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Dragon Hunter Online (DHO)
Dragon Hunter Online (DHO)
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Dragon Hunter Online also known as DHO is a VRMMO game that focuses on the hunting of dragon type monsters. Crafting better armors and weapons as you progress through the game, no levels, no status. (Something like MH)

After an update, lots of players got transported to the world of Dragon Hunter Online in different timelines.

Our main protagonist Karlo, a 19 years old high ranking player got transported into the world of DHO as his DHO character Kalia.
With his character being a bit of a special case, he sets out on his new adventure in the world of Dragon Hunter Online.

*WARNING: I'm currently in the middle of editing my chapters so I suggest not to read until I'm done! I'll remove this after I'm done and a new chapter uploaded~*

I'll be resuming on Mar 2021 as I'll be busy with school until then but I may resume earlier if it gets less stressful near the end of school.

ActionAdventureEcchiFantasyGender BenderIsekaiRomance
Beautiful Female Lead Childhood Friends Dragons Male to Female MMORPG Monsters Multiple POV Protagonist Strong from the Start R-15 Siblings Sister Complex Sword And Magic Transported into a Game World
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      New SoftScratch
      Status: c33
      Aug 4, 2020

      f**king amazing. The only thing I regret is not finding this sooner.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: ch22 – according to plan
      Jun 30, 2019

      I love this Story with good Characters and cant wait for more

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: ch32- i will do...
      Jan 22, 2020

      Great Story!!

      A must Read for those who enjoy Fluffy Content.  This is probably one of my favorite stories on this website, READ IT.

      I'm just waiting for the next Chapter to come.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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