Ch1 – Something strange
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Ch1 - Something strange 



I shouted as I stabbed my dagger into the chest of Steela, a high-rank elder dragon.

I'm currently playing Dragon Hunter Online, DHO for short. It's a very popular VRMMORPG that focuses on the hunting of dragon-type monsters. The unique point of DHO that made it stand out from the other MMOs is that there are no levels. The player progresses by improving their skills and equipment instead. Crafting new weapons and armours with the materials of the monsters they hunted. (a.n. something like MH)



The dragon roared, breathing its last breath before its large body fell onto the ground, causing a slight tremor.

Steela is a high-rank elder dragon with the look of a European dragon standing no less than seven metres tall when on all fours. When its wings are fully stretched, its wingspan can easily reach up to five times of its height. Its body covered in thick scales that are harder than steel. Even if you manage to shave off some of its scales, you are far from hurting it. Even its wing membranes are covered in its steel-like scales which made you wonder: how does it actually fly?

Not to brag, but I'm actually hunting Steela alone, which normally takes a full team of four hunters to successfully kill it.

How did I hunt such a monster alone? Most people would think that I abused overpowered weapons that can easily cut through its scales. But my answer is: no, since there are no such weapons in DHO.

I'm a high ranking player that has played DHO for more than a year since its release. My current equipment is obviously crafted from high-rank elder dragon materials. My favourite set of light armour is crafted from a special event dark elder dragon, Vampaer; and my favourite set of daggers, the Eternal flame dagger, which is crafted from the strongest fire elder dragon, Leostel, and the Endless tide dagger, which is crafted from the strongest water elder dragon, Zeniola. Even with my high ranking equipment, there's no easy way to penetrate through Steela's scales completely. 

What I did to win was the common hit-and-run tactic. I simply attempt to dodge all the incoming attacks and strike the same spot repeatedly until I strip away all the scales from that area, allowing me to finally deliver a fatal blow.

I'm not hunting alone because I don't have any friends, alright? Since there's going to be an update soon, the server will be down for maintenance. There were a few minutes left after my last hunt with my usual party so I decided to do a quick hunt before the maintenance begins.


"That's weird…"

I mumbled with a puzzled expression.

It's been a few minutes, but the pop-up window announcing the completion of the mission has yet to appear.

Normally, after the target monster is defeated, the pop-up window appears immediately after the death of the target monster.

I'm pretty sure that the only target monster for this mission is the steel elder dragon, Steela. Is this some kind of bug? Since this looks like a hopeless case, I should probably log off now, the maintenance should be starting soon anyway. 


I screamed in surprise. 

The log off button is missing! To be exact, there isn't even a single button! The entire player's interface, even the health and stamina bar of my character which is normally displayed in the top left corner are all nowhere to be found!


Author's note:

Do read on to chapter 2 before you drop as I posted both chapter at the same time for a reason thank you!!