powers here. You will never return to Blue Valley again.”

Henry approached his father as he was placed in his cell. “I’ll find a way to help you, dad, I promise. Then things can go back to the way they used to be.” Brainwave was disappointed in his son and spoke in a calm manner. “Don’t worry son. I’ll get out eventually, then, I will kill every single one of your friends and the people you care about. When that’s done, the rage and despair will consume you. You will be broken, then I will be there to pick up the pieces, and make you into the new Brainwave. You, my son, will carry on my legacy.” Brainwave’s words to his son made the hair on everyone’s back stand up. Despite his predicament, he was still able to instil fear into them.

When the matter of the prisoner transfer was settled, Cisco told everyone about the situation in National City. Cisco brought them to the control room and explained the whole situation. When he was done, Carter gave an affirmative reply, “I think I might know who’s behind the recent killings in National City.” Cisco interjected, “You know who it is?” Carter answered, “I’m not 100 percent sure, but I’ve got a pretty good idea. I need to go to National City for more information. If it really is who I think it is, then Barry and Supergirl don’t have a chance at stopping the culprit. Come on Eddie. Let’s go to National City. Do you guys want to come along? It’s highly probable that we would meet real aliens.” When Carter told them about actual aliens, the three high schoolers jumped at the opportunity. Even Pat was interested.

Carter wanted to go not just to stop the culprit behind the murder cases but mainly to meet with the sixth master. Carter opened a breach and the group of six left S.T.A.R. Labs to go to National City. The breach opened at the centre of the DEO Barry, Kara, Alex, Brainy, and Lena were waiting for their arrival. Cisco had told Barry they were coming beforehand so as not to raise any alarms.

When they arrived, Barry, Kara, Brainy, Lena, and Alex took them to the infirmary. In the infirmary, J’onn was in his full green-skinned Martian form. He was still screaming and yelling about saving the children. When Carter saw the Martian’s condition, he was baffled. What did the man see that could cause this? Entering the minds of such people would be tantamount to psychological suicide. “Let me see the patient.” Kara introduced Carter to the Martian called J’onn.

Throughout the entire time they had arrived on Earth-Prime, Carter did not undo his imprint of Caster. He needed access to Caster’s advanced spells to move between the Earths and create breaches. He also needed to maintain the prison for the two ISA members. He did not have the time to undo the imprint when he was asked to go to National City.

Carter approached the bound Martian and drew a magic circle over the patient. Everyone there, were impressed by his ability but rejected the notion of magic when Carter told them so. Joey was the exception. He was intrigued by the prospect of actual magic. After giving his explanation, Carter entered his consciousness into J’onn’s mind.

When he entered J’onn’s mind, he saw many children. Some were crying, some were wandering aimlessly, and some were dying. Carter found J’onn in the chaos. He approached him and touched his shoulder. When he did so, all the children disappeared. It was replaced by a scene of him and his friends, Kara, Alex, Brainy and the friends that were no longer at the DEO Carter pulled the man up, “It’s gone now, all the chaos is gone. It’s time to come home.” After Carter said that, he left J’onn’s mind and J’onn woke up. When he did so, his friends rush to him.

Carter used his magic to continue to heal the Martian. When J’onn was completely healed, he asks them about the situation. “So, what is the situation about this killer? I need some more information before I can make a conclusion. From the scarce info, Cisco gave me, I have a culprit in mind for these cases.” Kara told Carter what happened, “Each time the killer appears, there’s always a thick fog covering the area. So far, none of our equipment could see inside it. But Brainy was able to build a drone yesterday that lets us see inside the fog. It was just like when Barry, Lena, and I went in. We found the killer using the drone but.” Seeing Kara stop herself, Carter asked her to continue. “We got a clear picture of the assailant but, we could not remember the culprit. Each time we see the recording, we forgot the culprit’s appearance afterwards. No one could explain the situation, not even Brainy.”

“Let me see the recording, I need to confirm something”. Carter asks them to show him the video and they complied. Everyone watched the video and saw the culprit. But when they turned it off or looked away, they forgot about the culprit’s appearance. After watching the video, Carter gave them his conclusion. They all waited in anticipation.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a servant on our hands. This is not just any servant but a servant of the Assassin class.” Barry remembered Carter’s explanation of the Holy Grail War, and that it involved a battle between servants, Heroic Spirits. “So you’re saying that the culprit is a servant. I find that hard to believe. This has to be a meta or an alien at least.

Carter shook his head, “I am 100% positive that this is the work of Assassin. But this is not just any Assassin class servant. Our culprit is the person who terrorized and drove fear into the hearts of men and women alike in London, during the late 1800s. Our culprit is none other than one of the most famous killers in history, Jack the Ripper.”