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(This extra tells what happened to Jing Yi back when he was left alone during their visit to Xiao Zhan's hometown.)


Jing Yi wanted to go with his cousin Yibo and elder brother Zhan to the hospital together with Xiao Zhan's grandmother. However seeing the family of three, he doesn't want to disrupt the atmosphere...

Instead he was left alone with Uncle Li...

"Little Yi, I will be going to the farm later on... Would you like to come with me?" Uncle Li asked him.

Since he doesn't have anything to do, he immediately agreed...

As a person growing up in the city, this is his first time visiting a farm.

He saw an area where the  livestocks (animals) are raised and crops (plants) are grown. Aside from that, he also noticed a person who busied himself milking a cow.

Before he looked away, he heard Uncle Li calling that someone Si Zhui. He also noticed that this was a young man with the same age as him.

The young man approached them with a bright smile.

Jing Yi observed Si Zhui... Even with an unfashionable outfit and a countryside beauty, he certainly admitted that he (SZ) really looks good.

"Little Yi, this is my son.." Uncle Li introduced him and then look at his son. "Si Zhui, this is the little brother of Xiao Zhan's friend."

"Hello!" Si Zhui greeted him. "It's nice to meet you."

Jing Yi coughed before he nodded at Si Zhui and then also said hello.

"Young people should mingle with each other." Uncle Li said. "Little Yi, stay with Si Zhui first and I'll get back to you later. I need to finish something.."

Despite not wanting to be left alone without a familiar person around, he could not help but nod to Uncle Li.

Then Jing Yi; a very talkative and with a free personality suddenly became mute in front of Si Zhui.

"Would you like to try in milking a cow?" Si Zhui asked Jing Yi to break the silence between them.

"Can I?" Jing Yi replied curiously.

SiZhui smiled at him, "Of course."

Si Zhui teaches him what are the procedures in milking a cow and while listening, he observed that this young man in front of him is very calm and mature like elder brother Zhan.. He also takes a closer look at Si Zhui's angelic face.

Jing Yi swallowed his saliva when he stop his eyes into Si Zhui's lips. His face turns red and felt hot when he suddenly imagined how soft would it be when touch.

'What am I thinking?' Jing Yi panicked when he realized that his way of thinking is wrong.

"Did you get it?" Si Zhui asked him.

"En..." He uttered one word despite not listening to what the young man had said.

Si Zhui smiled at him, "Then you try it."

Jing Yi tried it with the guide of Si Zhui. Suddenly his hand was hold by him (SZ). He froze for a second and wanted to take his hand away. But when he looked at Si Zhui who's guiding him innocently, he could only obediently follow with a stiffen body. After awhile, he got to used with it and even admitted that his (SZ) hand is so soft.

'Damn! We're milking a cow! What am I thinking?! This is all the fault of my cousin. I am always fed with dog foods everyday, so my mind got crooked right now.' Jing Yi secretly lamented.

When Si Zhui let go of his hand and let him try alone, he sighed in relief.

After what they were doing, Si Zhui toured him in the farm and they talked about a lot of things.

"Are you still a student?" Jing Yi asked him.

Si Zhui nodded at him, "Yes, I just went home today and directly came here in the farm since I know that my father will surely be here to help the owner from time to time. But I will get back tomorrow..."

Jing Yi learned that Si Zhui is studying at B University in another city and just went home to get something.

"I am also planning to apply at some companies in Beijing for my internship next year. I do hope I can get in. Elder brother Zhan told me that there are a lot of places to visit there."

"En! When you come to Beijing, let's hang out." Jing Yi enthusiastically said. "Then, let's exchange WeChat."

Jing Yi enjoyed Si Zhui's company and when Uncle Li came back, it's already past five in the afternoon.

He was invited to have a dinner with them and he agreed right away cause he still wants to talk with Si Zhui.

The house is simple and tidy just like in Xiao Zhan's home.

Uncle Li prepared dinner for the three of them and after they ate, Si Zhui brought him into his room.

They played online game with their cellphone and teamed up. They were enjoying their selves that Jing Yi forgot that they're both laying in bed and their bodies were so close to each other.

When Jing Yi turned around to Si Zhui, he realized that there's only a small gap between his face and him (SZ). He could not looked away and was just mesmerized.

Si Zhui also turned to looked at him with a questioning face.

"I---- Your face------ En, you're so beautiful..." Jing Yi blurted it without thinking.

He saw Si Zhui was stunned for a second and then smilingly said to him, "There were a lot who said that I am handsome... But this is my first time hearing someone said that I am beautiful..."

Jing Yi was embarrassed but then uttered these words, "W-Well, you're really beautiful..."

Si Zhui just nodded at him and then they went back on playing games to eased the awkward atmosphere between them.

Then after an hour being left in the room together, Jing Yi heard Uncle Li was calling him.

"I think it's time for me to go back..." Jing Yi said in a low voice.

He really doesn't want to go back at all and be force to watch his cousin to scatter some dog foods in front of him.

"T-Then let's contact each other from time to time?" Jing Yi said with an obvious tone of being reluctant to part with Si Zhui.

"Alright!" Si Zhui happily agreed and patted Jing Yi's hair.

Before he walked out of the room, Si Zhui called him, "I forgot to say that... you are handsome."

Jing Yi couldn't help but smiled so brightly when he heard that.


A year had passed since then, but Jing Yi and Si Zhui still contacted each other and became so close. Though they may not see physically, they always do video chat from time to time.

He also admitted to himself that he's fallen in love with him (SZ).

Now, Jing Yi is in the airport waiting for Si Zhui to come out... Since the boy got hired in one of the company here in Beijing, he invited him (SZ) to live with him.

From that moment when he heard Si Zhui was looking for an apartment to stay here in Beijing, he suddenly remembered what his cousin Wang Yibo did to win elder brother Zhan's heart: The only way to be closer with someone is to live with them to ensure the one hundred percent "falling in love" operation success.

Yes, he was happy that he learned from the best!

In awhile, he saw Si Zhui walking towards him and smiled brightly...

Here he comes, the object of my heart...



You got it right Jing Yi, you really learned from the best! ??