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The day that he anticipated to come is finally here!

Xiao Zhan is under the impression that it was just a simple marriage registration when they came abroad. Who would have thought that they really proceed to a sacred marriage ceremony.

In a private church while walking down the isle, he saw all the special people in his life: his grandma who's been there and love him since he was a kid, Wang Yibo's parents who accepted him sincerely as part of their family, Jingyi, Si Zhui and Uncle Li.

And at the end of the isle, his lover awaits for him: the person he will spend his whole life with...

Wang Yibo looks so handsome and dashing in his black suit which also a perfect match for Xiao Zhan's white suit.

He (xz) smiled at him (yb) while taking a quick tour in his memory lane...

He still remember the first day when he saw him, including the first long conversation they had, the first time they ate in the same table and sleep in the same bed, even the first movie that they watched together...

Their first hug, first kiss and the heart throbbing confession of Wang Yibo. And of course their first lovemaking.

Xiao Zhan got emotional all of a sudden... 'Didi, thank you for those beautiful moments', he thought.

On the other hand, Wang Yibo could not help of being nervous and happy at the same time.

Xiao Zhan handsomely walks closer to him and he saw him smiling with a teary eyed.

The Wang Yibo before meeting his lover was a cold and lonely man. No inspiration, and no feelings of love. He didn't care about the present and even his future. He was like that lonely star in the vastness until that day he opened the door and saw the dashing little prince.

From the first moment Xiao Zhan smiled brightly at him, he knows there's something there that knocks inside his heart that's been lock for a long time.

Despite being in a long winter, Xiao Zhan is like a warm breeze for Wang Yibo...

While Xiao Zhan is getting closer to him, Wang Yibo also walk and meet him in the middle and hold his hand...

Under the eyes of god and of the people they loved, they made a vow that from this day forward; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death though they part...

In the presence of Wang Yibo, the little prince uttered, "I do."

And in the presence of Xiao Zhan, the no longer a lonely star also said, "I do" and kissed him passionately.