Chapter 15
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Adam had to leave his bike behind he tried to fix it but he never was much of a mechanic, not that bike helps him speed up or anything since the road was full of rocks but he knew the road will not be like this all the way, either way, it was him on his feet and miles to pave.

He had a handgun but it was his sword which made him feel safe, a well-crafted sword and the only reminder of his family in the east, he did miss them a lot and was ashamed of how he didn't think about them for the last two years, 'what kind of a son am I?' he thought.

But his regrets and reliving the past didn't last long after he saw the name 'Hon city' on a billboard. The time paused for him he turned pale as if he saw ghosts of all those soldiers on the battlefield and the vast dark shadow of Thir flying above him blocking the light of the sun.

Adam got on his knees and drops of tears pour down his cheek, he had no control over his actions he was paralyzed by his fears and even his sword wasn't enough to warm his heart.

His mind turned to a blank page and the tip of his fingers froze under his leather gloves, his breaths lost their natural order and turned abnormally short.

He knew this was the only way to Uhadall and knew what lives there, Thir, ender of war, the creature that haunted Adam in his dreams since he last saw her "it can't be" he whispered to himself.

How far he had escaped forgetting about her, he drank himself, gambled, fell in love with Lilith, found Annia and still, it was Thir's agonizing memories that corrupted his thoughts and actions more than anything.

It was like facing your worst nightmare except you already saw what it can do and how powerless you are before it.

That moment Adam remembered these words;

'the earth is round for a reason'

He couldn't remember who said that or for what exact reason but he was beginning to understand it now. round and round we go doesn't matter where we go, the end is where we began. Adam had to face her he had to or god knows how much else will he run only to face her again.

He felt empty, purposeless and all he wanted was a huge rock to roll from the mountain and crush him like a grape and finish his misery but death never founded him in these moments no death only comes when he treasured the life but for now he had to get up take a deep breath and start climbing that damn mountain.

That's the way, and after all these years he can finish that damn beast life once and for all so she can never do what she did to him. Adam felt as if it was his fate to end the one who ended it all. He had to stop the cycle and for all.


                                                                                                         _  _  _


Hons city the power of Eastern empire with the highest mountain of all lands, house to the most magnificent creature on earth, Thir, protecting this city and its people for thousands of years. With mother eagle by their side, the proud people of Hons city stand tall and never bow before no power on earth non but Vulan the tyrant.

He wanted to finish the Western empire forever, so he forced the people of Hons city to bait Thir and bring her on the lower ground with foods and offerings.

Whether they liked it or not Vulan was the emperor of all eastern lands and Hons city was a part of it.

So they did what Vulan asked and as soon as Thir landed to feed on what people offered her, thousands of chains threw at her by heavy machinery keeping her down and trapping her inside a cage as big as a town.

Vulan was sure with Thir the victory was a sure thing as he saw the eagle caged with blindfolds on her eyes, she was the ultimate weapon. Vulan ordered to keep her hungry to make sure once she is unleashed, Thir will feed on every western empires' soldier but indeed no man can tame an eagle and even worse, take her away from her children and her nest without her free will.

That fool's choice resulted at the end of both empires since none had any army left to control their lands or to fight anymore, most of the soldiers were killed by the claws of Thir and humankind paid the price for putting its greedy hand on natures order once again. Thir ended the war and the world that people knew with it.

With a wounded wing and feathers covered in blood and black smoke, the weakened eagle with all the strength she had left flew back to her nest on top of the Hons mountain, where she belonged, with Hons people her children but the city was empty.

The glorious city of Hons was quiet as the mountain itself, Thir was all alone and felt abandoned so she prisoned herself in her nest and refused to eat anything, even if she wanted she didn't-

have the ability to fly anymore with all the heavy bullets shot at her wings.

Slowly and painfully Thir got closer to her end, there were times that her cries could've been heard even in the distant lands, no one could truly understand how she felt at those dark moments no one except his children.

Until one day a man entered the cave, Sabu the first Eagleborn a man of the royal blood of Hon's city followed by all the Hons people who once abandoned their mother.

Her children finally came back home and they were climbing the mountain for her they would die for her and never ever they would've left her behind or betray her for no living being on earth.

Sabu slowly approached her and touched the bloody feathers on her wings asked for her guidance, Thir as she saw him answered his prays with a slight move of her wing, and her fallen feathers started to dance around him flying all over the cave.

It was time for her children to fly, Sabu with a small white feather in his hand and the pride waving in his eyes showed it to Hons people at the top of the mountain.

"Thir flew for us, she protected us, she sacrificed herself for us generations after generations, now it's time for us to fly for her protect her and die for her" Sabu lifted her arm and showed the small white feather "Mother will arm us with her feathers and together once again we will take back our lost pride and glory and this time we won't bow to no one, we will thrive again"

The Eagleborns rose up and watched over the lands beneath them from the top of Hons mountain since that day no invader dared to enter their lands, doesn't matter under which banner they fight or which god they follow, before them, they were only crows and while the eagle lives there is no place for crows in the sky.