Chapter 7
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Roosh had to decide how to face the greatest army on earth, just like others he had heard of Gorgans and their violent reputation proceed them well.

Far stronger armies have failed to defeat them and Roosh followers weren't matched against those who were born to kill,

They had nothing to defend themselves from Gorgan's endless army.

Roosh had something in his mind which either meant their death or life but next to fighting it was a better choice, he walked into the feared and worried crowd there was no denying that even Roosh was feared too.

"We all know Gorgans showing up means one thing and one thing only, death" he said and continued.

"and there is no running or hiding from them. I thought we shall too, make a stand and fight, but we end up in ruins just like all others did"

Roosh knew his followers had faith in him but what was he about to ask was too much and he had no idea how they will react but he had no other choice. He looked at their worried frightened faces.

"my brothers and my sisters, this is a test, one final test for how much do we have faith in a better future, how much do we want it, and how much we are going to sacrifice"

Roosh opened his arms as he was speaking loudly in confident "look around you, look"

"We built this magnificent tower together we built a society like no other we showed that it is still good in each of us" others listened as if a god was talking to them.

"how many of you were thugs, thieves, and hopeless people who were just surviving with the misery of the other? But now look at you, look at us"

"we became unshakable, undefeatable. Those who opposed us now are part of us because all of you showed faith"

Roosh from distance was but an old man in a rope but to his followers, it was like, to get the fortune to meet Lohern himself all god of eastern people.  

His voice had no sign of fear in it only faith and hope "but today we have to show the world together we are willing to die for our beliefs. Today we don't fight with our weapons but with our unity. This is our ultimate weapon, not those knives that you all holding tightly to yourself"

Roosh could see sparks of hope in his followers' s eyes he knew deep down they were prepared for such a moment but would they

Ready to give their life for it lives of those who they loved even, that was something that he had to make it true.


                                                   _ _ _


Annia had found Adam and took him to his room. He was still in shock but as soon as he felt alright Adam rushed to his sword and put the little food and water he had in a backpack like a thief who was being chased.

"I'm not staying here and you are coming with me" Adam said as he was packing all he had and was ready to leave the room.

"where do you think you are going" Annia said as she blocked the door with her body.

"Annia I remembered everything, that army will burn all of you and if you'll be lucky enough, you die with a bullet and if not then they will make you their slaves, or even worse they do what they did to me. Kill you as slowly as possibly think"

Adam took Annia's hand and tried to force her to escape with him.

"no Adam, stop"

Annia released her hand "this is my home; I can't leave"

"no, it's not, not anymore. All that is here belongs to them now I know it's hard to hear but it is the true"

"you are a coward Adam; do you really want to leave the people who helped you to die" Annia looked disgusted by his cowardliness.

"no, I know they won't listen to me but I thought you would at least" Adam was hopeless but he had to try.

"please Annia they took all I had, my home, my love and if it wasn't because of you even my life, I can't let them take the only friend I have too I won't let that happen"

One of the followers opened the door without knocking he was in a rush and talked quickly "come on, we got to get out of the tower and bring what is valuable to you we are offering what we have to them"

Before Adam or Annia can say anything the follower left to spread the news quickly. Leaving them both in shock.

"I can't believe it, Roosh taking everyone to their certain death"

Adam got out and saw how everyone having something in hand and following what Roosh said now even Annia looked puzzled and confused.

"Annia I saw a rusty bike near the farm, its old but it does work I checked it once, please I don't want to lose you to" Adam was sweating a river.

"What is he doing" Anna whispered to herself

"Does he really want to give up all we that easy" Annia wondered about Roosh's decision.

Adam knew they didn't have much time left so he grabbed Annias' hands again and rushed to the stairs. This time Annia didn't resist and followed Adam she didn't know what was right anymore, to stay or to leave both seemed equally stupid to her.

"why is he doing this?" That question was killing her inside.