Chapter 5
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Adam woke up in a room full of books he felt well-rested and his wounds were taken care of properly, he got up from the bed and looked around in quiet. He noticed that walls and floor were made of books and papers with writings on the first he thought it was just an unusual building design but no they were all real.

Candles were lighting up the room and the scent of the old papers was actually refreshing for Adam. Some sounds came from the other side of the closed door. Adam didn't act defensively and decided to wait for the owners. He was sure whoever it was she was a good enough person to save his life and he had to thank her.

A girl entered the room with a bowl of soup and a piece of freshly baked bread on a tray, the smell was enough for watering Adam's mouth and remembering how hungry he actually was.

"so you are up" the girl said her face and skin were completely inked with textures and words with a buzz cut hairstyle.

"My name is Annia and I'm glad to see well, you were in a really rough shape when I found you" she looked friendly and put the tray on a desk for Adam.

"I don't know how to thank you, you saved my life after I find my clothes I'm ready to work if I can ever repay you with that"

Adam said

"it's alright I'm just happy that I could be a help to a person in need" Annia humbly said "I go to bring you some fresh clothing yours were ruined by all the bullets were torn apart"

"Before I go, Roosh wants to soon come and visit you personally is ok with you if I let him know? He is the savior"

"Sure I mean it's your place, yes he can visit me anytime he wants" Adam said with a thankful voice.

"great" Annia then left Adam to let him enjoy his meal.

Adam seemed to forget about all that happened in Vina his memories were still blurry and damaged. He just remembered having a sword and raiders beat him and dragged him with their car he had no memory of Lilith at least that was the case for now.

Roosh entered Adam's room with fresh simple gray robes which both of them wore too in his hand. He was an aged man in his sixties just like Annia he also had his skin and face inked with words, like a book.

Adam was reading some of the books when he entered he put down the book and lean forward to shake his hand and introduce himself "you must be Roosh, I'm Adam"

"yeah I know, Annia told me about you, she was the one who brought you to us and since that night she is been taking extreme care of you"

"I know sir I've thanked her and as I said if there is any way for me to repay you I'm willing to do" Adam took the robes and put them on his bed as he was thanking Roosh.

"well, for now, you just rest tomorrow there are some questions that I like you to answer so until then I'll leave you with these magnificent books alone" Roosh said but before he can leave Adam asked "Sir can I ask where am I"

"of course young man, you are in the Papertower where all the knowledge of the world has been gathered"

Adam heard some rumors about this strange place but he never thought he will be in it one day.



                                                                                                           _  _  _



Roosh was just a simple man who was tired of all the injustice and the violence of the world but what could he do against the emperor whose ruling was based on violence and poverty of his subjects. Vulan took all he could to build a stronger army and win the final battle the battle of Zero. everyone knows how that ended.

Before the war, Roosh was a priest of Loharn's belief the god of the eastern empire, and all he owned was a simple gray robe that was given to him by the central cathedral, but the final war did change everything.

Roosh found out Loharn believers were giving whatever they earn from people's prayers and give them to feed Vulan's army. He left the cathedral that day and with it his beliefs of a lifetime and for the first time, he tried to make a difference. Roosh knew the wounded world after the final war would be crueler and merciless but he had made up his mind if he can save one soul he would gladly give his life for that cause. He knew even if he can save one person he would already do more than he ever did as a Loharn priest.

Some people accepted him and became his follower some didn't. He worked just like all the others and spared his food with the ones who were in more need. after years, thousands were following the path of Roosh and called him the savior, he never accepted any kind of violence and so didn't his followers no matter how hard it could get. To Roosh whatever people were didn't matter what they become mattered more. But he had to make a home for himself and the people who were following his path a symbol that can show people even in the darkest days of humankind they can be forgiving if they have the knowledge to understand they were here to serve one another. He wanted to build a shelter for the defenseless and the weak and there near a calm lake they build the paper tower it took many years of hard work to gather up as many books as they could, some even died trying but Roosh and his followers did it.

It heights reached the clouds built mostly by books and papers and in it, was all the knowledge of the world everyone had to devote some of his time and learn about the past so they can make a better future. Those who were murderers learned how to patch wounds and save a life those who destroyed learned how to build, those who stole learned how to give, and those who bullied learned how to protect, Roosh almost made the perfect society,


There was one last thing however that Roosh had to do and that was to destroy the lies and prevent it from happening because he saw how lies once nearly ended the world so one day he gathered his followers and showed his naked upper body, full of words tattooed on his entire chest and neck he showed all the wrong things he had done to his followers so he never is called a saint, a savior or even a god he was just a human.

The word 'Cowered' was inked on his forehead larger than other words, his followers as they witnessed how bravely Roosh showed the world his weaknesses and what others would be ashamed of.

The followers decided to do the same thing and only after that Roosh made a society, a belief which was in harmony. There was nothing to hide or lie about and no one was ashamed of their past however horrible or dark may they were because they knew it was in the past a society that all were truly equal and trying to build a brighter future and stop the never-ending cycle of humans repeating mistake.