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After waiting for how many days, both of them finally got the good news. Xiao Zhan had passed the university entrance exam! Even Wang Yibo's parents were also happy when hearing the news.

As for Xiao Zhan, he could not ask for more. After meeting Wang Yibo, everything that fell apart before went back into the right place one by one.

While entering the Wang Corporation building with a lunch box in his hand, he was greeted by the people he passed by. Ever since he went  together with the Wang Family, almost everyone here recognized him.

"Mr. Xiao, young master is still in the conference room. He instructed me to have you wait in his office." Wang Yibo's secretary informed him politely.

Xiao Zhan nodded and said "Thank you."

Before he could enter the office, he saw Wang Yibo and Chairman Wang among the group of people walking while discussing something.

When the two of them saw Xiao Zhan, they immediately smiled and went to him.

"Ge, I'm sorry to have you wait..." Wang Yibo said dotingly and then put his (yb) hand into Xiao Zhan's shoulder.

"En. I j-just came here..." Xiao Zhan answered without noticing that his ears became red. Then he also looked towards Chairman Wang, "U-Uncle..."

"Xiao Zhan's here... I heard from Yibo that you will be checking the villa today."

With the curious gaze of everybody, Xiao Zhan smiled faintly and nodded. He was a bit uncomfortable with all these inquiring looks.

Chairman Wang noticed Xiao Zhan's uneasiness, but even so, he looked at his subordinates and tell them something that made them stunned for a minute.

"You might not know, but this child is my son's lover..." Chairman Wang proudly said to them purposely to let them know how he gave importance to Xiao Zhan as his son's partner.

Everyone who heard him (CW) registered a looked in their faces saying "so it was like that"... Since Chairman Wang introduced this boy in front of them, they know their boss wanted them to treat Xiao Zhan same as what they treated the members of the Wang Family.

Even though they were shocked, the people around quickly gained their senses and could not help and praises Wang Yibo's lover as if trying to curry favors.

Xiao Zhan smiled back to everyone but in the back of his mind, he really wanted to escape from here right now. He wanted to be low key as much as possible. But he also knows that later on, his relationship with Wang Yibo will not be a secret to everyone. Instead of lamenting of being found out now, he thank Chairman Wang deep in his heart for helping them out.

After that, Wang Yibo dragged him inside his office and let him calmed down a bit.

"Ge, are you okay?" Wang Yibo asked worriedly.

Xiao Zhan looked at his lover's worried face and he could not help but laughed.

"I'm fine... Is it really okay for your family if everyone knows about us?"

Wang Yibo embraced him, "I never seen Dad so proud introducing someone before aside from my mom.. Dad likes you a lot..."

Xiao Zhan rest his head to Wang Yibo's chest and hummed to what his lover said.

After work, Wang Yibo brought him to a two storey villa near the university he was enrolled in. The place was so good and quiet. He really liked it a lot, specially there's a big garden outside the house where they can enjoy and grow other plants in the future.

"We'll bring grandma here before the opening of class..." Wang Yibo sincerely said to him.

He nodded right away and kissed him (yb) in the cheek.

Wang Yibo also toured him inside the house... He was very satisfied until they reached the master's bedroom... 
When they went inside, he saw a lot of petals in the bed with a shape of a heart and the whole room was decorated beautifully... The whole atmosphere turns into a romantic setting...

"Ge, we need to bless our room right now." Wang Yibo teasingly whispered in his ear.

Xiao Zhan blushed when he felt Wang Yibo's hot breath into his ear...

"Didi, l-let's also look at the other rooms..." He shyly said dodging his (yb) advances.

"Okay, Ge... We'll bless the other places of this house later after the master's bedroom...." Wang Yibo answered him while his hand went inside Xiao Zhan's clothes...

Xiao Zhan glared at him, "It's broad daylight!"

"Let's start early ge, so that we can still eat dinner at midnight..." Wang Yibo said and then kissed Xiao Zhan deeply and brought him to the bed.

Xiao Zhan wanted to panic when he heard that they'll eat dinner at midnight... This only means that he (yb) will do him (xz) non-stop until the said time.

Despite wanting to protest, Xiao Zhan could no longer stopped Wang Yibo and also let himself enjoyed their passionate love making...

The smell of flowers scattered in the air along with ambiguous sound they made...

Wang Yibo did really live up to his words and devour and eat him whole from the master's bedroom to other places of the house.

Xiao Zhan was left with no more energy and could not even move at all.

Wang Yibo in consideration to his lover, helped him (xz) clean in the bathroom and then brought him back to bed ..

"Ge, are you hungry?" Wang Yibo asked him.

"I don't think I can eat anymore..." Xiao Zhan answered tiredly.

"Then I'll feed you..." Wang Yibo grinned and still teases him.

"Don't think about it... I remember last time when we ate dinner, you suddenly went hard and do me! I really can't anymore.."

Wang Yibo laughed and also get himself into bed and kissed Xiao Zhan in the forehead while cuddling him.

"Zhan Ge, didi ai ni..." He uttered as he watched Xiao Zhan closes his eyes.

Zhan Ge, didi ai ni means Zhan Ge, didi loves you.]

Wang Yibo knows from this day onwards, he is no longer that lonely star, because there's that dashing little prince who'll accompany him throughout his life...





Though this is the end of the main text, there's still 3 extra chapters coming on the way. ?