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Wang Yibo has been so busy lately, because Chairman Wang already let him handle and shoulder some of the heavy responsibilities in the company.

This week, he went into S City for a business trip. On the days that they're not together, he rarely calls but sends messages due to his schedules.

After class, Xiao Zhan checked his phone and could not help but frown when seeing that there's no message coming from Wang Yibo.

Truth to be told, he misses him so much even they're only separated for like 5 days. He already got to used with his (yb) sticky attitude. Right now, all he wanted is to hug him, kiss him and make love to him.

When Xiao Zhan went home, he was greeted by a cat of a munchkin breed. He and Wang Yibo visited a pet shop before and got attracted to this lovable cat. Both of them decided to raise it as their daughter and named the cat "Jiangou".

[Jiangou means nut- dry fruits grow in a hard shell.]

After petting Jiangou for a while, Xiao Zhan also accompany his grandma in the garden to breath some fresh air.

"Grandma, what would you like to eat later, I'll cook it for you..." He said while holding his grandmother's hand.

"Zhan-Zhan, you're spoiling your grandma too much... I'll eat anything you cook for me..." the old woman joked at him.

Xiao Zhan smiled brightly and nodded.

"I'll cook your favorite food then."

"Alright." His grandma agreed. "By the way, when will Yibo come home?"

"Oh, he said that he will come back next Tuesday..." Xiao Zhan answered  and obviously sounded a longing emotion in his answer.

His grandma patted his head, "You missed him, don't you? Don't think too much, you'll see him soon. I know Yibo misses you too."

"Grandma really understands me..."

After cooking and eating dinner, Xiao Zhan help put his grandma to bed and went to the master's bedroom to take a shower. He also wear Wang Yibo's oversized shirt and pajama.

He check his phone once again and there's still no message coming from Wang Yibo at all.

He dialed his number but it's also unattended. As much as he doesn't want to disturb Chairman Wang, he decided and contacted him. He simply also asked about Wang Yibo's busy schedule.

"Yibo? He's working hard nowadays. You know what Xiao Zhan, after he closed the deal with an investor yesterday, he bought a ticket and went home to you right away. I know that he misses you badly." Chairman Wang said to him and laughed. "Is he sleeping now?"

"Y-Yes, uncle... He's tired and he sleeps early." Xiao Zhan lied and after a few more words, they both ended the call.

Xiao Zhan got a mixed emotions: he's worried of Wang Yibo and at the same time, he got angry. He check his phone once again.

'Why did he never said that he went home yesterday? Where is he? Why did he not send any messages at all?' he thought to himself.

Of course, he trusted his lover. It's just that he's just so worried and that made him so annoyed and angry.

He tried to sleep and suddenly he received a video call and showed that it was Wang Yibo. He answered it right away.

"Where are you?" He asked right away.

"Ge, still here at S City... I just returned from a business meeting." Wang Yibo answered to him.

Xiao Zhan gazed at his lover and frowned. Why did he lie to him? He could also see Wang Yibo's guilty face while looking at him (xz).

He sighed deeply and doesn't want to think of any other things anymore, "I'm sleepy."

"Ge?" Wang Yibo uttered and was taken aback.

"I said I'm sleepy." Xiao Zhan could not help himself acting so childish. Then he turned off the video call without saying goodbye.

His phone rings how many times, but he didn't answer it. After some time, it didn't ring anymore.

Xiao Zhan calmed himself and felt guilty. He realized that he is acting like a rebellious teenager right now. So childish! He's not angry anymore, but he's ashamed of himself. He misses him so much and when Wang Yibo called him, he just turned it off.

He look at the time. Since it's already so late, he thought that maybe Wang Yibo is tired and asleep right now.

He puts an alarm to his phone and decided to wake up early in the morning to apologize. Then Xiao Zhan slept with a heavy heart...

On the other hand, Wang Yibo got panicked when Xiao Zhan turned off the video call and then was even worried when he (xz) never answered his (yb) phone calls anymore.

He learned from his dad that Xiao Zhan already knows that he arrived yesterday. Chairman Wang also realized why his son-in-law called him and lectured Wang Yibo about what he had done.

The main reason why Wang Yibo didn't went home is because he is so busy finishing all his work at the company so that he can bring and travel with Xiao Zhan abroad. Propose to him and get a marriage certificate right away since China is still not in favored with same-sex marriage.

For him, this is already the perfect time since Xiao Zhan mentioned to him that he will be on break in the next two weeks from the University.

He wanted to surprise him.. But if he could not clear his self right now in front of his lover, there might be a possibility that this will be a failed proposal.

Wang Yibo went home and saw his lover sleeping and hugging his (yb) pillow. He also noticed that Xiao Zhan's oversized shirt and pajama is his.

Without a thought, Wang Yibo went and lay down beside him. He took away the pillow and embraces Xiao Zhan then kissed him in the forehead. He also felt that his lover responded in his embrace.

Those days that they're not together, he misses him a lot. God knows how much he restrained himself from calling him (xz) from time to time. Afraid that he will abandoned the business trip and went home straight to him.

He could not help and kiss him in the lips went down to Xiao Zhan's neck. His hands already went inside oversized shirt and caressing him (xz).

Xiao Zhan also felt that someone is kissing and touching him... He's very familiar with the person's scent and touch... He opened his eyes and saw Wang Yibo who's so busy in removing his clothes... He got confused for a while and then suddenly trembled when he felt him (yb) touching his little brother down there.

"D-didi?" He uttered.

Wang Yibo stopped and looked at him.

"Ge... I want you..." Wang Yibo whispered to his ear. "I want to make love to you..."

Before Xiao Zhan could answer, he was kissed passionately in the lips. He could not find his reasons anymore. He let himself get entangled with him (yb) and also responded actively. He misses him so much, he wanted to kiss him so much, and most specially he wants to make love to him as well.

Both of them, enjoyed their rigorous exercise and even done it twice... Even after that, they could not help and still kisses each other until Xiao Zhan remembered something.

"Why did you lie to me? Uncle said that you came back yesterday..." Xiao Zhan asked like a wife interrogating his husband.

Wang Yibo kisses him and then said, "I'm sorry, ge. I directly went to the company when I arrived yesterday."

"Why? Do you not miss me? I misses you so much." Xiao Zhan complained.

"Of course, I miss you a lot. I just want to finish all my existing work so that I can bring you and travel abroad. This is the perfect time since you told me the last time that you will be on a two weeks break from school..." Wang Yibo explained.

Xiao Zhan looked at him and could not help but felt warm inside.

"Ge? Are you angry? I promise I will never lie to you again.." Wang Yibo said so sincerely.

Xiao Zhan still kept quiet until he saw Wang Yibo's panicked face... His lover stood up and get something from his suit case... It was a small box!

Xiao Zhan could not help but get nervous when he saw him opened it. Then Wang Yibo went to his side and kisses him once again while holding the ring that he (yb) got inside the box.

"It might not be a grand proposal just like what others prepared, but ge..." before Wang Yibo could finished what he was trying to say, Xiao Zhan kissed him in the lips.

"I do!" Xiao Zhan answered with a bright smile.


"I said I do! I also want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you!" Xiao Zhan exclaimed.

Wang Yibo got emotional because of so much happiness... He then put the ring in Xiao Zhan's ring finger... He inhaled deeply and kiss his (xz) hand.

"Didi, let's register our marriage abroad, okay?" Xiao Zhan proactively said to him.

Wang Yibo was supposed to say those words to his lover, but he could not help but nodded to Xiao Zhan and hugs him again and again.

"Ge, I love you... This lifetime and next lifetime, I'll give it all to you..."

"What a coincidence, me too!" Xiao Zhan uttered.



Just a little trivia, Xiao Zhan did really have a cat in real life named Jiangou.