Ch31 – Surprises in the baths!
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Ch31 - Surprises in the baths!

>Milguard POV<

It had been four days since Kalia started her period. She was mostly stuck in bed due to her cramps but getting better recently. She can now walk around more than before.

Seeing her go through her period is such a weird feeling. Imagine you have a guy friend that is going through his period... Weird right? I mean… I don't have the experience to help Kalia out too. Only her sister Lily can help her in this kind of situation.

During the past four days when Kalia was stuck in bed, I had been looking through the documents and data of the players that were transported into this world. There are about a hundred and fifty players that were transported into this world registered with the guild. However, less than half of them remained as a hunter.

As citizens from a peaceful world, most of them are scared of getting hurt and dying. So, they moved on to do different jobs throughout the world of DHO. The modernisation of this world is also thanks to them so no one can say that they are not contributing.

I am looking through all their documents to see if there are any individual that might be the hero or the dragon priestess. However, no matter how much I look through, the only ones that stand out are the six players that reached S rank, which includes me, Seria and Lily.

With that being the case, I arranged for all S rank hunters to gather in Distodia for a meeting. There are a total of eleven S rank hunters with six of us being players which includes me, and seven of us being a guild master, which also includes me. The meeting will be held in another three weeks as there are a few of them coming from quite far away. One of them will even be coming from an offshore island so there is no choice but to wait patiently.

[Jun! Are you busy?]

Kalia called out while I was reading some documents about recent dragon sightings. Weirdly, from the high rate of dragon sightings around Distodia a few weeks ago dropped down to none at all. There were only reports on wyverns, dinosaurs and some other magic beasts, no dragons. Since Kalia came over here, I decided to continue reading the documents later.

[Nope, I was just about done.]

I said as I closed the file I was holding and placed it on top of the desk in front of me before walking towards the door where Kalia is.

[How are you feeling? Better now?]

I asked, concerned about how she is feeling. Because of Kalia's condition, I had been working at home these past few days in case she needs me. Since the day after Taki explained everything to us, Kalia, Lily and Istrea had been staying with me in my house while Taki is staying over at Seria's. As for the guild, Lucas will be handling the things there while I am away and sending me all the documents I need to go through every day after the guild closes.

[Umu, I am feeling better now.]

She replied with a red face. Hearing her say that made me feel more relieved that I leaked out a smile unintentionally. To my surprise, she turned even redder and looked away.

[Anyways, dinner is ready so you can come down and eat now.]

Kalia said before she dashed away.

Oh… I was so engrossed in my work that I didn't notice it was already time for dinner. The meals recently were all prepared by Lily with Taki helping her. Lily's cooking is great. It has the exact same taste as to how I remembered it from two years ago when I had my dinner at Karl's home. It's a nostalgic taste and I am glad that I got to taste it again.

Without further delays, I went down immediately with high expectations.

>Istrea POV<

[Thank you for the meal.]

I said after finishing my dinner. With me at the dining table now are Kalia-nee, Lily-nee, Seria-nee, Jun-nii and Taki.

Lily-nee's cooking is very delicious and I like it very much. However, it's not fair that she was the only one that got to bath with Kalia-nee this past few days. She just said that Kalia-nee is having her period so it will be difficult for her to bath alone and she alone will help Kalia-nee with her bath.

As Kalia-nee is feeling better now, Seria-nee and I devised a plan to invade Kalia-nee when she is bathing later. That's the reason why I ate faster than usual today, to prepare for the invasion later with Seria-nee. With that, I looked over to Seria-nee who also finished her dinner. After she winked at me, we moved off together, acting like everything is normal.

[Time check, 9 o'clock. Kalia-nee should be coming any time now.]

I said after I checked the pocket watch that Taki gave me. This is the time when Kalia-nee always goes for her bath. Seria-nee and I are sitting on the sofa in the living room, waiting for Kalia-nee to enter the bathroom.

[Target spotted.]

Seria-nee whispered to me the moment when Kalia-nee appeared, walking down the stairs.

For a moment, Kalia-nee and my eyes met. Embarrassed, I quickly turned my head away, leaving a puzzled looking Kalia-nee standing by the stairs.

[Onee-chan, let's hurry up!~]

Lily-nee said as she appeared running down the stairs, pushing Kalia-nee into the bathroom. Of course Lily-nee will be bathing with Kalia-nee again today.

After they entered the bath together, Seria-nee and I waited for a bit before we put the plan into action. We must make sure that Kalia-nee is in the bathtub when we go in so that it will be harder for her to escape.

Alright, ten minutes had passed, it's time to go in! With that, Seria-nee and I quietly entered the changing room and slowly took off our clothes. While we are taking off our clothes, we can hear Kalia-nee and Lily-nee's bickering from the bathroom.

[Lily, stop it! Hyaa!]

[Hehe, Sorry Onee-chan, I can't help myself.]

Unable to bear being left out anymore, I quickly opened the door and entered the bathroom with Seria-nee following behind me.


[Stop leaving me out!]

I shouted as I charged towards Kalia-nee, ignoring her scream.

[Fufu~ Let me join in the fun~]

Seria-nee said as she observed the situation in the bathroom from the entrance.

Just before I came into contact with Kalia-nee, she skillfully dodged me, grabbed a towel and wrapped herself up in less than a second. The moment I recovered, she was already trying to walk out of the bathroom with her eyes shut. However, Seria-nee stands in her way.

[What are you so embarrassed about? We are all girls!]

Seria-nee said as she stripped Kalia-nee off her towel in one fell swoop and hugged her from behind.


The embarrassed look on Kalia-nee intensified when being held by Seria-nee. I can see her whole shapely naked figure when she is being held like that by Seria-nee. From top to bottom, her beautiful and embarrassed face, her plump and modest breast, her cute navel, a majestic crest on her lower abdomen and lastly, her slender and long legs. Wait… Why do the crest look so familiar?…

[Eh?! I found her!]

I shouted in surprise.

[[Found what?]]

Lily-nee and Seria-nee asked in sync, surprised by my sudden outburst. Kalia-nee looked even more shocked and dumbfounded as I was pointing at her when I suddenly shouted.

[The dragon priestess! Kalia-nee... is the dragon priestess!]

Author's note:

I guess the illustration barely made it to b legal... XD