Chapter 20
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Sitting on the roof, Iris held her hands in front of her. Her palms horizontal, with the bottom facing up, and top down. In between it was a ball and a shrapnel rotating about.


If one looked closely, they would see streaks of electricity run on her hands from time to time.


Suddenly, the sharp point of the shrapnel pointed outwards, shooting outwards before eventually falling down due to gravity.


She stood up before leaping off the building. The only problem with this training was she had to manually retrieve it each time. 


Her dad, and Rhea both stood next to each other and watched her, showing no attempts to help.


Her dad was also no longer a giant fox, instead he became a kitsune as well. 


That night, when Iris went to sleep, she woke up with a few new things. The ability from her dad had passed on to her. At the same time, her dad had also lost his beastly form, reverting into his current form.


She wasn’t really sure how it worked, but she felt it was because all of his powers, something different from mana was taken into her. The only thing remaining was a rack, although he still maintained all of his abilities.


If possible, he could even transform into his boss form, as long as she passed him back his powers.


The only problem was, her dad appeared to be cold, and a little haughty compared to his past self. If it weren’t because he still looked like his former appearance, she would’ve thought she saved the wrong person!


When Iris picked up the shrapnel, she made her way back to the roof. 


“Dad, you’re not going to see mom?”


“Later, I like being on the roof. Go away.”


“Bleh,” Iris stuck her tongue at him before grabbing Rhea’s hand and pulling her away. Her two tails swayed behind her. 


Iris *

Xiv’s successor

Seed of Calamity


Level 12 (57/300)




Abilities - Status Screen, Lightning


The extra star was because she had evolved one time, after absorbing the fragment of calamity from her dad.


While walking down the stairs, her mom and her little sister passed by her as they made their way up as well.


“Let’s go to Setz Base.”


Rhea walked up next to her.


Iris nodded. “I need a beast with a water ability.” Right now, water was a problem. Everything had been polluted by the abandoned nuclear power plant located north of the city. 


The only thing they could rely on was water from ability users, which wasn’t free. 5 gallons were equivalent to one tierless beast core. Although it was tierless, their demand far surpassed the supplies, and tier 1 was currently extremely rare.


If one had a water ability, they could live in this world like a king. If they were contracted to the base, they got even more privileges.


Iris didn’t dress up much, other than wearing her usual spats and coat. A new one that Rhea had given her. The two then made their way to Setz Base.


When they arrived, the lobby was popular and full as always. People had already settled down after the month, and the base had expanded quite a bit. They no longer only occupied the mall, but the houses around it. 


Lined on the lobby were people with stalls. Seeing it, Iris giggled and pulled Rhea over. The world had changed quite a bit. On the stall were a bunch of weapons and armor. 


Naturally what they exchanged for was beast cores, or beast parts. Rarely did they exchange using the credits from the base. 


“Young Miss, this sword is made from the bones and fangs of a Dog Beast. Not only is it conductive to mana, it is also the hardest part inside of them. How is it? The price is only 10 tierless cores.”


Iris rolled her eyes. Blacksmith sure was lucrative. “Isn’t this a little too expensive?” She only had 20 cores on her. They were the remainder from their fight with her dad. 


The weapon was also a massed produced variant. Alongside it was a bunch of other weapons that were identical. His stall wasn’t the only stall, and there was a bunch more.


The man smiled. “Don’t misunderstand. Although they are all identical, it also means they are stable. Unlike those over there, and over there.” He pointed towards the two stalls towards the side. “These aren’t handmade, but crafted using my ability. Not only did I mend it perfectly, I can also shape it as I please during the crafting phase.”


The words. Invest in me, and you’ll have a lot of gains, was written all over his face. 


Yet, Iris felt something was fishy.


“We’ll buy it. In the future, if we need something, make sure to give us priority okay?” Rhea smiled and bought two of the swords, using her own cores before Iris could make a choice.


The man happily took them. “Of course. As my first customer, I’ll naturally give you benefits.” He started to look over the place before taking out two different beast bones. Then, Iris saw a blue light come out from him, enveloping the bones. Their shape changed into a rectangular shape, and he engraved his name onto it.


Oscar. On the back of it was a flame mark.


“If you ever need to dispose of some beast parts, you can pass them over to me,” he smiled. Keeping customers is a lot easier than making new ones, and it also brought a lot more long term benefits. He passed her the cards and placed the swords in a sheath before passing that over as well.


Rhea took them and passed one set over to Iris who was still confused before pulling her away. 


Seeing that the two left, Oscar let out a sigh, his heart was threatening to beat out of his chest.